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  8. When $KO hits 34 Bucks or $WMT 55 Bucks I will be a buyer of equities until then ENJOY

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  18. $KO Coke is finally going to allow investors with >3% share held for over 3 years to nominate up to 1/5 of board members. @CNBC

  19. Consider selling $TWC $UA $NVDA $KO $CRM $COST $BUD $SLB because PEGY ratio greater than 2? (Less than 1 is ideal).

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  21. Of the 30 stocks in the $DJIA, only 3 are in negative territory in late trading $MRK Merck -0.13%,$CVX Chevron -0.36% & $KO Coke -0.26%

  22. $PEP $KO lows

  23. my research note coming out soon: $KO bought a steak in $MNST $YHOO bought a steak in $BABA, $MCD should $ into $SHAK b4 it s too late

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