1. @Gbones2692 There U go! Energy sector looking good as well, Been long $KOG Have my eye on $AXAS it looks good...

  2. My Top Energy Pick With Market-Defying Momentum http://y.ahoo.it/faQ9uJDJ $COP $KOG $GTLS

  3. $KOG The lowest price of the 5 best oil stocks for 2014..

  4. $KOG L 13.17

  5. $kong $kog $elp $cig etc etc.....Got out at the right time in each and every case..Never fails. Something rips up big twice TAKE PROFITS!!

  6. $KOG the options were very old..

  7. Kodiak Oil s Executive VP - Exploration just cashed-in 71,000 options http://y.ahoo.it/kD3hm7tm $KOG

  8. $KOG Was hoping Ukraine would lift this one off today..

  9. @thevolumeprofiler @jmc311 your heavy into oil. I am too. I have $KOG and Awilco

  10. Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp s PT raised by BMO Capital Markets to $17.00. http://y.ahoo.it/rJu4n1D8 $KOG

  11. @WallStJesus: $KOG very solid #WG flow last week -- Keep an eye on break towards new highs

  12. $KOG Poised for a strong breakout! On Radar http://y.ahoo.it/bNtAdc9H

  13. $KOG very solid #WG flow last week -- Keep an eye on break towards new highs

  14. $KOG My winning Horse!

  15. $PLUG My $KOG Looking good Energy sector is working!!

  16. Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp Receives Consensus Buy Rating from Analysts $KOG http://y.ahoo.it/aIRtbso3

  17. watching closely for weekly close - $BDBD >18.08, $KOG ? 14.21, $FNSR > 26.76

  18. $AXAS Portfolio Update $CPE $KOG $HK $AXAS $MHR Happy Sunday!

  19. Double Top Reversal $KOG, S at 12.41/12.18 and R at 13.75

  20. $KOG Good action staying green under the radar.

  21. $KOG looking good with most oil down..

  22. Too Many Options: $SPY, $FXI, $AA, $SLV, $KOG, $NOW http://y.ahoo.it/6MC4Accr @EnisTaner

  23. $KOG mtg

  24. $KOG buying 1/2 position here. Looking to add call opts as well

  25. @gtlackey Agree, ugly, keeping cash! $KOG, $MDU