1. $XLE, $KOL, $TAN India s Energy Sector Performs Well http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/indias-energy-sector-performs-well/

  2. NEW POST: Big Green Tractor in a Big Green Range https://marketchess.com/2015/11/25/big-green-tractor-in-a-big-green-range $CAT $DE $JOY $KOL $XLB

  3. Allianz to pull $3.4B out of invts in coal-heavy miners & utilities. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund & AXA both adopted same policy - $KOL

  4. New Low on $KOL with no bottom in sight , perhaps Zero! Free Coal for everyone - Grinch gift for Xmas!

  5. $BTU $KOL - DEFINING WORTHLESS: Selling 350m tons of coal reserves for $350m. So for a buck, you can get a million tons of coal!!!

  6. $KOL we believe in human ingenuity, perhaps some day a true clean coal / hc fuel technology. but this indstry is full of robber baron pigs.

  7. Watching $KOL for a failed breakdown. Would like to see a close > this downtrend line before considering longs.

  8. $TAN, $KOL Solar Demand Growth Expected to Decline in 2016 http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/solar-demand-growth-expected-to-decline-in-2016/

  9. $CDNX Daily. A Canadian mining index correlated with $GDX $KOL $XME . See annotations.

  10. $BTU $KOL http://mebfaber.com/2015/11/11/why-you-should-ask-for-coal-stocks-in-your-stockings-this-holidiy-season/

  11. $KOL RSI divergence on daily is interesting

  12. $SPY $STUDY $AMZN $VIX $DX_F $TLT $IWM $KOL $FB $SHOP #drones #robotics

  13. $TAN, $KOL Indian Solar Prices Make a New Low http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/indian-solar-prices-make-a-new-low/

  14. China consumption of raw materials - $FXI $PEK $MCHI $EWH - $GLD $KOL $SLX $JJC $USO $JJC $DBC

  15. $KOL Down 15% in last month, while $CLD up 11%. Nice play for CLD if market doesn t chit out.

  16. $KOL

  17. $KOL

  18. $KOL all time lows,,,drek alert

  19. $KOL all time lows :(

  20. US coal production to hit 921M short tons in 2015, a decline of 7.5% from 2014 & lowest total in 30 years - $KOL $TONS $IYT $XTN

  21. $KOL $SLX $GDX $SLV $GLD $USO $UNG $DRYS $TRAN shipping , $TAN $URA $REMX A-Team ,Good GOD! what a collection of Stine SOS Big CHITS!

  22. $KOL almost all time lows, but not quite

  23. $USO, $KOL, $DBC A Stock Market Crash Does Not Come Out of Nowhere http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/a-stock-market-crash-does-not-come-out-of-nowhere/

  24. $IYM someone needs to tell the Fed about the real economy, no demand for these $COPPER $X $AA $BHP $KOL

  25. $TAN, $KOL Coal India Jumps on Solar Bandwagon http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/coal-india-jumps-on-solar-bandwagon/