1. @upsidetrader $KOL I think 10 is in the bag and the whole thing may just cease to exist

  2. $KOL I think 10 is in the bag and the whole thing may just cease to exist

  3. $KOL pos toxic indstry headed to the 12s perhaps lower

  4. $KOL Dbl bottom coming up. Dont believe it will hold and another leg down will happen soon. Looking for 10 s before this can rebound.

  5. $BTU we doubled and will triple position here into initial snapback to 4.32 today $WLT $ANR $KOL

  6. $BTU mother of all squeezes back to 4.69 initially $KOL $CLF $WLT

  7. Energy Stocks Are Cheap And Insiders Are Buying These Names : A Stock Screen http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/27622113-david-tuzzolino-cfa/4026296-energy-stocks-are-cheap-and-insiders-are-buying-these-names-a-stock-screen $XLE $KOL $OIH $OIL #valueinvesting

  8. $BTU triple bottom with higher low and harder snapback to 4.69 initially $USO $XLE $KOL

  9. Attention You High risk takers 1 more time : ) $KOL $ANR $ACI $WLT $BTU $SPX $QQQ

  10. Attention You High risk takers again : ) $KOL $ANR $ACI $WLT $BTU $SPX $QQQ

  11. Attention You High risk takers : ) $KOL $ANR $ACI $WLT $BTU $SPX $QQQ

  12. $SCOK The only thing worse than a $KOL company is a CHINESE ADR $KOL company.


  14. $BTU added again large @ 3.56 for 4.60s initially $USO $XLE $KOL

  15. $WLT I think @caffy and @sister are in cahoots....lol...coal $KOL you better be good or Santa will fill your portfolio with it...lol

  16. $WLT @H3IIRazor Moving up towards that 1.15 tripling within 5-7 trading days. $KOL $BTU $ANR $CLF

  17. $BTU tripled up large @ 3.76 on double bottom with higher low $KOL $XLE

  18. $WLT @caffy Tripling means expect explosion to 1.15 within 5-7 trading days after latest selldown $KOL $BTU $CLF

  19. $WLT in @sister talk, trippling means dividing your capital by 3.. so target 13 cents? $KOL $BTU $CLF

  20. $WLT @caffy With latest selldown and higher low, initial tripling 5-7 trading days, according to our guy. $KOL $BTU $CLF

  21. $WLT who else sees that .47 on inverted H&S? $KOL $BTU $CLF

  22. $BTU added again large @ 3.75 for a buck easy upside $KOL $ANR $CLF

  23. $KOL Congratulations to President Obama; He sure knew how to decimate an entire industry! Who will survive? $BTU? Maybe, $CNX likely.

  24. $BTU added again large @ 3.88 for 4.73 initially $KOL $XLE

  25. $WLT they want ya out before they run her back to 6.84 $USO $XLE $KOL