1. http://news.yahoo.com/six-ways-democrats-lose-out-in-the-2015-spending-bill-231616578.html don t forget January 2015 $ANR $ACI $WLB $KOL $WLT all get a new life with EPA s reach being cut back.

  2. $KOL. $ACI $ANR $BTU $CLD - Santa is placing some big orders. There have been too many naughty naughty traders out there. ;)

  3. $AMZN $Z didnt get invited to party I guess. how about some $KOL

  4. Coking coal in China catching a bid too http://www.sunsirs.com/uk/prodetail-417.html $WLT $ANR $ACI $BTU $WLB $KOL

  5. $WLT headed back to 19.22 from last Nov as China resumes and overseas markets for coal improve. 2.08 is initial gap to fill. $KOL $BTU

  6. @gusthelabrador He saw you being naughty. You will get $KOL! Lol

  7. $WLT headed back to 19.22 from last Nov. on gross oversell. Added again large @ 1.55 today for initial squeeze back to 3.32. $KOL $BTU

  8. After decades of coal-fired development, China is grappling with a surge in black lung. (WSJ) $FXI $KOL $XLV http://stocktwits.com/message/30252476

  9. YPT leads out of $USO 11/27, #stocks $SPY MOMOwall 11/28 US China NETS $KOL early Nov. $BLUE double https://www.rebelmouse.com/yourpersonaltr1/ $AAPL $BABA

  10. $spy now Even John Grisham is attacking $kol in his new book. Surely the bottom is near lol $wlt $anr $btu $BHP

  11. @chumpville @Bacharu yup but the new year brings a new set of sheriffs into town the GOP. who ll defund the EPA $WLT $ANR $ACI $WLB $KOL

  12. @chumpville Natural drought out west! Yet Obozo believes in nothin bt global warming! 2015 EPA de-funded GOP $ANR $ACI $WLT $KOL $WLB SANITY

  13. $KOL As bad as Wall Street and banks have been you just know we re due for a massive Santa rally. Invest in either coal, or switches.

  14. @chumpville http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cdecapp/snowapp/sweq.action shows snow water equivalents of 25% for this time of year. Expect colder weather soon $ANR $ACI $WLT $KOL

  15. @allstarcharts: Coal stocks continue to break down and are still one of the (if not the) worst sector of US Stocks. Target of 14 in $KOL

  16. $SPY How bout Santa Clause sell off with black gold/ coal rally who likes toys anyway $SPY $DIA $QQQ $USO $KOL

  17. Coal stocks continue to break down and are still one of the (if not the) worst sector of US Stocks. Target of 14 in $KOL

  18. Why Oil’s Slide Could Be Good News for Coal Miners. http://blogs.barrons.com/stockstowatchtoday/2014/12/11/why-oils-slide-could-be-good-news-for-coal-miners/?mod=yahoobarrons&ru=yahoo $OIL $KOL $ACI $BTU $FELP $ARLP $CLD $CNX $BTU #valueinvesting

  19. @chumpville http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2014/12/10/california-storm/20187287/ Snow before Christmas! We need more power Scotty! $ANR $ACI $WLB $BTU $WLT $KOL

  20. $KOL continues to look for a bottom. has not found it yet.

  21. $SPY Much safer to own transmission ($PEG $ITC $NGG) than bet on which tech ($CCJ $TAN), utility ($SO etc) or commodity ($KOL $UNG) will win

  22. $STUDY More reasons why not to catch a falling knife (recently posted) $DANG $TSLA $OIL $KOL $WLT $S Setups I DO like http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  23. Republicans Win $60 Million EPA Cut http://news.yahoo.com/policy-snags-hold-1-1-trillion-spending-bill-080608675--finance.html $WLT $ACI $ANR $CLD $CLF $KOL

  24. Everyone gets $KOL this XMAS

  25. @chumpville steam coal catching a bid in China up overnight $ACI $WLT $WLB $BTU $KOL $ANR