1. $KOL $ANR $BTU 10 s reached. I would say we are close to reversal. Watching for possible trade. 15% downside maybe left but plenty of up

  2. @MktOutperform Only thing hit harder than Steel is Coal. $KOL at new cycle lows, down 80% from its peak in June 2008

  3. Stiner pulling an all nighter still looking for lost Coal Puffs . $KOL or Blue Chipper $BTU

  4. Only thing hit harder than Steel is Coal. $KOL at new cycle lows, down 80% from its peak in June 2008.

  5. Miners chart pack. $XME $URA breaking downtrend support; $KOL lot of room left until support

  6. @Bacharu: $KOL $BTU $CLD $ANR $ACI $WLT - This summer s gonna hurt like a M-Fer! all SSS chits

  7. $KOL $BTU $CLD $ANR $ACI $WLT - This summer s gonna hurt like a M-Fer!

  8. new lows hit on $KOL as waterfall continues. SSS

  9. $KOL toxic pos robber baron indstry taking a perma dirt nap. needs new clean up tchnlogy no one is working on.

  10. $USO daily w/ some fibs $CL_F $KOL

  11. Farhnom Report July 5, 2015 #GREXIT $AUDUSD $AUDJPY $AUDNZD $SPX $MHO $PIR $SMCI $CORN $JJG $USO $SLX $KOL $EWM $INP https://farhnom.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/farhnom-report-july-5-2015/

  12. Don t tease me, bro $KOL

  13. This time $KOL actually looks perky. Oversold now with greatly elevated volume over the past week. BBands also rather wide (volatility).

  14. Iron & Steel on weekly base zone... $X $STLD $SLX $KOL

  15. $KOL what happens to states like Kentucky & West VA when they close the mines? You got jobs for these people?Folding sweaters? Stock boys?

  16. $KOL I hate that coal pollutes but this is an economic issue as well as health. We re in no fiscal shape to put the miners out of work too.

  17. @RonCoby: $KOL Can a ETF go to ZERO? US uses 925 million tons of coal per year. We have 1/4 of the world s coal supply- 260 billion tons.

  18. $KOL Can a non-leveraged sector ETF go to ZERO? LOL. I ve never seen anything quite like this.

  19. $FCG $FRAK $KOL space over sold can stay over sold meaning -ve sentiment, has been (for now) or dinosaur indstry

  20. $AA RSI at 15. This market hates anything that comes from the ground. $GLD $KOL $UNG

  21. remember last Fall when I thought there was a chance we get a rally in Coal stocks? yea....oops! There s a reason we have stops..... $KOL

  22. $KOL $ANR $BTU Shorts making a strong show at beginning of qtr to scare off any bottom fishers..... As always, well played....

  23. @KevinNR @TheEconomist A century ago Britain had a million coal miners. In a few months, it will have none http://www.economist.com/news/britain/21656198-impending-closure-britains-last-deep-coal-mines-moment-reflection-and-awe-end?fsrc=scn/tw/te/pe/ed/endofindustry $KOL $EWU

  24. $KOL are surrendering much of the gains they enjoyed following yesterday’s Supreme Court decision http://ryanoilusa.com

  25. $BTU added again large @ 2.31 for dad whose now with the angels . . . hardest trade you ever make. $CSX $UNP $KOL