1. Look out for $kone 1 mil floater could rally anytime now $asti $plug $dgly $vhc

  2. $KONE bottom fell out of this one today, back in @ $2.17

  3. wonderful chanel, trading is easy guys $KONE $DJIA $STUDY

  4. $ZIOP $EVRI $RTIX $KONE $JIVE $OCLR $MIFI $GEN $TINY Watch list for February 2nd!

  5. $KONE $GBSN $ASTI on volume watch for spikeability

  6. What a month for Low $, Low Float Context trades. $CDRB $AEZS $APRI $NXTD $KONE $ZFGN $ENOC Vid to explain context! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeZUwjfUMcU

  7. $KONE looks like she has bottomed out. Will start loading this big. Will spike hard IMO.

  8. $KONE will see a jump i know it!

  9. $Kone 1 million floater on our F1 spikeability alert now..watch if volume comes in $gbsn $vpco $ZFGN $atv $aezs

  10. Watching $kone at this level for any volume to add. $gbsn & $free also

  11. $KONE

  12. Weekly Recap 1/18 ~ 1/22 | Profited $SBUX $NRX $UWTI $TVIX $XOMA $VHC $AEZS | Loss $GLNG $KONE | Total $3180~

  13. $KONE gonna take months to get my money back if I hold here

  14. $KONE SA out on renewed focus on wireless solution as sales increase $zfgn $atv $gbsn $lei $asti $free http://seekingalpha.com/article/3827656-kingtone-resurfaces-renewed-focus-wireless-system-solution-sales?source=twitter_salphatech

  15. $KONE

  16. $NRX $KONE $ZFGN $SN $BSI $SPY $GLNG Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_BPMVgfWg0&feature=youtu.be been trading like complete sh**t

  17. $ZFGN $ATV get out & buy $kone for spikeability ..Watch this low floater for volume after recent positive ER

  18. Like to see some bounce action on $gbsn $kone $cdrb today as global markets rebounds

  19. $KONE every time I d bid, MMs would outbid me. Manipulation going on here IMO. Might spike again

  20. $KONE spread here is ridiculous IMO

  21. $KONE reported $1M in net income and current MC < 2.4M. No dilution and tiny float. Great setup IMO.

  22. $KONE 3.61 not far away for a big run

  23. $KONE or $CDRB might do a $ATV or $ZFGN kind of spikeability move with volume

  24. Mid-Day Recap on 3 secrets to success in Day Trading - I review $ZFGN, $OPTT and $KONE https://www.warriortrading.com/mid-day-recap-on-1619-optt-kone-zfgn/

  25. $KONE gonna get walked down until more news