1. $kone interesting today

  2. 5 stocks on NASDAQ (Sep.08): $TRGT, $AMCF, $VGLT, $XTLB, $KONE

  3. $KONE !

  4. $KONE is the coming runner like $WRES $WAVX $ASTI $ACI $AQXP $AXPW and $KBIO

  5. $GBSN can spike big and so are $CAPN and $CLRX. $KONE will run tomorrow. $GENE is also a run candidate.

  6. $chln $BNSO $KONE $CNET - chinese low float on watch

  7. Pre Market Movers: $ARNA 9c $BSQR 12c $EXEL 15c $ICLD 12c $KONE 44c $LXRX 12c $MPET 12c $MVIS 11c $OHGI 62c $PGN 8c

  8. $DXM $CHOP $KONE $SPHS $FREE $PTN $ATRM - DXM very low float - huge short and 4.5 million mkt cap

  9. $dxm $chop $KONE $sphs $free $PTN $ATRM - small cap ready to pop

  10. Playing $KONE if it touches 4.6o

  11. Gainers-2 $CISG 11%, $CUI 10%, $PWE 10%, $GORO 10%, $KONE 9%, $INFY 9%, $BBEP 9%, $CNTF 8%, $WIFI 8%, $LUNA 8%, $FRO 8%, $XCO 8%, $SXC 8%,

  12. $KONE Caution should be exercised.

  13. $KONE Halt removed and moving up hard.

  14. Traders still paying for the free circus day from last Friday upstockstrading.com/blog1/ $GEVO $VGGL $CY $KONE

  15. $FIT $VLTC $KONE $HGSH on watch for tomorrow.

  16. Gainers-2 $CCG 16%, $TEAR 16%, $CEL 16%, $KONE 16%, $SRNE 15%, $AMRS 15%, $TE 14%, $UFPI 14%, $AFMD 14%, $AST 14%, $INWK 13%, $LUNA 13%, ,

  17. Traders still paying for the free circus day from last Friday http://www.upstockstrading.com/blog1/ $GEVO $VGGL $CY $KONE

  18. http://www.upstockstrading.com/blog1/ $VGGL $KONE $CY $GEVO

  19. $KONE more red day tomorrow. Short sale restriction saved kone today.

  20. $IBM Launches Wolrd’s Very First 7 Nano Meter Test Chip- $KONE

  21. $KONE China s Rising Developer and Mobile Enterprise stock https://www.warriortradingnews.com/kingtone-kone-stock-chinas-rising-developer-mobile-enterprise/11158?utm_content=buffer45aa5&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

  22. Morning Market Losers $ARMH $ASNA $KONE $MPLX $WIN $STX http://www.benzinga.com/news/15/07/5666894/morning-market-losers

  23. $KONE stocks with unusual volume http://www.stock-screener.org/unusual-volume-stocks.aspx

  24. $NFLX Could Turn Out To Be A $100B Firm By 2020- $MSFT $KONE

  25. Tech Unusual Volume Gainers- $KONE $TRUE $QLGC