1. Business Software & Services: Microsoft $MSFT, Datawatch $DWCH, TSR $TSRI, Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solutions $KONE http://y.ahoo.it/M9Q2vcCk

  2. @clarkevii $MNKD is my 2nd pick to gain 100% in 1 day this year, other was $KONE , it gained 150%(closed it fast, Chinese Co. Didn t trust)

  3. Today s Lunch Time % Losers $ZBB $BODY $RPTP $XGTIW $OINK $XOXO $OPTT $KONE $MGN $ARO $NIHD $GST $OCRX $FSYS $DYAX http://y.ahoo.it/IjBBklTr

  4. Some mildly LREs maybe worth a look? $MSTX $RNN $LTRX $CMBX $KONE $KIOR any thoughts @mikete90 @sabin33 @creature ?

  5. @mikete90: $KONE Is KONE awakening here? http://y.ahoo.it/kzEOulmI

  6. $KONE Is KONE awakening here? http://y.ahoo.it/1e78izm4

  7. http://y.ahoo.it/r44KcSTV - Feb 12 - Most Volatile: $PGRX $LIVE $OPTT $SNMX $CADC $DHRM $LUNA $CMGE $GALE $STXS $EONC $KONE $VTUS $YOD $ETRM

  8. $KONE lol.. this is pretty funny actually

  9. $sgmo $sgma $gpre $iii $silc $game $cjjd $kone $arwr $crme $isis $pacb nice flags - some thin though

  10. $FB $TWTR $UVXY $TZA $SUPN $ARIA $KONE plus 10%cash in my portfolio. will see how it goes. I plan to buy $DGAZ once it starts recovering. GL

  11. @stubbybrown $DGAZ +3.5k $BDSI +4k $UVXY +12K $CAT +.3k $AEP -1.6k $HIMX +1.6k $EDZ +1.6k $ARIA -14k $KONE -10k $CHTP -1.6k $VRNG -.4k

  12. http://y.ahoo.it/rDgpKDPU - Jan 24 - Most Volatile:$SSY $LIVE $UPI $KONE $AHPI $ARIA $TIK $DL $PTCT $COVS $GRVY $FLML $VRS $STRT $INUV

  13. http://y.ahoo.it/uqOxr9TY - Jan 24 - New Lows :$SSY $LIVE $UPI $KONE $AHPI $ARIA $TIK $DL $PTCT $COVS $GRVY $FLML $VRS $STRT $INUV

  14. http://y.ahoo.it/j358DzBd - Jan 24 Top 8 Gainers : $BDSI $SSY $UPI $LIVE $ARIA $INUV $KONE $PGRX

  15. @Sharyn: $BDSI $SSY $UPI $LIVE $ARIA $INUV $KONE $PGRX made some great moves on Friday

  16. @stubbybrown I won t touch $VRNG (personal reasons) but will add $KONE to list -- this one is a super crazy mover on little volume.

  17. @IndianTrader Added NLST to my list to watch. Thx. Look at $KONE $VRNG. Not exact but very similar setup.

  18. @sheilaragu $KONE had good earnings last Fri & won some award today. I sold the pop

  19. @stubbybrown I found $KONE in scanner in scottrade!I have ideas to develop my own scanners!I m a busy MD,No time! I need to learn technicals

  20. $KONE can any one explain why this popped up today? I m in at 13.25 (smal position) is it pump and dump scheme by someone?china stock scary!

  21. $KONE continued manipulation makes me sick,can t fight here. Even though now trading with a pe of 20-40 based on est. 1 customer 88% of rev

  22. $CRMB 2 Million Share Float W News Low Floats going Crazy of late Check $LIVE $KONE Simliar Floats Check those charts

  23. $KONE RALLY AGAIN.. 13.46

  24. $KONE Boomer! #ChinaGirl :D

  25. $NQ Maybe it ll pull a $KONE and double up in a few hours. It s definitely going up, it s just a matter of when.