1. @barna i was thinking on taking a position in $KOOL, Are you in GALE as well?

  2. Ideally id like to see the market TANK but $KOOL $BONE $BSPM $SSH $GALE $ECTE to spike. How does one make it happen?

  3. $KOOL @barna buy 20000000000 shares and make this thing pop lol I know you re good for it ;)

  4. $KOOL @barna, buy 200000000000 shares and make this thing pop! Lol

  5. $KOOL

  6. $KOOL Think I may hold out till it hits 1.80, however long that takes :)

  7. $KOOL if this takes out the 1.55 seller it is going to pop

  8. $KOOL and $LJPC both waking up

  9. $KOOL In oversold territory and bouncing off the 200 DMA. On watch here

  10. @barna: $KOOL looking to hit 1.50 s today i was off by a day :)

  11. $KOOL Biggest upward moment in weeks! Nice. Keep it going indeed!

  12. $KOOL Let s keep this going.

  13. @GonzaloBaya: $ACUR $KOOL $BSPM $IDRA $BONE GRNH is going up today with good performance idra !!

  14. $ACUR $KOOL $BSPM $IDRA $BONE GRNH is going up today with good performance

  15. @qdao85 @barna I m no expert, but based on the FDA s guidelines for IDE, I d say $KOOL won t get an IDE for their CLI treatment b4 August.

  16. $KOOL looking to hit 1.50 s today

  17. $KOOL Appointment Industry Veteran Tim Lee as Director of International Sales http://y.ahoo.it/ZK8FnX7x

  18. $KOOL restructures sales, marketing & technical support organization to strengthen cord blood business http://y.ahoo.it/B6kPrfi1

  19. We have restructured our sales, mkt & tech support organization & appointed Tim Lee as Dir. of Int l Sales $KOOL http://y.ahoo.it/fIW1UP6P

  20. $hh $job $ctc $kool $kpti $bxs $yge $oww $rfil $apri $zlcs $amco Keep an eye

  21. $KOOL I think that we ll be alright Technically bullish until it breaks $0.63 Hopefully find support http://y.ahoo.it/s4UNxP1E

  22. $RNN, $GALE, $MSTX, $KOOL,$DRYS...After today, I had to move back in with my parents. I always thought they were taller .

  23. $KOOL Out of kool also...if this dosent move after 2 big up days then when ?

  24. $RNN Glad I dumped this at 1.18 orig purch at .97. bio-turds in my portfolio: $BSPM $KOOL fortunately small positions.

  25. $KOOL Crap..price jumped .02 right as I pressed the button to purchase...grrrrr