1. $KORS $PNRA added $BX $OZM removed @MerrillLynch US1 list at today s closing prices

  2. Looking for $KORS to break 72 here soon

  3. $KORS products being discounted at Macy s etc. Holding short.

  4. $KORS Option Alert: Michael Kors Nov $80 Call; 3,000 Contract Trade at Ask @$1.15; Currently $71.40

  5. $KORS looking good long few hundred shares here

  6. $SCTY $Z $DDD $KORS Dip dip dip

  7. hearing call buying in $KORS at 80 no position

  8. $JCP.............. long $JCP to $15 short $Kors to $50

  9. $KORS This is going to $50 be careful...............

  10. Unusual Put Vol $AVP $GPRO $MPC $WAG $JNS $ADBE $KORS $AA $LNG $F $INVN $ADHD $GRPN $JNJ http://y.ahoo.it/iQmPHkj7

  11. MorningWord 9/29/14: $KORS - Fashion Weak http://y.ahoo.it/SnQuW1ZK

  12. That $KORS offshore drilling program is killing em...

  13. Today s Smart Money Report for unusual options activity http://y.ahoo.it/9lo3ePP0 $BABA $KORS $MCHP $WMT

  14. $kors near as I can tell it look like some big blocks to the bid so writes or some folks loking in profits today

  15. $kors awlful hard to go against the unicorns as there are 11k puts today with 4:1 put to call.....but I see bounce here

  16. $KORS Eye on area s 4 sure

  17. $kors switch to long for two days here I think


  19. $kors long small

  20. $KORS Be careful ...losing support here................

  21. Moved Lower Bollinger Band $A $ATU $AVP $CMO $CSTM $CX $DHY $DVA $FINL $HIX $HOS $HYF $JCP $KING $KORS $LPNT $MBT http://y.ahoo.it/S4FWC5zL

  22. $kors looking for exhaust gap down tollowed by a small rally at measure move target....still expect $64 retest before true bounce potential

  23. I m looking at $KORS for a potential bounce play.

  24. $KORS Head and Shoulders Top. Chart Analysis ---> http://y.ahoo.it/4k5p5skz http://y.ahoo.it/GtBtrfzl

  25. $KORS Cannot see this faling below 70.. PE already down to 20 and PEG below 1.. Valueeeee