1. Swing Sell Picks: $DE, $GLOG, $GNW, $GRMN, $KORS, $RIO http://y.ahoo.it/1InGgI0M

  2. $KORS on E-trade you see red and green bars ... what do the black ones symbolize? sorry if this is a stupid ?

  3. 3 Great Stocks, According To Wall Street $GM $KORS $DAL http://y.ahoo.it/YZFvy8wi

  4. $KORS Updated valuation. http://y.ahoo.it/ErZZraoo

  5. $KORS Just IMHO http://y.ahoo.it/OeeKFQz2

  6. $KORS i just switched from kors to delta..... delta doesnt have this imaginary margin problem

  7. $KORS I can not stay away from her! Back in with a stop under 75. Looking like a higher low from EPS day to secondary announcement day.

  8. @sogenerous $KORS Oct 18 80$ call at 1.2? 80$+ coming Nxt month or more downside?? Thx!

  9. $KORS down 18% in 3 months. Compare Kors PEG (0.8) to $COH PEG (3.4) for valuation - http://y.ahoo.it/IUnmTc7f Has NO debt, room to invest.

  10. In the case of these 3 stocks we think you should trust the optimism of Wall Street firms - http://y.ahoo.it/IatD1y1d $GM $DAL $KORS

  11. $KORS I haven t done an valuation in awhile, so why not. http://y.ahoo.it/U8TuxAZP

  12. $YHOO $BABA I just downloaded AliExpress and searched for KORS. So much counterfeit stuff korsss lol $KORS

  13. $KORS absolute garbage

  14. $KORS down (-22%) in past 6 months. Was the most tweeted-about designer during New York Fashion Week. http://y.ahoo.it/cfYdvCVG

  15. @sogenerous $Kors been on my list for a while. $WFM is up to bat. Are you doing Jan calls?

  16. China s Economic Derailment Could Pummel these Companies http://y.ahoo.it/dIufloHA $SBUX $WMT $GPS $ANF $COH $KORS $$

  17. Start preparing your shopping list and freeing up cash. $KORS at 64-67 looks great.

  18. $KORS Becoming very appealing.

  19. $KORS time to buy your calls

  20. $KORS Is an incredible bargain under $77 for an intermediate to longer term trade. Plan to buy this coming week.

  21. #InsiderTrading Report: Notable Buys And Sales $AAT $SCCO $NES $TDG $TITN $KORS $FB $KS $RTN $NOW http://y.ahoo.it/Gs5a2npT

  22. $kors (below 75) and $kate (below 30) continue to be great looking short opps (short pos in akte)

  23. what held or exceeded today - $AMZN $LULU $KORS $WSM $POT $AGN $LOCO $SCTY $FSLR$ EBAY $UVXY $RUBI & all financials

  24. $KORS im not so sure .. these stock hold no value .. every pop sold off same with $kate

  25. @zerosum24 loving $kors here the bottom is in at $75 I think. big upside coming into the holiday season. they destroyed earnings. oversold