1. $KORS I trade leaps on this company, fun be in this stock. Ask any woman in Atlanta about kors. This is store down here.

  2. Michael Kors Holdings Ltd.: Catching A Falling Knife? $KORS Also $MEI $BRCD $HIBB $SAVE http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/michael-kors-holdings-ltd-catching-a-falling-knife?post=84908

  3. Who wants to catch the falling knife? :) $KORS

  4. $KORS all the bears remind me of pre Earnings...going to 30, 34 etc. I like it. Looking good.

  5. long idea: $KORS https://www.tradingview.com/x/tCaCL8gX/

  6. $SPY $IWM gonna sink next few weeks, so as $KORS

  7. $KORS what goes up.. ..

  8. $KORS im impressed by this but still a bear.

  9. $LNKD $PCLN $GPRO $FIT $TWTR $P $YELP $LXU $NAV $JVA Of course, so when FIT crushes estimates on 4Q15 on 2/22, then it does a $KORS: Up 30%

  10. $KORS MM max profit all the call options today. Lets see what will happen next week


  12. $kors painted green for the day Classic stock rigging Buy the crap - keep the west in depression!

  13. $KORS well well...still strongest stock in market. Price action has changed, even in a dreadful market, still green.

  14. $KORS Michael KRYPTONITE!

  15. $KORS I don t even like their products, bought a watch and the handles fell off. Just saying, whose buying this junk.

  16. $KORS has lots of shorts. Not going down

  17. $KORS closing red will end the run.....watching closely

  18. $KORS Unfortunately can t believe in good stocks in this market. News not real positive today. who knows what we re dealing with next week

  19. Michael Kors in the green. $kors $spy

  20. $KORS speaking of stocks that actually look good. Look at the daily flag building here

  21. $KORS magic about to dry up

  22. $KORS Ready for flush

  23. $KORS dipping below yesterday close again. May follow other retailers down, though still among best of bunch. $XRT

  24. $KORS couldn t push up past old high so I short 5K at 52.18. May test 49 or below next week. IMO

  25. If $SPX breaks below 1867 I think $KORS could follow $COH and go to 45.