1. @readytoinvest $KORS We ran out of sellers at the sub 80 level. Point out chart features if you want. I call it reading trader psychology

  2. With yesterday s candle - looks more and more like Michael Kors earnings reversal day was a short term capitulation of sellers. $KORS

  3. 3-star analyst Dave Weiner from Deutsche Bank maintained a BUY rating on $KORS. Dave has a +7.0% average return http://y.ahoo.it/IUuEVVeR

  4. $KORS can someone explain why this was up almost 4 percent at one time today???? its been performing horribly ... just curious

  5. Roses in the Market Today: $SPY, $XLB, $XLY, $XLV, $XLI, $LOW, $TGT, $HAIN, $IRF, $KORS, $ANF, $MYL http://y.ahoo.it/K6adqeXp

  6. $KORS has now filled that earnings gap, needs to hold above $82 to keep it, great fundimentals should help it out along with short covering

  7. Today s biggest winners: $KORS $DAL $ HP.. and Today s Biggest Loser: $GSAT..as usual

  8. $KORS squeeze?

  9. $KORS recovery, weekly oversold, wil be interested over 50dma,

  10. @Baynum: $KORS $83 easy after fed minutes @2pm called it!

  11. $KORS at this level, kors is still cheap fundamentally speaking. Agree?

  12. $kors keeps going higher

  13. $KORS is up 2.5% so far today, but this stock still has a LOT of recovery work to do.

  14. big day in $kors no pos

  15. $KORS $83 easy after fed minutes @2pm

  16. $KORS sold sept 85 puts. really nice option buying volume today.

  17. $KORS nice daily 15 min chart, squeezing higher. $AAPL $HAIN http://y.ahoo.it/iX2QPuEG

  18. $KORS wow sold too soon on this one at 81 but know one ever got hurt taking profit from 77

  19. $kors short int as of 7/31. Check it. $SPY

  20. $KORS lovely! Bye bye 79

  21. $KORS Come on $83 baby. $105 PT

  22. $KORS long position still looking nice http://y.ahoo.it/Eq20ZywD

  23. $KORS long 81.33

  24. @StrongBull: $KORS I like ths accumulation here :) hopefully brkout Nxt week 81-82+ :) GL! Happening nw :)

  25. long $KORS 81.44