1. $KORS 115

  2. $KORS Have some available funds - either I start a new position here or add to my EBAY shares.

  3. Fund earnings strong this season :) :: $GOOG $ILMN $EQIX $LNKD $UTHR $JAZZ $KORS $ATHN $FB $NCLH $MANU $CMG $FENG $AMRS (6/30) #stockaction

  4. $KORS way more $coh and $kate at the discount stores seen it myself add at <81

  5. $KORS is handing us a gift at these levels. Nibbled more at close. Another astonishing ER around the corner.

  6. $KORS Former hi-flyer coming back to earth. Bearish reversal bar today - could easily re-test 78-79. http://y.ahoo.it/Al1w4im8

  7. Marketocracy bought $KORS and now holds an allocation of 3.3% in their Core Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  8. $KORS no love today! too many distractions I guess. Buy the dips

  9. $KORS Anybody actually trading this today? Volume is pitifull.

  10. Latest #T2108 Update has chart reviews for $UVXY #VIX $KORS $CROX $OAK $AYI. Also an $AAPL earnings trade follow-up http://y.ahoo.it/zaf9TGeW

  11. %stocks>40DMA=53%. $SPY Presses Against All-Time Highs & Bottoming #Volatility. http://y.ahoo.it/2vckDuAL #T2108 $UVXY $KORS $CROX $AYI $AAPL

  12. @Drawtheline: $KORS @Drawtheline: $KORS Chart review weekly: http://y.ahoo.it/I8N1EHnZ Tried to warn. Close below 200DMA= Gap fill to 80

  13. $KORS if TSLA delivers next week I will be adding more nov 95 calls here like its a bank robbery! 2nd bottom of a 6 month double bottom imo

  14. $KORS Same game. Fade all the pops to give it more room to run after earnings. Going in at highs into earnings would scare me.

  15. $kors close over 84 odds are it repairs damage quickly imo. Close under 80 more pain. Bear flags have been a bullish pattern in this mkt!

  16. $KORS close above 82. :)

  17. $KORS Selling 1/3 of this position to reduce risk + add to other winners

  18. $KORS under 86 is a sale! Technicals and analysts be damned. People like Kors designs the best. End of story

  19. $KORS COH and Kate going up .. should help KORS

  20. First Week of $KORS September 20th Options Trading http://y.ahoo.it/KF6yJdMX

  21. $KORS Hello again, just today s chart :) http://y.ahoo.it/tQHftMHZ

  22. Karpel s Corner: Who says the markets are mean reverting? http://y.ahoo.it/P8jPsG8y $QQQ $TLT $KORS $RIG #optionstrading #trading #investing

  23. $KORS It really looks like a broken stock. We ll see what happens under $82

  24. $KORS Short $KORS...long $COH...$KORS just doing little dead cat bounce...but it s still a short

  25. $KORS looks $80 again,same pivot R.,3x failed. $NFLX @ lo