1. $KORS Wait for few days.will see 44..

  2. $KORS a valuation play now, strong brand

  3. $KORS Hehe, well this sucks: Kors spent $492 million last two quarters to repurchase nearly 6.5 million shares. That works out to $76 each

  4. $KORS - Michael Kors -KORS -Daily/Monthly - Cheap Valuation Now - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/KORS/K3AOcb5L-Michael-Kors-KORS-Daily-Monthly-Cheap-Valuation-Now/

  5. @cravesophonias $KORS 24 % in one day? And another 8-10 % ....... you will loose 8-10 percent of potential gains...oversold

  6. $KORS 24 % in one day? And another 8-10 % in the next few days and maybe it s a buy


  8. $KORS all victims in this stock, just own TQQQ or QLD. that s all. you ll be rich.

  9. Feel sorry for the bottom pickers in $KORS. This strategy will eventually make you poor.

  10. $KORS when everyone talks about a 3 day rule chances are it s no longer a rule...

  11. $KORS MKH ud83d ude04 what a bargain now ud83d ude1b

  12. Youtube video is up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVQv_bvPcus&feature=youtu.be $OCLR $KORS $DCTH $CERE $GALE See you in the morning.

  13. MichaelKors Tops On Q4 Earnings, Gives Soft Outlook $KORS http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/stocks--equities/michael-kors-tops-on-q4-earnings-gives-soft-outlook?post=65680

  14. {VIDEO} Stock Chart Analysis $KORS $FB $PTBI $CHGG $OHGI $PBMD $GBSN $CERE $WTI $TCK $TC $NBG http://thecontrariantrader.com/members-stock-chart-analysis/

  15. $KORS Nov 50 calls lookin like a bargain... Might jump on them.

  16. Poor earnings/momentum aside, strong consumer confidence, rising incomes and global consumer trends all bode well for $KORS in the long run.

  17. $KORS This is very tempting. I am going to wait for my personal 3 day rule before I m looking to buy. I m keeping KORS on my radar

  18. $KORS plan on selling some puts if down again. I love a good risk-reversal, and shifty shoes...

  19. $KORS bought 10 Nov 50 calls at $2.90 for no reason...seems overdone, but I smoke lots Crack...2413 contracts traded today.

  20. $KORS when does buyback start?

  21. $KORS dead cat bounce coming? Or falling knife. I m banking on a dead cat bounce considering the P/E ratio is 10.

  22. $KORS who knows what tmrw brings? CEO said they will be aggressively buying back stock, which I imagine will happen from the bell.

  23. $KORS I don t know how would you call a stock that lost 55% of its value in a year a falling knife.

  24. $KORS will definitely rise, loaded up around 47 avg.

  25. $KORS and the stock had gotten ahead of itself which reflects the sentiment. now its PE is 10. what better peer is there?