1. @Daniel_Ward Small Caps <1B Market Cap To Watch Into #ASCO15 $IBB $XBI $EXEL $AFMD $CTIC $KPTI $IMGN $XNCR $TGTX $LOXO $ONTY $CERU $MGNX

  2. Small Caps <1B Market Cap To Watch Into #ASCO15 $IBB $XBI $EXEL $AFMD $CTIC $KPTI $IMGN $XNCR $TGTX $LOXO $ONTY $CERU

  3. @Keynesonomics: Biotech: $DVAX $PPHM $BPTH $ATNM $RNN $OXGN $MSTX $SRPT $SYN $WGBS $APHB $ELTP $GNBT New: $TLOG On Watch: $XON $KPTI. $IBB

  4. $KPTI ASCO abstract to pay attention to, since they plan to initiate a PHIII in liposarcoma in 2H15.

  5. Biotech: $DVAX $PPHM $BPTH $ATNM $RNN $OXGN $MSTX $SRPT $SYN $WGBS $APHB $ELTP $GNBT New: $TLOG On Watch: $XON $KPTI. $IBB: Bring it on!

  6. $KPTI You see that shrug? That is Karyopharm shrugging off it s one drug company stigma. #Verdinexor

  7. $MGNX $KPTI $TGTX $DVAX $ISIS $CEMP $SRNE $TTOO $CFRX $TLOG - Great way to end this wk&1.5 wks until ASCO abstracts(13May)-Good Luck, longs!

  8. $KPTI $AAVL $IDRA $IG Today was a good example. They want your $$. Don t be fearful...think big picture.

  9. $KPTI KPT-330 revolutionary. Read about it and see- this company has amazing potential

  10. $KPTI Strong come back day. Great close as well near HOD

  11. @Think4self $JUNO $KPTI $SRNE all strong today. $ZIOP $XON also. If bio holding is week today, be careful $IBB has not really tanked yet

  12. $KPTI Moving along in great form. Nice job KPTI.

  13. https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02431351?term=KPT-330&rank=23 Selinexor Trial #41 started(this one $KPTI spnsrd)EPO-Refractory Lower-Risk MDS-Small ptnt #(17) w/Dec 17 prim compl.

  14. $KPTI https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02431364?term=KPT-335&rank=1 There it is! 2nd clinical drug now(Verdinexor)w/ Nov 15 prim. compl. for safety-then planned PHII(influenza).

  15. $KPTI initiated Trial of Safety and Tolerability of Oral Verdinexor (KPT-335) in Healthy Adults

  16. $KPTI Study of Selective Inhibitor of Nuclear Export (SINE) Selinexor (KPT-330) in Erythropoietin (EPO)-Refractory Lower-Risk MDS Patients

  17. $KPTI There seems to be way too much optimism about this stock even at these prices, fear s not over yet...

  18. $KPTI Approaching 52 wk low($24)when it has done nothing but fundamentally get stronger&w/3data points 1mnth away-Great opp being presented.

  19. $KPTI added to this position today twice. About 50 %. Of full position. Scaling in. Amazing company.

  20. $IDRA $KPTI $AAVL $IG Control your fear and think long term

  21. $MGNX Core shares in 19 s went LT today...Damnably rough day to be thrilled about it. Looking to add tomorrow & to $KPTI & $TGTX

  22. $KPTI blood everywhere. Take advantage. The pipeline speaks for itself. #BostonBiotech

  23. $KPTI added 27.35

  24. $KPTI ,as per TWTR, just grew its Wells Ave. HQ by 50% to 46,167 square feet.

  25. $AGIO 72-84, $VSTM 7s, $FMI <42 , $GERN <3.7 $JUNO <46 $AAVL 32-33 $ONCE 47-55 $KITE 47-53 $KPTI <28 good buys