1. Insider Transaction: $KTOS Automatic Sale of 529 shares by Officer Armstrong Wayne L on 2014-04-09.

  2. $ktos solid (but quiet) 5% pop from high $6 s, wanna see her hold $7 s for rest of week

  3. $ktos strong bullish %r cross on daily, wanna see macd turn bullish & take her 2 overbought territory, mindful of weekly

  4. $KTOS Kratos Receives Unmanned Aerial Drone System Single Contract Award With Pote.. http://y.ahoo.it/3cGO42aC

  5. $KTOS Kratos Receives $10 Million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) From National S.. http://y.ahoo.it/Xow50mr8

  6. $KTOS Kratos Receives $10 Million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) From National S.. http://y.ahoo.it/4k3DG7cR

  7. imo investors should be taking advantage of the high volatility in cyclicals $gogo, $ktos, $ego, $amd, $hk

  8. selling some of my winners 2day, 2 buy beaten down cyclicals like $ktos & $gogo

  9. $ktos adding @ $6.95 & under

  10. $ego rotated out of this & into $ktos, long @ high 6 s

  11. $KTOS Kratos Receives $4 Million Unmanned Aerial Drone System Award.. http://y.ahoo.it/R8CIlcQd

  12. or maybe trim some $jcp, $hk, & $amd 2 start position in $ktos, have otions, lol

  13. imo tech, gold, energy, industrials, & retail are all strong. long $amd, $ego, $gogo, $hk, & jcp on spec, looking 2 add $ktos under $7

  14. $ktos buying whenever wick s @ high $6 s & oversold daily/weekly %r, then waiting 4 bullish macd cross in either

  15. $ego even tho i like it under $6, might rotate out of this, & into $ktos if shorts can push it back under $7

  16. $KTOS Kratos Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract for CH-47F Chinook Maintenance .. http://y.ahoo.it/wSPnISpG

  17. Also long $KTOS

  18. $KTOS Kratos Awarded $3 Million Unmanned Aerial Drone System Contract.. http://y.ahoo.it/Y3Wz9hT5

  19. $KTOS back in range...

  20. $KTOS I think they are building a company to sell,,,news every time they flush the toilet Im already in pretty deep.

  21. $KTOS ratos Defense & Security Awarded $1.7M Contract for Microwave Products to U.S. Missile Program http://y.ahoo.it/HKWOF3vu

  22. $KTOS Kratos Awarded $1.7 Million in Contracts to Provide Critical Microwave Produ.. http://y.ahoo.it/gcVr6uVc

  23. $KTOS broke down of the flag today, looking very bad

  24. $ktos looking 4 oversold daily/weekly @ high $6 s-low $7 b4 pulling the trigger, been strong @ low $7 s

  25. $WLT, $KTOS, $EGO all pummeled again