1. $KWEB W pattern, above middle W. chinese stks begin to retrace from huge drops for so long. chinese companies will announce good ERs

  2. $ASHR $BABA $VIPS $YY $QIHU $KWEB china 2 accelerate $1T project to spur growth http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-05/china-said-to-accelerate-1-trillion-in-projects-to-spur-growth.html

  3. $TNK Gartman buying tankers. he just said low oil prices good for economy, especially china $BABA $YY $VIPS $QIHU $KWEB

  4. @LinYingjun $ASHR has the highest volume in Chinese ashares right now. $PEK $KWEB $KBA. Liquidity can be in inform of a creation/redemption

  5. $KWEB bot beat up badly. weekly double bottom. Josh lost hid 2014 challenge betting on chinese internet stks ETF

  6. $WB Weibo may break out after New Years. Funds adding $KWEB. $BABA craze just starting.

  7. @pmahoney im not in $KWEB But I can tell you with a good balance sheet and way oversold and hopefully new CEO getting apointed soon $MOBI

  8. @aaardenis Answering my own question - check out check on $KWEB

  9. @vips1000 Mark Fisher brilliant pt idiots fail to get biggest beneficiary of lower oil is the Chinese Consumer given wage incr/yr $KWEB

  10. @tdeng this will actually have a positive effect on US-listed Chinese names as rotation back... $KWEB $SOCL

  11. $WB I was checking $KWEB holdings on Morningstar and I noticed they added WB to their fund on 12/15/14. A lot cheaper now than two days ago

  12. $KWEB Opened a position today.

  13. $KWEB Is this a buy right now or wait till 52 week low? Looking for LT position. Your advice would be appreciated???

  14. @Akstergi $BABA still holding well relative to $KWEB $SOCL $QQQ I am itching to click buy

  15. Emerging Markets and the Way to Profit: China ETFs $VWO $BABA $KWEB $ASHR $HAO $GXC $FXI http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/121114/emerging-markets-and-way-profit-china-etfs.asp via @Investopedia

  16. $WB $KWEB once the Chinese funds start adding this, it will skyrocket.

  17. $KWEB Is this a buy at this level or should I wait. Could this go to 30?

  18. @alee1700: @alee1700 $KWEB csi sell off (govt curbing retail gambling) is a buying oppty as money will rotate back into adrs YEP

  19. $KWEB why ADRs go down so much but Shanghai goes another way?

  20. @cybercash28 what s up with $TSLA ... Any bad news or has this become another $YY $KWEB story?

  21. Shanghai Index $PEK continues higher while Chinese Internet continues lower $KWEB $BABA $BIDU

  22. $KWEB Likely going to around $32 again. Chart doesn t lie. May pick up some at that level.

  23. @cybercash28: $KWEB 10% of $BABA in this ETF, also $BIDU ..VIPS etc if you are in Kweb then you are in all China Internet

  24. $KWEB...time to buy.. nonsense for the huge pullback in chinese stks.

  25. KraneShares Expands Lineup With Onshore Bond ETF http://www.etftrends.com/2014/12/kraneshares-expands-lineup-with-onshore-bond-etf/ $KCNY $CBON $CHNB $KWEB $KBA $KFYP