1. $KWK At this stage, I think this one is more likely to become delisted than hit $1. http://biz.yahoo.com/e/141009/kwk8-k.html

  2. $KWK Yesterday I said I d be happy with $3.37 share. Today I d settle for $2.Sell entire company, or merge with someone with cap-ex $$.

  3. $KWK SPX up almost 50 points and all I got is this lousy 8% dump with KWK. Look ma, Glenn Darden lost the shareholders 92% this year. BRAVO!

  4. $KWK Glenn Darden- aka you ll just have to trust me where s the shareholder value and big Qtr 4 deal? Check your gold Rolex- it s Dec 18.

  5. $KWK I can appreciate the folks buying here at .34 for easy gains. The rest of us got sold out by the Darden clan. Still holding.

  6. $KWK Couldn t resist the pullback to 0.301 or so, and glad to see the rebound back up as the shorts cashed out of the down move

  7. $KWK Don t fret kids. This is actually a VERY nice chart. Nice C&H from Dec. 7. Breakout over .40. Technicals all good http://stocktwits.com/message/30435516

  8. $KWK OK is time....

  9. $KWK Anybody else watching light sweet crude???? Looks like it wants to go lower and maybe rally tomorrow? This is becoming confusing....

  10. $KWK Watch oil carefully........it could spoil the party..........

  11. $KWK huge volume today...price not moving though...

  12. ICYMI Tuesday: Quicksilver Resources Inc. filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1333485 $KWK

  13. $KWK added 200 % to position at .305 seeing this turning green

  14. $KWK We are just setting up for a nice finish....it s coming. We re back to that end-of-the-day free money biz, unless oil turns next week.

  15. $KWK Yes, the trend is now up for KWK. Santa Claus is back...........unless oil let s us down, but let s hope not too soon.

  16. $HK Halcon and $KWK Got the promotion today as possible takeover targets http://www.thestreet.mobi/story/12984008/1/3-oil-companies-that-are-likely-takeover-targets-as-prices-plunge.html?utm_content=buffer531c7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

  17. $KWK whoa!!! look at the bid/ask price for this! off the charts right now or am I seeing things?

  18. $KWK i put up 5000 at .36 1 min. B4 close. Got filled after close at .37. Anyone else get same thing? Weird.

  19. $KWK wonder if the trader at frost who sold 4mm at .28 got fired today. Got coal in his stocking, that s for sure.

  20. $KWK Only another $3.00 more and I m even-steven on KWK. Need big $$ to go all-in ANR and ACI and JNUG. Retire by 75 in east Detroit.

  21. $KWK Would love to see a well review or an asset sell between now and the open.

  22. $KWK Someone bought 655,000 shares IN ONE MINUTE at 3:55 taking it up 7 cents in a minute. NICE!

  23. $KWK - Congrats longs nice call @benrab. held for a 15% scalp early in the day. Thought about repurchase when bid .292..what a jump @ EOD!!

  24. $KWK whoa...jump .02 just like that after close!

  25. $KWK Been watching this for so long, gave up on it, and then it jumps! wow.