1. $LAKE still up 2% year-to-date not many stocks can say that they actually make money lot of other companies can t say that 7 million shares

  2. $LAKE seems to be holding up well I m looking for big pullback not feeling it would love to load up on global fear😷 $XON

  3. Rebuy of $LAKE at 13 looking for swing looking like a poor decision but we ll see what ER holds. Could see 15 again.

  4. Added to $LAKE 12.37

  5. Look at the chart pattern for DSKX $TIK $LAKE $CJES they are forming a day 1 reversal. Good find

  6. $LAKE Get $XON and Newlink instead folks?..

  7. $LAKE Wow, not sure I ve ever seen this low volume.

  8. Bought $LAKE to hold for a little while. My only concern w next ERs will be oil/gas revs diminishing and not sure what % comes from oil/gas

  9. I think after somehow missing all my top stock popping $SIEN $SEDG $AA $LAKE this wk, I need a wk away from mkt, clear my head. GL y all

  10. $LAKE pullback greater than anticipated. Sold 13.6 shares at 13.8 other day. Trying to sell 12.8 shares above 13 today.

  11. $LAKE Wonders if stock going UP due to Zeka Virus global outbreak???

  12. $LAKE bought on this dip for EOD run.

  13. $LAKE she s back on the move again been watching the last week up 20%-ish👍

  14. Damn $LAKE sell at 12.45!!! These days I should stick to picking & let someone else trade for me haha, selling my best picks far too early

  15. Damn $LAKE sell

  16. That $LAKE sell looking dumber by the minute, just missed my rebuy too

  17. $IBT, $LAKE, $XON How to Play the Zika Virus http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/how-to-play-the-zika-virus/

  18. $LAKE trying to turn up

  19. $LAKE Bad sell, timing on my part. Even if Zika virus is only a small boost to revs, the stock price may continue to rise.

  20. $LAKE liftoff time!!!

  21. Early sells of $LAKE and $EFOI really hurt today. Both nice runs I missed and two of my safest bets. Stupid sells by me.

  22. Shoulda held on to $LAKE. And bought more under 12.

  23. NEW POST: Let s Hope Zika Goes the Way of Zima http://marketchess.com/2016/01/29/lets-hope-zika-goes-way-zima $APT $INO $LAKE $XON #Zika

  24. $LAKE may run a bit...after my sell, of course.

  25. Also surprised $LAKE hasn t been bought yet by $DD $MMM $CTAS. Must eat into their sales/market share, no?