1. $LAS why is anyone still buying this cr-ap. The CEO and all his minions deserve the death penalty in China.

  2. $LAS Hmmmm dead. Moving on then. ho ho ho merry christmas you chiscammers! hohohohohh

  3. $LAS nfjanfojsnfoef

  4. $LAS Heeeeloooooo anyone here?

  5. $LAS Woof

  6. $LAS Meow

  7. $LAS send this sucker to the trashcan. You and LASLY

  8. $LAS OTC Short Positions on 2015/04/30 150,257 -3,467 0.07 [Market News Publishing (US)] LENTUO INTERNATIONAL INC

  9. $LAS Can one short the grey markets?

  10. $LAS 150K short

  11. $LAS Is today the day?

  12. $LAS Shorting this ... Oh yes

  13. $bita and $las are registered in a JV, yet las has turned out to have been a complete scam with liars for management. Makes me wonder

  14. Anyone signed up for this? http://www.rosenlegal.com/cases-545.html $LAS

  15. $LAS: EQUITY ALERT: The Rosen Law Firm Reminds Lentuo International Inc. Investors of the Important May 12, 2015 ... http://stockwires.com/equity-alert-the-rosen-law-firm-reminds-lentuo-international-inc-investors-of-the-important-may-12-2015-deadline-in-the-class-action-filed-by-the-firm-las

  16. $LAS so this company was a total scam?

  17. $LAS wow what an implosion

  18. $LAS is just being $LASLY

  19. $LAS Will they even release a financial report?

  20. $LAS Jobs: 50 last week http://www.qcr.cc/com171849-job and 80 advertised on 20 March including GAAP and investor relations experts:

  21. $LAS That news is originally from 2011

  22. $LAS $LASLY translated from http://www.4ask.net/daikuan/chedaililv/10220.html

  23. $LAS $LASLY Accounts for 5.7% of the Beijing car rental market.Official launch in third quarter of this year,expected revenue $30.8 million.

  24. $LAS $LASLY announced plans to enter the Beijing car rental market.1181 licenses issued by Beijing.Can be used on household rental vehicles.

  25. $LAS picked up cheap shares yesterday.