1. $LAS up 1 cent. All the sellers left for vacation. Let s hit $1+ by Jan 1st.

  2. $LAS Thanks $LAS, you are the ONLY stock that isn t green out of 20+ stocks in my IRA.

  3. $LAS Analyst consensus: strong buy, PT 7.66 - that 770.45% upside folks

  4. $LAS only a few more trading days until tax loss selling is over for all the people who bought over $1.

  5. $LAS All I want for Christmas is $LAS $3pps.

  6. $LAS lowest P/E per share in the auto industry http://www.mysmartrend.com/news-briefs/news-watch/shares-lentuo-international-rank-lowest-terms-pe-ratio-automotive-retail-ind-0

  7. $LAS ajohnke I sympahize DOW up 432pts & $LAS up 1 CENT. At DOW 109,362 we will finally hit $3.00 maybe after QE9999

  8. $LAS oh, 2 cents was too much, lol

  9. $LAS Would be nice to eek out more than 2 cents on a day when the market is FLYING, lol. Oh well it s day will come

  10. $LAS need some patience. I m up 50% on $COOL today and looking for 100% by Jan 2015. This small cap will pop too and when u least expect it

  11. $LAS looks like .85 is strong support. If it pops I see 2.30 by the end of JAN

  12. $LAS I think this will easily shoot straight back to 3+ by Feb, IMO

  13. $LAS anyone have a short term and LT target price on this? Deciding to add more here....

  14. $LAS Finally stabilizing? My be a little early to tell but selling pressure seems to be lessening here

  15. $LAS China’s vehicle sales continue to expand and are forecast to exceed 23 million units this year

  16. $LAS I might pick some up after Jan 1st.

  17. $LAS Is this a buy yet?

  18. $LAS any update on when the joint venture with will take off?

  19. $LAS But that s all shorts do.... try to scare people into selling by using words like scam and fraud, with NO facts to back it up

  20. $LAS Does anyone really think that a quality company like BITA would get involved with a scam/fraud company? Think about it

  21. $LAS maybe someone unloading a large position past few weeks. Not sure why $LAS hovering under $1 for this long.

  22. $LAS buy towards the end of the day and sell the morning pop, it will always go red

  23. $LAS those who are blinded buy their firm short/long position can t see this is a simple Chinese manipulation stock

  24. $LAS revenue of $817.60 million for the quarter, its not a $1 stock its worth much much more, shares have a 52-week high registered at $5.38

  25. $LAS in the upcoming weeks lentuo should annouce the opening of their flagship pre owned car dealership and beginning of the jv with $BITA