1. $LAS 0% bull? Well allow me to be a bull

  2. $CALI pump it to the moon boys the worse the company the bigger the pump $LAS could be a sympathy play but they don t trade anymore

  3. $LAS I m going to hold my POS worthless shares of this fraud as a reminder in my account. Imagine how much fraud in BABA.

  4. $LAS: SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Brower Piven Encourages Investors Who Have Losses In Excess Of $100,000 From Investment ... http://stockwires.com/shareholder-alert-brower-piven-encourages-investors-who-have-losses-in-excess-of-100-000-from-investment-in-lentuo-international-inc-to-contact-brower-piven-before-the-lead-plaintiff-deadline-in-class-action-lawsuit

  5. $CALI 2.09 +51% still a long way to go Scam Boys!! This one ends up eventually like the other China auto dealer $LAS @ .15/delist

  6. $LAS I m finally freeeee from this piece of crap... free I say. what a mistake...ugh, can t believe someone bought this from me. bye LASLY!!

  7. $LAS WHOA! Talk about a yield! May jump in around 5 pennies ....

  8. $LAS How we doing with this place? Good old penny stock eh? Excellent move scammers - they re reeling all the sheep for their retirements

  9. $LAS buy it in a nickle lol

  10. $LAS Finish this turd! http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-17/china-futures-tumble-on-trust-curbs-expansion-of-short-selling

  11. @stoxlineinvestment 5 top stocks on NYSE: $LAS, $CATO, $GUL, $ENZ, $MXT http://www.stoxline.com/quote.php?symbol=LAS

  12. $LAS $LASLY closing at .24, we ve been here before people, this can reach .50 in two weeks.

  13. $LAS $LASLY up to .20 cents now.

  14. $LAS so far $LASLY is up to 0.16 on volume of 115 shares. Some lucky traders made 300% on those 0.05 shares.

  15. $LAS Chiscam now fetching a cool nickel in OTCBB zombieland #still .05 overvalued

  16. $LAS So... now what do we do... buy more and hope for the best, long term..? Sell for pennies..? Or what?

  17. $LAS: TRADING ALERT: The Rosen Law Firm Reminds Lentuo ...... http://stockwires.com/trading-alert-the-rosen-law-firm-reminds-lentuo

  18. $LAS $LASLY volume is low because nobody is selling. Only scared people running for the hills are selling at these prices.

  19. $LAS $LASLY volume only 3000 shares. This management needs a firing squad. How could they burn thru $31M since last qtr.

  20. $LAS las 0.05 :/

  21. $LAS trading again as LASLY for a nickle.

  22. $LAS with all the $$$ I ve lost on this POS, I can t even afford to go to china to kick their $LASSES I hope they go to prison.

  23. $LAS it got delisted from NYSE

  24. $LAS unfortunately this stock is dead meat...JV with bita...bmw dealership..electric car project..all lies

  25. $LAS it must be April Fool s day in China every day for $LAS and it s shareholders. The penalty for corruption in China is execution.