1. $LAS Given past three Q s and the expected Q4 $0.13 would seem to me to be very cheap. $0.34 X 16 market multiple would make this $5.44.

  2. $LAS Nice Price objective at Stockcharts on the P&F 30 minute chart. Picked up another 10k at a great price.

  3. $las read an article that George soros is looking into buying or heavily investing into a dealership group. Speculative: might be las??????!

  4. $LAS Hopefully this week is the last one to buy it cheap.

  5. $LAS Eventually this BS will be a thing of the past, and so will the sub 1 pps

  6. $LAS It looks like we go back to higher .60s

  7. $LAS For all those that are selling sub $1 read the chairman s letter.. http://lentuo.investorroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=80

  8. @Sfgiants $LAS I agree who in the world is selling sub $1.00. Guess people don t understand the value of this stock.

  9. @E_7 I have only been in $LAS since Oct 2014 so not long. CEO has <30 days to do the announced buyback. At 0.75, he could buy >1M shares.

  10. @Fannieman I am getting more funds soon,if it gets <.70, doubling up&ave down,no problem adding >70 & ave UP $LAS

  11. @E_7 it would be sweet if I could pick up more $LAS under 0.70 and it s almost there. I would have been happier averaging up.

  12. $LAS Add time yet?

  13. @Sfgiants sure puzzling as to why the selling today. Let s see if $LAS can close green.

  14. $LAS are ppl actually selling today? this should be over .90 at least

  15. $LAS Your still beautiful. Amazing business model. Confident Management and on top of that buying $1million of stocks. People who sold cry

  16. $LAS look at $LAD at $90+ up from $1.98 in 2009. I hope $LAS can be a mini $LAD.

  17. $LAS hold on did the PR say they are selling $1 million in stock or buying because it looks like selling so far. Maybe too many shorts here.

  18. $LAS stopped out of $JDST 9.3 from 7.28 Adding 5k $UWTI for longer term. $LAS going to add more tomorrow if it stays under 0.80

  19. $LAS why would anyone sell when mgmt havent even performed their $1 million insider buy yet

  20. $LAS let there be a green week

  21. $LAS: 84c: $1M insider buy, JV with BITA update, 4-pillar growth plan explained: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2844796?source=kizur_direct More details: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2801735-lentuo-internationals-growth-plan-could-reward-investors

  22. $LAS: 84c: $1M insider buy, JV with BITA update, 4-pillar growth plan explained: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2844796 More details: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2801735-lentuo-internationals-growth-plan-could-reward-investors

  23. $LAS Monday brings > $ 1 ...

  24. @BallerMcStacks @Smurfologist No, $LAS

  25. $LAS I am all in on LAS!!!! I am liking this stock more and more by the day!!! F@$k CYTR!!!!!