1. $LAS sent an email to investors relations regarding earnings release and the share repurchase. Shareholders demand answers!!!!

  2. ADX Over 30 http://www.dailystockplays.com/ADX-Over-30-2015-03-27.html $SHY $MWE $CPS $FSTR $BNPQY $BSCL $VEOEY $DTEGY $TNP $EVF $MAGS $CDXS $LOV $GSB $LAS $AGXMF $NRTI $VSST

  3. $LAS will management breathe some type of life into this thing or is this another case of $DRL???

  4. $LAS ouch...

  5. $LAS http://www.thestreet.com/story/13093674/1/5-basic-materials-stocks-under-10-setting-up-to-break-out.html

  6. $LAS http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/gaining-streaks-highlights-lentuo-international-nyselas-weight-watchers-international-nysewtw-northern-oil-gas-nysemktnog-alpha-natural-nyseanr-paragon-offshore-nysepgn/153660/

  7. $LAS Still accumulating. Looking for at least 300% return.

  8. $LAS where is the volume?

  9. $LAS it will go 65 cents by EOD

  10. $LAS Too many players getting out with cents for profit rather that $$$.

  11. $LAS 20% big stock gainers http://www.stock-screener.org/biggest-stock-gainers.aspx

  12. $LAS Higher highs and higher lows in spite of lack of management information.

  13. $LAS Is this stock getting ready to take off

  14. $LAS look at the volume 1.1million, go go above $1

  15. $LAS

  16. $LAS fraud..too many lawsuites, no news from manahement, lied about the buyback

  17. $GEVO Move my earnings from $LAS to $GEVO? I already have 3.5k of $GEVO....do I need more for ER?

  18. $LAS I think it is stabilizing well from past 2 days and moving nicely, if it continue to hold like this it goes 70 cents by EOD..

  19. $LAS it will go back to $1 soon

  20. $LAS what are the odds that management and unknown sources spread these closing store fraud news to buy the cheap shares. I say 100%

  21. $LAS this one will go into the history books. From $5 to 0.24 back to $1+ ??? Shoulda woulda doubled down at 0.24 for the ride back up.

  22. $LAS I hate you LAS, and your crooked management!

  23. $LAS Nice move so far. http://elite.finviz.com/publish/032615/LASi15095702879i.png

  24. $LAS sweet!!!

  25. $LAS Wowsa. Missed this move ;) congrats to those who hung on