1. Top % Gainers: $LBND 52% (Halted) , CBIO 40% 1.6K, $CMD 39%, $TVIX 35%, $UVXY 35%, $GAS 26%, $DBAP 26%, $CVOL 24%, $TVIZ $OCAT $VIIZ $YANG

  2. Top % Gainers: CBIO 63% 1K vol, $LBND 42% 1K, $CMD 39%, $TVIX 30%, $UVXY 30%, $GAS 26%, $CVOL 24%, $TVIZ 22%, $VIIZ $PYDS $VIIX $VIXY $VXX

  3. The top leveraged ETFs and ETNs from yesterday: $UGAZ $LBND $BOIL $SOXS $SDP

  4. The hottest ETFs/ETNs from yesterday: $RWXL $YINN $INDL $RUSL $LBND!

  5. Downward trend on #Longterm #US #ETFs $UBT $LBND - down -24.23% in 3 months - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Long-term,U.S./half_year/absolute

  6. $EDV $ZROZ $LBND the fed can tighten & the curve will flatten! Looks like a good combo of sentiment and technicals

  7. $EDV $LBND finally the upside breakout?

  8. $EDV $ZROZ $LBND 1st Signal of Treasury Bulls Regain Control as Economic Signs May Delay Fed http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-05-15/treasuries-gain-as-slowing-economic-signs-may-delay-fed-on-rates

  9. $EDV $ZROZ $LBND Some HISTORY for the bond bears - it ll be an extraordinary tightening with the curve this steep.

  10. $EDV $ZROZ $LBND The Dogs Bark but the Caravan Moves on! Reality comes back to 30year T Bonds - Back to unch / 24hrs

  11. $EDV $ZROZ $LBND $TLT $TIP $BND **Prudential Chief Echoes Dimon Saying Liquidity Is Top Worry** http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-14/prudential-chief-says-biggest-worry-is-liquidity-echoing-dimon via @business

  12. $EDV $ZROZ $LBND Bond Traders Brace Themselves for Another Flash Rally http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-12/flash-move-haunts-bond-traders-heeding-dimon-s-warning-of-crisis via @business

  13. $EDV $ZROZ $LBND US Treasuries curve steepens a tad... 1st time in a while

  14. $EDV $ZROZ $LBND German #YieldCurve flattens still further #inflation #deflation #markets #traders #trading @FTLex

  15. $EDV $ZROZ $FLAT $LBND **US Treasury curve** (10s / 30s) bull steepens, 2s /10s flattens #traders #Markets #investor

  16. I will be thinking of entering $LBND on Monday for a week or so but because my account is too low it is not necessarily worth it for me

  17. Street One Financial - ETF Chart of the Day: Loving Long Bonds http://www.etftrends.com/2015/01/etf-chart-of-the-day-loving-long-bonds/ $TLT $TBT $TMV $LBND $SBND $TMF

  18. After-Hour Losers 12/12 $AFAM $ATOS $HEB $HTBK $LBND $RBY $RH $XOMA $ZOOM

  19. Larry Summer s recent speech at the November 2013 IMF conference proves he definitely would ve raised interest rates $SBND $LBND

  20. $TBT Has Been A Gift Higher Rates Are Great For These ETFs http://y.ahoo.it/FTlJCtDl $UBT $TMV $TMF $TBT $SBND $LBND Options Buy Put $SH $TLT

  21. [Video] Higher Rates Are Great News For These ETFs http://y.ahoo.it/o0D84HRj $UBT $TMV $TMF $TBT $SBND $LBND

  22. Why does $LBND end slightly 0.6% lower than $TMF ?

  23. YTD: $LBND +8.56%, $SBND -19.62% #howwallstreetmakesmoney

  24. About the right time for $LBND $TLT to collapse - the emotions are over

  25. $LBND TLT - About the right time for $LBND $$TLT