1. $LEI I quit that stock. Do not beleave even after reverse split 1:25 ! Poor Manag t and oil going down 23$, US taxes to support environnent

  2. $LEI 3.25 Still in play among the low float Twitter manipulators,but this is likely a $0 whenever they give up the game. NEVER GET FINANCED

  3. $LEI $NGL January watchlist recap http://www.shortmetina.com/active-trades.html . sign up it s freeeee!

  4. $SUNE If anyone finds the next $Lei give me a shout

  5. $LEI 3.28 -.05 Throw a dog a bone. Come on, Please!! (U know what I mean)

  6. Watching tomorrow $AMDA $GBSN $SDPI $LEI $ICLD $THST

  7. $LEI I like it when it s so quite here .. Means that the giant is sleeping before wake up

  8. $LEI at 50 MA and 200 MA what comes next is interesting.

  9. $LEI critical technical pivot happening soon .. Time to make some move

  10. What a month for Low $, Low Float Context trades. $LEI $GSI $INVT $COOL $ATV $HLTH $BSI $VHC Vid to explain context! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeZUwjfUMcU

  11. $LEI is oversold, and sitting on 200DMA the 50DMA is about to cross. Will $LEI bounce on this Monday or just go sideways

  12. $LEI sorry didn t mean to repeat what you just said. I thought I was typing into a different browser

  13. $LEI congress lifted a 40 years ban on exporting crude oil

  14. $LEI congress lifted a 40 years ban on exporting crude oil

  15. $PLUG $ISR $AAPL $SPY $WTW $FB $TWTR $LEI $FXCM $PLUG $SPDI $MSFT $GPRO $BBRY $HSNS Blocked for being a spamhead


  17. $LEI, a press release or something would be great

  18. Share an idea on $LEI good new Thursday..come on

  19. $LEI Expecting a positive move upwards soon ... Will enter at the right moment

  20. $LEI will be interesting to see what this does tomorrow.

  21. $GBSN might check out $LEI tomorrow looks promising

  22. $LEI chart...http://content.screencast.com/users/teevee1/folders/Jing/media/42f69468-53a1-40d1-a8c3-46452d8a2eea/2016-01-27_1300.png

  23. $LEI nice ntry 3.37 ...sell 360 break blo vwap

  24. $LEI http://www.risersandfallers.com/2016/01/27/lucas-energy-inc-lei-recent-analyst-updates/

  25. $LEI Someone just want to get the thing going since there is no news.