1. $LEI what 107k shares traded? That s peanuts. Don t get all excited over nothing.

  2. $LEI 101K . Volume increasing..

  3. $LEI bull is

  4. $LEI wow Lei keep going

  5. $LEI glad I didn t sell but added instead!

  6. $LEI rising up

  7. $LEI Lucas is going up!!! This company has so many assets! Their tangible book value is .92 per share!!! Is stock is very undervalued

  8. $LEI when you don t sell >

  9. $LEI when another company steps up to do business with Lucas this stock will push towards a dollar!!!

  10. @flinkfelt: $LEI LETS GOOOO! bro just sit tight. this shakeout was hilarious


  12. $LEI while your panicking im gunna pick up enough shares to end up on the board $$ LOL

  13. $LEI in default? Would scooping up shares be too risky now?

  14. $LEI Stick with it. historically talking this stock paid off..

  15. $LEI this will bump back up shortly. Give them time to rework their numbers and then it will pay.

  16. $LEI the question is should i just cut my loss at 2/3 of my buy in price or stick this out..?

  17. $LEI $JUNO and $GPRO strong buy! Looking great for end of month

  18. $LEI looks like a runner

  19. $LEI i don t think it s going to skyrocket but the 264bad news is already priced in. From now on oil price is the mover

  20. $LEI why BK??

  21. $LEI bk?

  22. $LEI 10 bucks looks about right before BK

  23. $LEI 100k shares scooped today thanks.

  24. $LEI Also why the F are news saying the merger was called off after $LEI defaultd on debt ??? This was before even the letter of intent WTF

  25. $LEI the whole merger thing was pushed by low oil prices.. If oil prices stay up can t $LEI recover on its own?