1. $LEJU. Can begin adding..pulled back to support

  2. $LEJU some ppl think they know China s/culture/company/market just by reading online articles. But never stepped a foot in China.

  3. $leju http://y.ahoo.it/1dxEn1ar ZACK highly recommand on LEJU

  4. $LEJU China expanding roll out of property taxes...that ain t gonna help the RE market in the People s Republic. http://y.ahoo.it/scoD8zQG

  5. Recent Investing/Trading Ideas & Market Updates: $BIIB $HCLP $PCLN $JD $LEJU $RH $WUBA $MDVN $WNR -- $SPY $QQQ $SP_F http://y.ahoo.it/jn1LNzS2

  6. I pared down my china holdings a but last week due to upcoming alibaba $baba ipo. Less long $leju $ej $vips $bita $QIHU

  7. Home prices lower in August, but at a slower pace http://y.ahoo.it/SacRSvDI $SFUN $EJ $LEJU

  8. YPT went China happy (July), looked for China NCH S (New Closing highs), $BITA $LEJU $TOUR each >25%++ up in days http://y.ahoo.it/Sh5whnR0

  9. @ManagingEmotions fwiw my sentiment on $LEJU is long term...by year s end, good luck with it though.

  10. @ManagingEmotions fair comment, I do think $LEJU will crash hard, but in the meantime I hope you make $$$

  11. @growacet I m just glad you don t trade real money because you would be down 33% since you started bashing $leju at $12

  12. @ManagingEmotions Don t know Z.....I ve looked into $LEJU though.

  13. $KWEB reasons to invest china internet/eCommerce http://y.ahoo.it/vFlImjt6 $BIDU $VIPs $JD $JMEI $QIHU $YY $LEJU $BABA $YHOO

  14. 50/50 Basket to end the week: $DRL $GLUU $JRJC $LEJU $PBYI $TKMR $VJET

  15. Newly added (personal) this week that survived to the weekend: $QIHU $ACHN $PBR $WDAY $SAFM $ARUN $TIF $SIG $AVGO $LEJU $DRL

  16. How long will $LEJU stay inflated by their pre IPO results when the future of Chinese RE looks like this? http://y.ahoo.it/uXFg8oGW

  17. $LEJU It will definitely have a big gain next week. Let s see folks!!!!!!

  18. $LEJU could bounce if ir wants here.

  19. $leju is at a critical junction and can go both ways, watch for long

  20. $LEJU hammer candle forming. Oversold

  21. @1nvestor: ICYMI: 50/50 Basket update http://y.ahoo.it/vckjfpav $DGLY $DRL $GLU$JRJC $LEJU $PBYI $TKMR $VJET < $GLUU $JRJC

  22. ICYMI: 50/50 Basket update http://y.ahoo.it/W6RW91r6 $DGLY $DRL $GLU$JRJC $LEJU $PBYI $TKMR $VJET

  23. $LEJU yawn. Wake me up with people are clamoring for it after the zillow news

  24. $LEJU GS doesn t like both companies doing well in a rough Chinese RE market. Believe in GS or past two ERs? Market will be the judge

  25. $EJ $LEJU Will get more at a good time, GS always does this kind of crap