1. $LF as dead as Brad Renfro s career.

  2. LeapFrog Enterprises s hold rating reiterated at Piper Jaffray. http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/LF/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $LF

  3. Good trades this week: $FCAU $RJET & $SKUL Bad trades: $LF Jury still out on $FWM & $HH Have a good weekend and remember to hug your family.

  4. $LF loved the risk/benefit when it initially crashed. Been a bad year for Hail Marys.

  5. $LF is this going to 0?

  6. $LF why by a kiddy tab, when kids want grown up stuff anyway?

  7. $LF s new Epic tablet has a sales rank of 3000+ on Amazon.com. Fire for kids has rank 6. More skeptical on owning LF now.

  8. $LF wait until it gets 50 five star reviews to buy the stock so far it has 14 five star.. 1 4 star... 1 1 star

  9. $LF Check the online video reviews on youtube... the main screen is so interactive.

  10. $LF Kids still wanted to play with their ipad.

  11. $LF Parents have been waiting for a tablet for years some were complaining that the game cartridges were getting lost.

  12. $LF The new epic tablet came out SEP 23... and I was skeptical because the leap Pad 2 didn t really wow the parents.

  13. $LF Read the reviews for the new epic tablet( 16 already) and then read the reviews for amazon fire for kids (0 reviews)

  14. My mixed bag: $HH $FCAU $SKUL $FWM $LF By far the oddest assortment of stocks I ve ever owned.

  15. $LF Look at that one month chart. Like running and jumping off a cliff.

  16. $LF needs some good news.

  17. $lf is the worst stock. I have never won with this stock

  18. $LF I bought my kid a leap pad 2 yesterday for upcoming 5 hr flight. Now I understand why this stock is in this shape. old tech high price

  19. $LF is trading like it s going out of business...

  20. Very interesting on $LF did it bottom again?!

  21. $LF imo, first green maket bounces this back to .80... imo long here at .71 for a scalp is EZ money.

  22. $LF No relevant product. It s only product has been replaced by android/ios. Slow, painful decline to 10 cents in inevitable.

  23. What s going on with $LF? Bought at 88.5 cents thinking it was oversold...

  24. $LF after looking at this for 2 weeks I m not touching it.

  25. LeapFrog Enterprises s hold rating reiterated at Sterne Agee CRT. $1.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/LF/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $LF