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  2. $LF CEOThis year, we’re working far closer with our retail partners including recent engagement with... supply chain teams to flow...

  3. $LF CEO on CC:The second half of fiscal 2015 will be much brighter and we expect solid double-digit sales growth in the December and March

  4. $LF one of the best sellers in the educational space. WTF happened to sales during Christmas time?

  5. $LF $mat so these 2 disappoint and toy sales at multi year highs So is the winner $JAKK ??

  6. $LF these lawyers actually spoke to me, answered me concerning the lawsuit...LF had a buyback nvr bought any shares...history of misleading

  7. $LF Here we go again Another 6 year low and below liquidation Thanks John Barbour

  8. $MAT First $LF, now $MAT.

  9. $LF Mattel CEO resigns next must be John Barbour....

  10. $LF Someone bought 20,000 shares premarket purchase from 8AM to 8:10AM at $2.60.

  11. @JFinDallas: Last week $LF Leapfrog, now $MAT Mattel, killed by 1 million iPad apps in the App Store?...

  12. Last week $LF Leapfrog, now $MAT Mattel, killed by 1 million iPad apps in the App Store?...

  13. $LF Lots of shorts and analysts blasting this thing. In other words, this is going up 10-20% today.

  14. $LF 4 Reasons to Avoid LeapFrog Enterprises (LF) http://www.stockmarketsdaily.com/4-reasons-avoid-leapfrog-enterprises-lf/7417/

  15. $LF

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  20. $LF In 2008 F hit $8ish before collapsing to .57 cents in March 2009. In 2013 it hit 8ish again before collapsing. Is 57 cents in the cards?

  21. $LF i called it as stock bottomed. good timing to get in

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  23. $LF Massive short squeeze on Monday

  24. Earnings announcement: $LF is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Feb 5 2015

  25. $LF hope this froggy bounces right back up next week. And listen, Tom has nothing to do with those balls damn you haters