1. Swing Trading Week in review http://brooklyn-trader.com/media/ $ARIA $SD $LF $VVUS have a nice w/e

  2. $lf Leaptv getting out of stock in many Walmart $WMT Stores And not even Black Friday yet...expect a rush to buy soon

  3. $LF Taking a breather just like on the 13th, breakout coming soon

  4. $KWK take at look at these too... $LF $MGI & $GSS

  5. $LF TY Im buying more pls bring it down

  6. $LF Im exit target has been changed from $6.25 to $9

  7. $lf Even Walmart sold out on green one

  8. $LF Just an fyi, green leappad 2 is completely out of stock On Amazon Leaptv getting rave reviews and selling better than expected

  9. $LF Looking like solid buying today... My buy target at $4.80 is paying off nicely

  10. @jcmoney No, bullish on $LF . Of course could affect other toymakers that move in unison.

  11. $LF leap

  12. BOING!! Putting the Leap in LeapFrog $LF http://brooklyn-trader.com/ $HAS $MAT $DIS readacross http://stocktwits.com/message/29479574

  13. $LF subs in from 5.16, see post from Nov 18

  14. $LF you can thank the big % of institutional shareholders for propelling it over 5$..

  15. $LF Same here, got in at $4.81

  16. $LF $4.80 to

  17. Took a stop out in $MLNK but more than made up for it in $VVUS $lf and $GSAT . #eggsnbaskets

  18. $LF $5.61 marks the 50% Fib Retrace

  19. Holdings $LF $BWEN $KWK $MGI $GNRC $ASPN $STAY $BRDR $RGR....

  20. $LF High over highs on MACD, RSI, & 3 Month chart... I m holding for $6.25

  21. @GemsBot lol, $LF Will be at $5.50 by weeks end... I d be careful shorted here

  22. Bullish MACD Crossovers 2/3 $GORO $IPCM $LF $LOJN $MDW $MSTX $MTCN $NGL $OKS $OSN $PAH $PKX $PLX $RCAP http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2014/11/bullish-macd-crossovers-act-aec-agi.html

  23. Tuesday s watch list for Intraday Shorts $OME $LF $YUME $JE $TKC $MHG Pls see info & records at http://gemsbot.blogspot.gr/p/stock-picks-records.html

  24. @Neemaf 2 bullish stocks I own now are $BRDR & $LF

  25. $LF Liking this...