1. $LGF GL to sellers, I just haven t had success doing that. The next day always brings more good news!

  2. $LGF Sold 1/2 at 32.25. $6 a share. Raising cash for new position.

  3. $LGF We all knew a pullback was going to happen. Large positions should get some protection. Otherwise just enjoy the ride

  4. $LGF I have tried a few times to sell for a pullback. Have had nothing but regret doing that. I m not selling mine.

  5. $LGF Jason Lynch on CNBC saying NFLX will be looking to own a studio co

  6. $LGF up 13% month to date

  7. $LGF seems like we should be due for a pullback..just sayin ...LGF is having euphoric price action in the media sector


  9. $LGF already has the answer...team up with ALIBABA, that is, if you can

  10. $LGF answer from NFLX:it s conspicuously a growing and very strong economy. So look for the future, in terms of an answer from us in China.

  11. $LGF Ques. to NFLX:what you’re thinking about potential timing of the China expansion.

  12. $LGF have been reading reviews for A Most Wanted Man , they like it. Great cast...Hoffman, DeFoe, McAdams, Wright, should be a hit.

  13. $LGF Electronic Sell Through is going to explode IMO. All incremental revenues

  14. $LGF Thought NFLX would be a nice fit with LGF, original content is what is propelling growth

  15. $LGF A Most Wanted Man opens Friday. Am thinking it will be a big hit because of Seymour.

  16. $LGF and Comcast expand partnership!

  17. $LGF The app also features state-of-the-art DTS Headphone: X technology,

  18. $LGF just one of the ways we re monetizing our brands and driving demand for EST.

  19. $LGF We re constantly exploring ways to use new content-gathering technologies to extend our franchises for digital platforms

  20. $LGF Divergent is available in the Xfinity On Demand digital store, which has consistently been one of the top digital retailers in the U.S

  21. $LGF http://y.ahoo.it/GWkEV8VV


  23. $LGF When asked about owning own studio: NFLX will keep exploring them as we own more and more of our production as we go forward

  24. $LGF good info in NFLX transcript http://y.ahoo.it/6VxstAu1

  25. $LGF tremendous adoption of on-demand viewing consumers around the world Argentina, Brazil, Finland, the UK it’s been consistent.