1. $LGF I do own small position,only as spec for takeover, hedged, if no TO, stock will go to 20 s,as before

  2. $LGF Elliott wave pattern detected. We may be just beginning to take a long ride up on bullish Wave 3.

  3. $LGF Mockingjay, 2nd highest grossing film of the year. Downturn makes no sense???

  4. $LGF why is this down today?

  5. $LGF was it acquisition of sony or of LGF, if it was LGF, sony s disinterest is not positive

  6. $LGF not happy with SNE. Am worried it will pull down all the movie producers. Discussion: will threats hurt XMAS attendance at theatres,

  7. Talks emerge btwn $LGF and $SNE, quite an interesting deal structure that would be. Markets seems unfazed by the idea.

  8. $LGF Lions Gate Sought Merger Talks With Sony, E-Mails Show $SNE http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-12-17/lions-gate-sought-merger-talks-with-sony-e-mails-show.html

  9. $LGF sounds like they re trying to sell out?

  10. Here is some quick news this morning $GM $LGF $MHR $HK $EXXI http://stocktwits.com/message/30344013

  11. $LGF I don t believe in all these deals that are talked about all the time. All stocks have these ridiculous rumors that never materialize.

  12. $LGF Seems like they have been trying to do a deal for a long time with no luck

  13. $LGF $SNE Lions Gate wanted to talk to Sony about M&A, Reuters says #Premarket

  14. @yorkiebreeder So I wonder why $LGF is down. Why are ppl cashing out?

  15. $LGF timber!!

  16. $LGF Investor who bot 16,000 Dec 37 calls needs something to happen, worth .01 ouch, expire friday

  17. Lions Gate Entertainment: Lionsgate Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend Of $0.07 Per Common Share http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1330070 $LGF

  18. $LGF we are the second movie of the year in revenue. Hope we pass GOTG by the end of the year. GL

  19. $LGF so far, worldwide, Mockingjay has made $611.398,000 that is a lot of profit! Hope they hit a billion on this one.

  20. $LGF Seems to be support at 31.00, do you think this will bounce back to the mid 30s?

  21. $LGF needs to hold $30 or will go to mid 20 s again, small float makes this hard stock to hold

  22. $LGF the puts I bot with the new shares have made me whole, not liking action, BO stocks should act better

  23. $LGF No reason this should be down today

  24. $LGF Who will help me reunite with studnatnu? He has me blocked and I miss him. Anyone?? Please??

  25. $LGF on watch to buy some trading shares on this dip.