1. $LGF CEO Feltheimer on Thursday also talked about Lionsgate as a possible takeover target

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  3. $LGF 5 million pre release views on YouTube 14,000 likes. Summer Blockbuster #NERVE

  4. $LGF https://youtu.be/2PR9MOPTI7g

  5. $LGF #3 Summer Blockbuster w/ #JessicaAlba

  6. $LGF & It looks like #JesseEisenberg is a busy man this summer $

  7. $LGF #2 Summer Blockbuster June 10th

  8. $LGF Big Summer Blockbuster!

  9. $LGF B/O over R 22.36 triggers Buy signal and puts 24.50 in focus for add-on, S/Stop 20.89, Int-Term PT 27.25-28.75

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  13. Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF) Stock Soars on Strong Earnings http://www.modestmoney.com/lion-gate-entertainment-lgf-stock-soars-strong-earnings/34094 $LGF

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  15. $LGF Our app seems to think upside is a very possible. So we will be very interested to see @@

  16. $LGF Just make sure this isnt the reason your buying into LGF. Again we do hope this explodes higher.

  17. $LGF Look at the manipulation in recent months. Overall/LT this screams lower. Don t get cheer-leaded so easily.

  18. $LGF For us a BUY signal is a BUY signal, but we WILL PASS! Its just a choice. GL $LGF Bulls.

  19. $LGF Yes this is a BUY - BUT ask yourself? Worth the risk at this level? Looks a-lot like the last bogus run-up.

  20. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. s overweight rating reiterated at Piper Jaffray. $30.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/652843 $LGF

  21. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. s buy rating reiterated at Jefferies Group. $29.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/652973 $LGF


  23. $LGF $22.60 PT Friday

  24. $LGF

  25. $LGF Large Call Buyer Detected 2016-05-27 14:31:04 LGF 2016-07-15 C22.00 Price=$1.00 Size=3,000 OpenInterest=116