1. $LGF Divergent edges out Captain America in Russia for #1 spot http://y.ahoo.it/VXCvDiY6

  2. $LGF Decent Thursday for Lionsgate s Divergent and Draft Day http://y.ahoo.it/wd3AJPxj

  3. @IMMED lol still pumpin $LGF ? hahaa

  4. Dentonia Park holds an allocation of 2.7% in $LGF in his Special Situations Investment Portfolio

  5. $LGF expanded responsibilities for merchandising, theme park attractions and new business opp generated by the Company s franchises.

  6. $LGF resignation of movie marketing chief and promotion of another, ending Hollywood’s tensest working arrangements http://y.ahoo.it/X8rkB2Um

  7. Anyone thinking about a long $DIS short $LGF pairs trade and can come up with a good Star Wars kills the Hunger Games Jan 2015 option?

  8. $LGF does anyone have the recent box office on Draft Day? TIA

  9. Watch List for 4-17 $CAT $XLE $GPRE $DTV $QCOR $LGF $NOV $SCTY $WUBA $GWRE

  10. $LGF David Wisnia named pres of TVGN, joint venture of LGF and CBS, dont want to read too much into it,promising

  11. $LGF I have been channel trading this the past couple weeks between 25-27. Working out well. Anyone else?

  12. $LGF slow and steady

  13. Long watch: $uthr $geos $z $ipgp $psix $slab $LGF

  14. @HazzMatt I always go in with a ITM married put 6+ months out so all I had to do was just sell the stock as $LGF Plummeted down.

  15. $LGF 34 PPS, grab it while you can.

  16. @HazzMatt Well understand them well. .$LGF Isn t out if the woods yet. Still in a bearish territory based on my charts.

  17. $LGF Candles, Triangles, Compression Wedges...gotta love all these terms

  18. $LGF not a good candle, needs to closer higher than current levels

  19. $LGF Adding to long-term position here

  20. $LGF How do we know about their buy back 2million shares at $26.55?

  21. $LGF Being pushed up towards options expiry. I say we end tomorrow between the 28 and 29 strikes

  22. $LGF high morning volume

  23. $LGF making up for lost time and money. Leading the pack today

  24. @yorkiebreeder: $LGF Lionsgate bought over 2 mil shares at 26.55, so today s price is a bargain!!!

  25. $LGF alright now lets see where we go from here