1. Deep dive on Linn Energy s CEO and management, take a look at $LINE:

  2. KaloBios Pharma stock surges 83% as CEO Shkreli says will not lend stock to shorts - MarketWatch - $LINE $BBEP http://www.marketwatch.com/story/kalobios-pharma-stock-surges-83-as-ceo-shkreli-says-will-not-lend-stock-to-shorts-2015-11-27

  3. $LINE Linn Energy: In The Debt Quagmire by Economics Fanatic

  4. $CHK $LNCO $LINE $CJES $XOM loyd of room for these stocks to rally

  5. great stock to own alongside $ANFI $BDSI $CUI $ICON $PIRS $AVP add trading of $KBIO $VLTC $AEZS $BLPH $LINE - EPIC week - Hello 4K TV and $$

  6. $LINE broke through 2.14 daily resistance, nice movement on the 5 minute chart

  7. $KMI $LINE $CHK

  8. $KMI $LINE $CHK Ceyhan looks like a strike point. Russia won t go home with oil @ $40


  10. Top % Gainers Since Open: $OPXA 22%, $TBIO 14%, $KBIO 12% $REXX $BCEI $VNCE $ABIO $AEZS $XCO $CHS $TECD $EPE $GASL $SGY $NR $LINE

  11. $LINE Now we are cooking. Looking to sell calls on this pop 2.50 strike.... Just as a hedge. 2.50 strong resistance now.

  12. What is the difference btwn $LINE and $LNCO

  13. Entry into a Material Definitive http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2212114 $LINE

  14. $LINE Wow less than $2; I ll bet they don t say we are fine at the next CC, as in the last. Time for someone to buy LINN.

  15. $LINE where s bottom for this? It s underperforming compared to most rival companies

  16. Sune line

  17. $LINE

  18. $UWTI $DWTI $USO Stay Patient and Aware; Fat Gains Ahead $EXXI $RIG $LINE $CHK $XOM $SDRL $ATW $GDP $BBEP

  19. $CPG $PWE $ERF $SN $LINE SA article with the energy names that have ongoing strategic reviews & can give 100%:http://seekingalpha.com/article/3688846-2-under-the-radar-takeover-targets-with-strong-catalysts-ahead

  20. $SWN $UWTI $LINE $XLE $BP $OIL $CHK When WTI hits 36 in Dec get CHK at 3$, LINE at 1, BP26, SWN 6, add UWTI at 5, XLE+ keep a year & smile!

  21. $CHK v $CNQ v $LINE v $ECA take a look at each 4 stock chart against these 4 simple profiles. IT S THE DEBT STUPID $$

  22. garbage. $LINE

  23. $LNCO $LINE Oil rig count falls http://finance.yahoo.com/news/comes-baker-hughes-rig-count-174200954.html

  24. $LINE higher than normal volume today?

  25. $LINE bought at 2.10..