1. $LIQD i have already load a lot,i can t wait to see Q3

  2. $LIQD Finviz finally has a LIQD page up. http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=liqd The insider buying is great!! I think this ER will send the price soaring

  3. $LIQD I think it s going to hover in the 0.96-1.0 area1 until the earnings report next week. I got more at 0.97.

  4. $LIQD Come on take a dip and let me in!

  5. Took a big loss here and looking for $liqd at .95 for entry if anyone was wondering

  6. $DRL Officially out on this and moved over to $LIQD Until earnings, if this is still sub 6.4 after the 31st ill jump back in GL all longs!

  7. $LIQD who in is right mind will sell now,at a loss?

  8. Investment Idea: 9 U.S. Penny Stocks with High Insider Ownership $CREG $VGGL $GSAT $APP $HNSN $LIQD $CVM $QNST - http://www.smallcappower.com/posts/article-investment-idea-of-the-day-22-10-2014

  9. $LIQD The companies market cap is 57 million and they have 37 million in cash lol? Talk about undervalued.

  10. $LIQD I was happy at 1.80, super happy at 1.00. This is soooo undervalued, this is worth 1 with zero earnings. This is 2.50 easy

  11. $LIQD http://biz.yahoo.com/e/141021/liqd8-k.html

  12. $LIQD volume was decent today, I was worried it s going back to 5k a day volume

  13. $LIQD this is about time lol seen some green,i still believe in this stock,lets see Q3,what do you think?

  14. $LIQD once we get above the 20 at 1.15 we going to 1.86

  15. $LIQD Think we might see $1.11 before the days over.

  16. $LIQD selling now is not very smart.wait until we see result Q3.

  17. $LIQD time to get on board before Q3.big bounce coming on the 30th of this month.what do you think?

  18. $LIQD 1.06 x 1.07. Much better looking ;)

  19. $LIQD Break out mode coming!

  20. $LIQD des tria b/o $1.08PT

  21. $LIQD Jaja, my baby

  22. $LIQD MM s must have all their shares now. Did you see them gap it up?

  23. $LIQD About damn time! Now let s get valued how we should be ;)

  24. $LIQD Looks like the MM s are going to keep us pinned at $1.00 - $1.01.

  25. $LIQD Trying to help people. Is anyone paying attention?? I called short squeeze premarket, and called the reversal at .675. You re welcome!