1. Sold to close $TASR at target 17.81. Sold to close $JAZZ Jun-150 c for gains. Covered $ANGI at 12.21 & $LIVE at 4.28 for gains.

  2. $AAPL $LIVE LiveDeal Announces Completion of Livedeal.com Apple iOS Mobile Application Submittal to Apple s App Store for Approval

  3. bought $stxs when it ran from $3-$10 , $spex from $7 to $12 then $rsol when ran from $2-$7 , then $live from $5-$15 next stop is $nuro..

  4. $LIVE Scam stock. Will be traded in 0.50-0.75 range. Check their Compete PRO traffic.

  5. Alert Results 2014-04-15 : $EGLE $HGG $HPJ $LEDS $LIVE $NEON $NEWL $UNXL $WAVX http://y.ahoo.it/sZiBXCpG

  6. @Mcnubs @a5hi So more retail investors wont get caught up in this pos. Bad enough they got fooled into $LIVE.Yet another joke.

  7. Alert results: $EGLE +3% $HGG +9% $HPJ +2% $LEDS +5% $LIVE +0% $NEON +1% $NEWL +21% $UNXL +1%

  8. $LIVE wtf

  9. $LIVE back to the ground OO

  10. $LIVE Lets buy this now !! In @4.35

  11. $LIVE Blood bath !!

  12. @wallsurvivor It s a figure of speech... it s when stocks like $FB, $YELP or $LIVE do things like this http://y.ahoo.it/MA4YNjRX

  13. Bailed on part of $YELP for loss. Bought back $TSLA put action: Sep-185. Covered rest of $PLUG for gains. Covered $LIVE for gains.

  14. $LIVE i was long. glad I sold when it couldn t hold $7. when is it time to get in? shorts, when are you getting out?

  15. $LIVE INST. Owner UP 4.95 -0.03 (-0.60%) Range 4.71 - 5.00 Open 4.91 Mkt cap 66.94M EPS -0.49 Shares 13.58M Beta -1.14 Inst. own 1%

  16. $LIVE Sell GRPN Buy LIVE $$$$

  17. $LIVE Idiots !!

  18. Re-shorted $LIVE at 4.9 and added back short $PLUG at 7.36.

  19. $LIVE Did all the paid pumpers get fired?

  20. $LIVE finally going down to $2

  21. $SPEX I knew this was a dog the minute I heard radio ads on CNBC pumping.. Just heard one for $live .. Time to short that one!

  22. All at targets: covered residual bit of $LIVE at 5.36 (now out). Shorted $VVUS at 4.97. Covered leg $UNG at 25.3 (have more).

  23. $LIVE thinking Detroitblues is spot on - this company could file ChapterIX OR II BEFORE IT HAS ALL IT S PLATFORMS UP - look out below

  24. $LIVE This stock has $3 written all over it in my opinion.

  25. 250 day EMA is $3.49, and that feels right about where $LIVE should be.