1. $LIVE When is the earning release?

  2. @Tenaciousvalor My next investment may be $LIVE still have more DD to do

  3. Here is the watch list Part 2 for tomorrow http://y.ahoo.it/9yHLENiA $NQ $LIVE $UNXL $DARA $NQ $NEON $TWTR

  4. $LIVE added to gap play @4.21

  5. Made fair money on $LIVE being forced out of my short yesterday, anyway. Made about 40¢ per share.

  6. Tried to short some $LIVE Aug-2½ calls (deep in-the-money) for exactly cash value with zero theta premium asked for. I got no takers.

  7. $LIVE holding from 4.15 for gap play

  8. $LIVE What s going on???

  9. $LIVE in 4.15 $ACRX out @10.86

  10. $Z $LIVE Inside bar on weekly and monthly.

  11. Broker closed my $LIVE short, which is a drag. I didn t lose money, but I really liked being short. Will try to reopen and will sell calls.

  12. $LIVE $SKBI needs a serious look. Just needs some volume to pump it up.

  13. All $PLUG profits now going into $LIVE

  14. $EXEL $LIQD $LIVE... runners today

  15. Potential Intraday Runners | http://y.ahoo.it/flJpuCrK $ANR, $LIVE, $SODA, $ISR, $SLXP, $DRNA, $KPTI, $CSUN

  16. $LIVE LiveDeal Inc. Web Portal Nearly Doubles as Result of Expanded Ad Campaign.. http://y.ahoo.it/l6xaIv60

  17. $LIVE in @ 3.78

  18. $LIVE out 3.80 +.10 and -.03

  19. Will we see $LIVE @4.94 again like we did on June 24th?

  20. $LIVE added at 3.83

  21. $LIVE in @3.70

  22. $icld offering on fri small compare to potential it has ..next $live??? $plug

  23. $LIVE This will go down to $3 before heading to $ 5 again

  24. @AskLou $ICLD same thing as $LIVE

  25. $LIVE out @3.72 +.02