1. $LL talked to a floor installer. He never used them but said others he knows stopped. But again, this is a contractor not a home owner.

  2. Whitney Tilson: 9 Reasons Lumber Liquidators Is Still Guilty http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/05/5545461/whitney-tilson-9-reasons-lumber-liquidators-is-still-gui $LL

  3. $LL why are the regulators not going after Lowes for selling the same flooring? They still sold the flooring after 60 Minutes for some time

  4. $LL are the lawyers contacting the Lowes customers who bought the same floors?

  5. $LL you cannot tell me that lowes did not know this too? Why are there not any customers from Lowes getting sick from the same floors?

  6. $LL Tilson repeatedly states LL knowingly poisoned their customers_ Lowes did the same thing- they used the same vendor

  7. Tilson On What will Happen Next To Lumber Liquidators http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/05/whitney-tilson-on-what-will-happen-next-to-lumber-liquidators/ $LL https://twitter.com/valuewalk/status/603646999951515648/photo/1

  8. $LL slow grind to $25 in coming weeks

  9. $LL my comment got it moving

  10. $LL ok is t me or is this just sitting at 21.74????

  11. $KORS Give me a break people this is not $LL !!! Do you really believe these guys are not going to turn this around? in at 47,

  12. $LL how about $40!!

  13. $LL an activist must step in to move this to $30

  14. $LL no sustained momo...getting to be like BBRY relying on rumor

  15. $LL time to get back in?

  16. $GPRO and once again, 27 out of 30 stocks in my list are green. $LL shouldn t even count at this point though, we all know they re done for

  17. $LL As usual, crazy volatility

  18. $LL Anyone have info on Icahn rumor? http://www.nasdaq.com/article/frontrun-carl-icahn-into-lumber-liquidators-ll-whiting-petroleum-wll-and-alibaba-baba-cm466110

  19. $KORS this maybe the next $ll

  20. $LUV $LL $BTU $PLUG $HLF $ISR Beautiful day!

  21. $LUV $LL BTU $PLUG $HLF Beautiful day!

  22. $LL add a C to the front and an S to the end and u have up $5 in 2 days...but LL is good too...

  23. $LL At support?

  24. @InsiderAlerts: $LL: New Insider Transaction on LL by Director PRESLEY JOHN M: http://insideri.com/1396033_000114036115021716_0001140361-15-021716 looks like he paid way too much...$0

  25. All recent $LL insider purchases don t vest until the 2016 annual meeting. Stock could be worthless by then.