1. $LL I love people who eat Jack-In-the-Box and MCD and Burger King worried about being killed by flooring.

  2. $LL great bounce from 11 but still a tragedy from north of 100.

  3. $LL continuing to bounce and hold off of ipo lift off levels

  4. Unusual Options Activity: 10 Stocks With Notable Trades http://www.seeitmarket.com/unusual-options-activity-mcd-fast-oih-hot-and-more-stocks-14710/ by @MitchellKWarren $OIH $HOT $FAST $MCD $LL $TROV $GNRC

  5. $LL @cswolfe A move to 16.50 after today s pullback would be a triple top buy signal. Nice setup.

  6. $LL Is now near it s 52 week low. Expect a little bump in like a month or so.

  7. $LL under $14 end of week.

  8. Unusual Options Activity: MCD, FAST, OIH, HOT, And More http://www.seeitmarket.com/unusual-options-activity-mcd-fast-oih-hot-and-more-stocks-14710/ via @seeitmarket $INCY $TTPH $LL $MCD $OIH

  9. $LL here we go .... Higher!

  10. $LL CAW CAW! The band if brother Marches on. It s like stealing money at $15

  11. $LL solid long, public opinion can t change the fact that this is a solid company with a solid network.

  12. don t see nuth n that makes me wan ta board $LL. damn wind s still blow n south.

  13. $LL I love how the Bears of LL actually have no clue what they are talking about. It s a hyped short. Will be burned in the long run.

  14. $LL out for now.. Nice pump last two weeks...

  15. @mikeyflip: $LL does anyone REALLY believe this is a $15 or less stock? Easily a high teens/low 20 s stock. NO ONE CARES ABOUT LAWSUIT

  16. $LL See you all at $20.

  17. $LL The thrill is gone. As was I about 24 hours ago. King of toxic flooring is stuck in quite a rut after that upgrade rally. We ll see.

  18. NEW LOW $LL -3.5% as we flagged 10000 put contracts

  19. $LL build a ship with rotten timbers an go t sea in a storm. ain t no way ta sail. course, land lubbers don t care.

  20. All bets in. Happy with this weeks pickup. $AAPL $FCX $UWTI $LL $CLB $FB $SCTY and still holding $PYPL

  21. Posted on 27th agst: : Pulling back on put buy 10000 $LL -2% Jan16 15.0 Puts $3.30

  22. $LL JAN 15 PUT ACTIVITY 2251 @$3.40 by offer .. block


  24. $LL

  25. $LL does anyone REALLY believe this is a $15 or less stock?