1. $LL Thank you LL for the great day trades! I m waiting a little longer, but getting close to a buy and hold.

  2. Earnings announcement: $LL is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Mon, Feb 29 2016

  3. $LL CEO Replaced, Fines Paid, Wood proven little risk. It ll turn around, buy now sell later

  4. $LL looking at this to stabilize, after shameful shorting of non toxic flooring..


  6. $CMG this is the kind of corporation that looks like $LL

  7. $LL what a roller coaster. Not that I am complaining...

  8. $SUNE when you own the worst stocks, expect poor performance. #riskmanagement #trendfollowing $CHK $LINE $LL $FEYE $YELP $P

  9. Great Calls Kev!! Currently Watching: $GRPN $AIG $JYPN $JPM $MS $GS $OMED $SCTY $CONN $LL $MPO $EMES $ETSY $STUDY

  10. $RH $PIR $LL what consumer, not those spending money on their houses

  11. $LL get in on this one before the Feb 23 earnings and positive futures.

  12. $LL This stock will put a lot of money in investors pockets this year...make a note of it.

  13. $LL great short

  14. $LL ppl lookin for a fiddy cents max long. some of us have cashed 40 dollars crushing em. have a look at the 1yr....

  15. $LL I bought in again today....oil market drop is the only reason for market drop and great time to load up for near future gains....

  16. $LL serves em right . build in the usa. buy in the usa. invest in the usa. or suffer the consequences you greedy little exploitative £$%£ s!

  17. $LL Products Won’t Leave You with Cancer - http://www.bidnessetc.com/63303-lumber-liquidators-holdings-laminate-products-wont-leave-you-with-cancer/

  18. $AAPL falling sales, falling profit margins. just another $LL $GMG $GPRO $FIT $BBRY

  19. $LL s u c k e r s

  20. $LL this has liquidated thousands of you waiting for that pop that never came. and no doubt thousands more will line up like sheeple.

  21. $LL Great stock entry for long uptick..super opportunity

  22. $LL yesterday s news was the best scenario from the CDC that we could have hoped for

  23. $LL I can see the ad campaign now: Our lumber hardly kills you!


  25. $LL OI for maturity 02/12/2016. 11.00 Highest put. 15.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=LL&urk=LL https://twitter.com/Maximum_Pain_cm/status/697593415849025536/photo/1