1. @MikeBellafiore $LL is a definite buy, but I would wait until it s a couple higher; higher probability trade will outweigh loss in profit..

  2. February 27, 2015 RS Movers http://gtlackey.com/february-27-2015-rs-movers/ $USMV $RPV $FNX $FXN $IEO $RGR $AEM $FSLR $BVN $UHS $BIO $NBR $LL $ATW $MU $SCTY

  3. $LL dead kitty bounce into 60 mins over the weekend? brave investors! no reward without risk

  4. $LL not confirmed but looks like 60min has a sick familly that removed flooring, now are not sick. Imagine if govnt halts sales of ll lam!!!

  5. Scan results - Bullish Engulfing today: $AMH $DFRG $HPQ $LL $HRG $PNM $OUT $TFSL $NUVA $JDSU ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/13/equities?selected_date=2015-02-27

  6. Scan results - New 52 Week Low today: $WTW $CROX $DFRG $PRAA $LL $QIHU $HLX $I $CNP $OGE ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/4/equities?selected_date=2015-02-27

  7. $LL ...what s wrong with a dead cat bounce if you can make $275 on 100 shares...

  8. $LL dead cat bounce. Disappointing earnings when the balance of housing is beating expectations. $HD $LOW $TOL... Def. safer & smarter bets

  9. $LL what s the going rate to pay a tv channel to run a short bashing segment on a national news show?

  10. $ANFI $BIOC $WTW $ARUN $LL $JCP $AEGR $OCN $GPRO $UVE $TWTR $INSY $PTCT and i thought i have seen it all----No definitely no

  11. 90% of my portfolio is long $ICPT and long $LL going into the weekend. Come Monday will be either deliriously happy or tasting great pain.

  12. $LL Toxic Formaldehyde and criminal charges. Why is anyone buying this ahead of CBS 60 minutes? Monday could see $40

  13. $LL Just like the horrible factory collapses killed the Gap etc...what.. they didn t go bankrupt? So how will illegal purchasing kill LL?

  14. $LL Consumers will gasp and raise their hands then go on buying what they want at whatever shop offers the best prices. Same as it ever was.

  15. $LL I want 52$ I am out. Certified CHICKEN here lol. 51,75 and counting.

  16. $LL This sucker is bouncing all over the place lol. I see a strong finish.

  17. @bearcharts Well done, I should ve shorted $ANGI longer. Busy now puts on $CYBR above 63 and going long $LL through the weekend at 49.30

  18. $LL Look at 5 year chart to see just how low this could go. Next downside target $41

  19. $LL h.trader; this isn t old rehashed Lacy. this is 7 month investigation with Anderson Cooper. Consumer confidence may be shaken next week

  20. $LL 2O CLOCK SELL OFF COMMENCING- The chickens are commin to roost Bobby Bouche, there the devil ..lol..[movie trivia]

  21. $LL Big MIGHT there @hedgetrader176 - but for now keep it short for EOD flush...:)

  22. $LL Those hoping for a further decline following the 60 Minutes story might be disappointed. If nothing new comes out LL will move higher.

  23. $LL Piper Jaffray says they ll upgraded LL if sales impact is found to be negligible. Might want to keep that in mind heading into next week

  24. $LL Another great short area is $53 if it ever pops back up there next week.

  25. $LL IL BUY MONDAY;-]