1. $GMCR Take a look at the $LL chart for how this is going to play out.......

  2. $LL can t wait till this company closes out and is delisted from the market. They know their guilty - insiders ain t buying - they re sellin

  3. $LL ready to pop higher soon

  4. $LL gotta see 26 somthin 4 i get all greedy again.

  5. $LL With SODA getting crushed all we need is this to move up and it will be a good day for Tilson

  6. Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc (LL): Troubles Persist $LL http://www.sweetalpha.com/ll/lumber-liquidators-holdings-inc-ll-troubles-persist

  7. $LL Looks like dead money here until test results get published or next Q ER. It s a turn around story in the making. IMO

  8. $LL holding up well on these down days

  9. $LL adding long twap , just to add position, maybe one day will get a $hlf move

  10. $LL bust 27 you POS

  11. $LL Waiting for 25.81, less than a $1.30 to get there. . . will re-asses for a position there. That ER did not bring investors back with it.

  12. $GS, $JPM: Greenhaven Associates Bulks Up Its Top Financial Holdings http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/goldman-sachs-gs-jpmorgan-chase-co-jpm-greenhaven-associates-bulks-up-its-top-financial-holdings-345455/ $GS, $JPM, $LOW, $WHR, $FDX, $LL

  13. $LL I could care less about the lawsuits...I get one in the mail almost daily

  14. $LL can t figure some of these people out. The only concerns to the stock are the lawsuits. The drama side post I could do without.

  15. $LL die. But you ve done that already with your poison

  16. $LL buy TCS, you can make money there, it should pop to $18.50 to $19, price target @21 by JPMorgan

  17. $LL i cant believe you still buying this pos. i expected to see it around 8 by now. better gambling stocks out there like gpro.

  18. $LL I am out. May daytrade LL, but waiting for insider to make purchases before holding long term.

  19. $LL Keep an eye on it. Coming off the bottom nicely

  20. $LL: New SEC Filing for LL: Form ARS, No. 9999999997-15-009167 http://stocknewsflow.com/1396033_999999999715009167_9999999997-15-009167

  21. $ll lawsuits start yet?

  22. $LL Up, up and away!

  23. $LNKD $LL $YELP $SSYS $TWTR $BIDU Still not done falling. . .any turn in the market these all fall through precarious supports. Watching.

  24. $LL lol $low now pulls flooring... I guess tilton thinks they will go to 0 also? lol

  25. $LL All that PER ER happiness at $33.00 didn t turn out to be a bargain . Hmmm may not ever recover. Legal costs in future?