1. OTC top: $LLEN, $CALVF, $USNU, $SPND - Full list: http://www.unclestock.com/#!top=OTC

  2. $LLEN beginning my position in this one .....

  3. Basic Materials top: $OCIR, $LLEN, $MLX.AX, $OGC.AX - Full list: http://www.unclestock.com/#!sector=basic-materials

  4. $LLEN hired PR guy back. Anyone know anything?

  5. $LLEN hope you all have sold by now :( it clearly aint going up.

  6. $GTAT Learned that lesson (THERE ARE NO STOPS ON A HALT) on $LLEN...the best way to hedge against a long is with cheap puts.

  7. $LLEN L&L Energy Announces Settlement of Derivative Actions.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/LLEN/communique/783470

  8. @MarcianoLoews yes a stop is useless in a halt as I found out with $LLEN last year. Protective puts really the only hope to pick up pieces

  9. Geoinvesting Alleges China Green Agriculture, Inc (CGA) Scam http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/10/new-report-alleges-fraud-at-china-green-agriculture-inc-cga/ $CAG $LLEN

  10. $SCOK even my PT of $2-3 is generous. Stock may end up at $0.12 like $LLEN or $0 like $PUDA

  11. @sogenerous $LLEN - I agree. got my arse handed to me on LLEN. Now i just short these chinese frauds. I m usually right 70-80%. $SCOK bear

  12. $SCOK look at where $LLEN and $PUDA are trading $0.12 and $0.00 - and LLEN was based in Seatle not china. You have been warned

  13. $VNET reminds me of $LLEN anyone remember when that report came out? people kept saying report was false..then SEC halted one day also $FU

  14. $LLEN nope

  15. $LLEN anyone think this will go back up??

  16. $KNDI next? Chinese Scams are real: $APWR $ABAT $FEED $CELM $CCME $CNW $CHBT $FUQI $LLEN $PUDA $SCEI $UTRA $YUII http://y.ahoo.it/HheDXQhC

  17. $LLEN L & L Energy, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/0EQCg31t

  18. Chinese Stock Scams are real: $APWR $ABAT $FEED $CELM $CCME $CRTP $CNW $CHBT $FUQI $LLEN $ONP $PUDA $SCEI $UTRA $YUII http://y.ahoo.it/2AMEk79z

  19. $llen....J---C----,turn your back for 10 seconds and...BOOM...no more green...typical llen!!...POS!!!

  20. $llen.....what s happening?...i see green?.....for now!

  21. @Slingshot investors stopped buyin Chinese co s maybe China will get serious about enforcement. Its epidemic over there. $NQ $LLEN $FAB $FU

  22. @Slingshot As long ppl keep buying these Chinese co s like $NQ $FU $LLEN $FAB, fraud will continue to be rampant & cost ppl money. If US

  23. @scottsdalem would you play this? I would only short it after the likes of $fu adn $llen?

  24. $NEWL I could keep posting, but only one company resumed trading after T12 halt $LLEN. All the rest either delisted or merged.

  25. Of which ONLY $PLCC recovered from a T12 Halt on 11/20/2013 and stayed on the Nasdaq, but $LLEN was demoted to pinks, rest gone / still halt