1. Price Target Alert: Trading the Zacks price target change for ELI LILLY $LLY http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/09/03/price-target-alert-trading-the-zacks-price-target-change-for-eli-lilly-lly-7/

  2. $LLY http://seekingalpha.com/article/3476006-sa-biotech-panel-discussion-geron-and-incyte-imetelstat-and-jakafi?ifp=0

  3. $LLY:US Trial Wins Boost Eli Lilly In Cymbalta Cases As MDL Bid Looms #LILLY (ELI) & CO http://portal.finsents.com/Preview/CompanyProfile?id=c_722&ticker=LLY:US&key=CP-stweet-951-1441260406-NRKNRB68LD49jzcf8%2f3o7O4NHz7DEbLijiKNo%2bSm%2b6c%3d #SP500

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  5. $LLY Technical Trade Card -> http://www.cmlviz.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=stock&ticker=LLY

  6. Enter Ichimoku http://www.dailystockplays.com/Enter-Ichimoku-2015-09-02.html $SIRI $AAL $SBUX $NVAX $CCL $AMZN $LLY $CPB $WDC $LEN $ACAS $CLD $DRI $SEE $SCI $FISV $AMKR $LKQ

  7. Algo trading: OPEN signals Sep/02 BUY: $BRKR $AAWW $KEY $CBD $UL $NPBC $LLY $CCL $KLXI $MHFI $DLR $RRD $LRCX $BK $FEYE $SYNA $VFC $EV $PKI

  8. $LLY: New Insider Transaction on LLY by Director Alvarez Ralph: http://insideri.com/1310215_000005947815000168_0000059478-15-000168

  9. Eli Lilly and Company director just picked up 119 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1982934 $LLY

  10. Not too bad of a day for me. Took a loss on $LLY (https://twitter.com/JackDamn/status/638720206341173248), but my trade plan (https://twitter.com/JackDamn/status/636630920452304896) is helping out. $SPY

  11. $LLY $NVO Been reading up on the projected number of diabetics in the United States by 2020 and 2050. They numbers are mind blowing.

  12. Current Trade Stocks Roundup: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/current-trade-stocks-roundup-jetblue-airways-nasdaqjblu-eli-lilly-nyselly-mcdermott-internationalnysemdr-dollar-general-nysedg/1527190/ $JBLU $LLY $MDR $DG

  13. Still like $LLY. It remains in my potential swing long quiver. Try to get a better entry next time or a better stop loss.

  14. Updated: $LLY (entry https://twitter.com/JackDamn/status/638349882244362240). Stopped out for a full loss @ 80.50 (avg.). Trade closed: all out.

  15. NEWS Worthy: Approval Of Repatha May Give Amgen A $5B Boost $AMGN $SNY $REGN $PFE $ALNY $LLY $ACOR $ESRX $CVS

  16. US1 long-term buy+hold list @BoAML @MerrilLynch $HAIN $KMI $LLY $MMM $NWL $NXPI $OXY $SIVB $TMO $VZ $WHR $ZTS

  17. Rolling $AMZN & $DO from this morning s watch list to tomorrow s watch. Holding $LLY.

  18. Looks like I pretty much top-ticked that swing long entry on $LLY today. Down a quick couple of bucks. Woof.

  19. Added a swing long of $LLY @ 84.06. Stop 80.15. Target 103.61. Short Float 1.16%. Earnings 10/22. Hold time 1-26 weeks.

  20. $PFE Intends To Terminate A Large Number Of Employees in Korea- $BMY $LLY http://www.streetwisereport.com/pfizer-inc-nysepfe-intends-to-terminate-a-large-number-of-employees-in-korea-bristol-myers-squibb-company-nysebmy-eli-lilly-and-company-nyselly/126845/

  21. Good morning. On watch for 08/31: $AMZN $FB $LLY $MO $TSLA. ETFs: $GLD. Spec Play: $BTU. $Macro: #China, Chicago PMI.

  22. Healthcare Stocks in Focus: $LLY, $BXLT, $MYL http://www.streetwisereport.com/healthcare-stocks-in-focus-eli-lilly-and-firm-nyselly-baxalta-incorporated-nysebxlt-mylan-n-v-nasdaqmyl/126745/

  23. $LLY marking my calendar for September 17th for the results of EMPAREG OUTCOME. Will they knock the DPP4 s off the throne?

  24. SA Biotech Panel Discussion: Geron And Incyte, Imetelstat And Jakafi http://seekingalpha.com/article/3476006 $GERN $INCY $LLY $JNJ $AMGN $GILD $NVS

  25. NEWS Worthy: SA Biotech Panel Discussion: Geron And Incyte, Imetelstat And Jakafi $GERN $INCY $LLY $JNJ $AMGN $GILD $NVS