1. $LNR.CA closed at 58.99. Time to buy.

  2. $LNR.CA another great earnings report, and getting trounced.

  3. $LNR.CA looks like a nice reversal setup.

  4. $LNR.CA another company with strong quarter and impressive numbers. http://y.ahoo.it/Wym66tF0

  5. $LNR.CA a very nice beat

  6. Earnings announcement: $LNR.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Nov 4 2014

  7. TD Securities starts coverage on Linamar with hold rating; price target C$73 $LNR.CA

  8. Some good quality names that have pulled back & attractive: $HCG.CA $MDA.CA $LNR.CA $DOL.CA $ACQ.CA $T.CA $MIC.CA $OTC.CA $VET.CA

  9. $LNR.CA what a stock.Up 45% YTD. Buying more and holding,cheap when comparing to Magna.

  10. $LNR.CA < Today s trade on this stock is long. Happy Friday the 13th $-)

  11. $LNR.CA what a scam this stock is, regardless all good, scalped +6%+ shorting this crap within 2 hours. screw you market makers.

  12. $LNR.CA - http://y.ahoo.it/oesaM9EC - New 52 Week High - Crossed daily highs resistance.

  13. Autoparts manufacturers strong today. $LNR.CA, $MG.CA, $MRE.CA. $MGA

  14. $LNR.CA rotflmao Bull Trap in play, glta.

  15. $LNR.CA I looked at their website for jobs and see that they are looking & hiring people like crazy. Looks like they are in high demand

  16. $LNR.CA Volume is very low. When will it move up????

  17. $lnr.ca no idea how this flies under the radar compared to magna and martinrae. company and stock doing very well

  18. $LNR.CA if only all trends could be so beautiful. Stock Trends Report on Linamar Corp. $LNR http://y.ahoo.it/j9JkJe7N

  19. $LNR.CA Markets are fraud. Look at today s bogus DOW end of day. DOW -.6% for week. I was +4.0% shorting.Bring on the overdue hopium crash.

  20. CIBC hikes target on Linamar to $70 Cdn from $60, affirms sector outperformer rating after strong Q1 results $LNR.CA

  21. $BYD.UN.CA $ACQ.CA $MG.CA $LNR.CA all these auto related stocks have done really well. But not the case for $CFN.CA $RFC.V

  22. $BBRY what a phocking day in the markets, tried shorting $cnq.ca and $lnr.ca on TSX, both flopped, but shorting $bb.ca for profits is a-ok!

  23. Time to take profits as auto parts sector shifts into lower gear $MGA $MG.CA $LNR.CA $MRE.CA http://y.ahoo.it/HT4dKK1M

  24. $LNR.CA i love fraud street, pump and dump, wash rinse and repeat. short is the obvious trade on lnr.

  25. $LNR.CA , rotflma, 60 seconds, here comes the dump, back to 59 s, on low vol trades only at 100 each. Yee haw! Short remains the trade.