1. $lc $sfm Followrs29of50 I cover+FrmOpn! My $lc &Nat/Foodie $sfm 3% $cuba 2% $bnft $bsmx $fb $fuel $mrin $rkus &MyAntihax $cybr & $lock UpBit

  2. $LOCK Did anyone see that resistance at $9.69 today? It was pretty rough! This is equal to the high of the post collapse spike on July 22nd

  3. $LOCK there, green, and off we go. :-)

  4. $LOCK yeah, shake out some swing and day-traders and then we keep going...

  5. $LOCK let s pass 10 today!

  6. $AAPL Just bought a few shares Now I m Going with $LOCK

  7. $LOCK Lets see more green today

  8. $LOCK A whole bunch of 10$ short stops about to be triggered....

  9. $LOCK Cup and handle about to pop today!

  10. $splk Followers37of50 I cover+ FrmOpen! 7my9antihax $splk +4% $feye & $lock both+3% $pfpt +2% $cuda $cybr &antihack ETF $hack UpaBit FrmOpn


  12. $LOCK reconsidering my sell-price of 10....maybe better to keep longer...if it touches 10, it might as easy go to 11, 12, no resistance..

  13. $hACK Finally @BloombergRadio discussing cyber security leaders. $PANW $FEYE $KEYW $LOCK $SYMC

  14. $lock has been locking up gains lately

  15. $LOCK will revisit tomorrow..Don;t like the volume in this right now

  16. $LOCK breaking out here...

  17. $LOCK got the look of going boom anytime today...but if it doesn t, I m still happy with the daily +1%

  18. $LOCK

  19. $LOCK implied premium respectively is at 39.4% and 14.5% on the two basis. Happy to post model for review but don t know how lol

  20. $LOCK dcf model I did using conservative growth on member and enterprise; wacc@10.5 pgr@7 gives 12.81 on a pgm and 15x tv ebitda gives 10.52

  21. $LOCK BREAK 9.37


  23. $LOCK From a balance sheet perspective, this looks really attractive. If estimates are on target, this is could easily recapture $20.

  24. $LOCK

  25. $LOCK getting testy, big breakout coming before earnings!