1. $LPTH thinking this ones about to run again !!!

  2. Ideas going into today $WPCS $LPTH $SNSS $BBEP $FBP $MBI $AGO $AMBC http://ticker.tv/nicatrades/5594880672fa09c420fde0ff + early gappers $ACRX $BLRX $XOOM

  3. $LPTH Why did this spike yesterday. Any news?

  4. $SCLN $EFOI $SGYP $LPTH $bsrc

  5. Puerto Rico, shoutouts @thetradexchange @zozotrader. Ideas for Thurs $SGYP $WPCS $LPTH $MBI $AGO $AMBC $SNSS $BBEP http://ticker.tv/nicatrades/5594880672fa09c420fde0ff

  6. $LPTH Institutional ownership up 4.15% Q/Q, with 42,837 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/LPTH

  7. Gainers $WPCS 108%, $SHIP 41%, $BSET 22%, $NVGN 16%, $LPTH 15%, $EFOI 14%, $SCHN 14%, $IO 12%, $LJPC 12%, $RCPI 12%,

  8. $LPTH Looking for a pullback by next week so I can buy! Stocks got a Zack s Strong Buy rating look it up!

  9. $LPTH http://www.androidauthority.com/fine-time-fingerprint-sensors-eye-irises-616455/

  10. $LPTH Out @ 1.96 held since 1.75. Patience is key my brothers and I sure did get paid! Looking for a reentry once I got funds, solid play.

  11. $LPTH Watching. Looking for a possible entry.

  12. $LPTH spiking higher on volume now !!

  13. $LPTH Putting in higher lows hoping this holds

  14. $LPTH Needs to break resistance legooo

  15. $LPTH what I love most is they re teetering on profitability with revenues of $70k per employee !!! Sweet !!!! Long !!!!!

  16. $BAA $baa $xgti $lpth $scon $mnga !!! CHA ( F.K.N) CHING !!!!! RABBIT in BENTLEY !!!! Thump thump

  17. $XGTI long $xgti ! Long $lpth ! Long $baa ! Long $scon ! Long $mnga !

  18. $LPTH bought in today ! What I ve read implies they have great potential !!

  19. $LPTH yeah, this looked promising to start the day, turned a bit.

  20. $LPTH damn someone sold 38k shares at the end..stuck now! Lets hope it goes up..holding at 1.72

  21. $LPTH Bought more @ 1.69

  22. $LPTH I like the pattern. Anticipating a decent gap up tomorrow, immediate surge.

  23. $LPTH Okay then. Let s go.

  24. $LPTH Uggh. Don t know if I have the patience for this paint dry volume.

  25. $LPTH LightPath Technologies Exhibiting at the Laser World of Photonics Show http://stocknewsnow.com/news/NEWSID19062015100004/LightPath-Technologies-Exhibiting-at-the-Laser-World-of-Photonics-Show