1. $LULU - bought more.

  2. $LULU adding here

  3. $LULU - hope this squeezes higher soon.

  4. @pittstock @sm44 $LULU wasnt a bad try

  5. $LULU - holding above 42 well. Looks like this wants to move higher. Maybe $50?

  6. Covering some $LULU - don t like how we re holding

  7. $LULU started small swing position here (due to choppy market conditions). Stop below 20SMA. Target 200 day MA

  8. $LULU Appears to be a large call spread: 6500 Jan 16 45C s 6.25 bought and 6500 Jun 15 50C s 2.40 sold

  9. Swing Trading Watch-List: $SUNE $AAL $GTAT $LULU $TSL http://y.ahoo.it/aytVbfhw

  10. $LULU Has great growth in this space and few competitors with the same quality. I still like this name and I think that it has room for $50

  11. $LULU long dec45 calls attractive

  12. @Morpheus $LULU Uh wtf did you just say?

  13. $ROST $LULU Close above 50 day, Best move might be to just leave it a lone? http://y.ahoo.it/iYZRPCqi http://y.ahoo.it/A6Bjci6W

  14. Market Analysis Video http://y.ahoo.it/WrLZ9Fd7 and $LULU $GMCR $WFM reviewed

  15. $LULU Has very strong charts now

  16. $LULU Will book some trading gains at $44-45 while holding core position. Then will buy one last dip before we rocket to $50.

  17. $LULU forming zig zag here for potential wave lower. http://y.ahoo.it/WeYJMiRJ

  18. $LULU Nov 22 $42.50 C s bot | $2.39

  19. $LULU in da process of preparing for the possible eventuality of a most probable advance unless the inevitable occurs as expected by most.

  20. Added 1/3 $PCLN - still in $FB $TWTR $LULU $WFM and Oct put runners in $NFLX

  21. $LULU - need an upgrade like ua to take us to 50!

  22. $LULU feels like this stock is ready to explode to $50s.

  23. $RSH $BAC $LULU Awesome strength and growth coming

  24. $LULU Huge volume in Jun 15 50 calls and Jan 16 45 calls.

  25. $LULU looks like player closes 6500 LULU Jun15 $50 Calls $2.40 BID & opens 6500 LULU Jan16 $45 Calls $6.25 ASK