1. Excited that the new $LULU CEO has my body...i expect sales of there new man pants called Pear Boys to explode http://y.ahoo.it/ynzPZcCV

  2. $LULU GL in the AM. Goodnight.

  3. $LULU So the Candy Crush pants Saga continues http://y.ahoo.it/6m7zWgms

  4. $LULU Hoping to see accumulation around $48. No position at the moment.

  5. Gotta love NYPost -- ‘Dumpy’ man with bulging stomach is Lululemon’s CEO http://y.ahoo.it/Ua7N5fSA $LULU

  6. $LULU Looks like bottom form around $48, start accumulating

  7. $LULU Lots of positive indicators in ratios. High ability to pay off short therm loans and zero debt. Can see gains in future. Will watch.

  8. @princ Thanks Andy for the like $LULU

  9. @Cantbestopped Thanks for the like Herc $LULU

  10. $LULU lots of upgrades lately. I guess getting close to some of the low targets scared some people.

  11. $LULU That was lucky...green on the trade (including all option commissions). Will sell next week some time...

  12. $LULU why not, just bought some June $50 calls for a short term play. Chicks look hot in the pants and that s all they care about...LOL

  13. $LULU seey lululemming

  14. $LULU Bye-bye! $JKH $VOT $IYK $VCR $VO $VXF http://y.ahoo.it/MqEwxQmW

  15. $LULU 4750 area next. No rush to own her yet. Too many want to exit @ 48+

  16. 2 Blown Up Stocks & 1 Inverse ETF To Sell Short Into The Bounce: http://y.ahoo.it/4JJRUO7E $LULU $CONN $FAZ $STUDY

  17. @JFinDallas: $LULU back above VWAP (bwahahaha)

  18. $LULU the perception is they priced themselves out of market

  19. $LULU desperate losing 48

  20. $LULU - http://y.ahoo.it/217bE0lr - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 47.987. Time: 23 hours 29 minutes. Volume: 4,529,577.

  21. $LULU meditate at 44.19

  22. $LULU The stock price has handled the downgrade pretty well.

  23. Will try a couple $LULU 49.5 weeklies here.

  24. $LULU finally opened 1st store in UK. Bought my fiance a pant ~2 years ago & it was getting many looks in the yoga class.

  25. $LULU looking for a funeral but @ 48, some will need to nibble on her toes. Skimpy LULU...go figure!