1. $LULU I think this might be a takeover target as a tax haven in Canada. like Burger KIng / Tim Horton.

  2. Looks like we will be stopped on the second half of our $LULU swing, out @ 39.85.

  3. $LULU bought more upside calls today. I am a believer in 45-50s in 2 weeks.

  4. $LULU loading up !!!

  5. $LULU keep going down please, so I can buy you.

  6. $LULU if earnings are good, $45-50 this month.

  7. $LULU here it goes. Back at a level I would buy at. Going to see how low it can go.

  8. $LULU Sep should be a good month for this puppy

  9. $LULU seems to be finding support on the 50 day

  10. $NKE should buy $LULU for tax inversion.

  11. Lululemon looks to be in a mild consolidation but if the overall market rolls over into September, it s not going to hold. $LULU #retail

  12. $LULU would love for this to go down more. So I can buy more.

  13. $LULU no brainer here. I am gobbling this all up.

  14. $LULU long 500s and 20 jan 42.5 calls.

  15. $LULU scalp to 40.30 s. 60 min chart building falling wedge. http://y.ahoo.it/uvVzgqRh

  16. $LULU long 39.98

  17. $LULU = LOL LOL Lemon , people like fitness yoga stuff, company makes money,holiday sales,and they beat expectations every quarter;up to $64

  18. $LULU glad i sold at 42 couple days ago.. looking for entry hare maybe 39.90 s...

  19. although davidson downgraded keiferbonenfant upgraded $LULU price target $64

  20. $LULU weak hands are selling this. Looks like I am going to gobble up some calls.

  21. $LULU In @ 40.06

  22. $LULU added more jan 42.5 calls.

  23. We ll be stopped on our swing in $LULU this afternoon with a close here. This is my we sell half into strength so we ride the other half.

  24. $LULU - I m buying. Yesterday s analyst d/g makes no sense.

  25. $LULU Hmm, this looks like a no brainer.