1. $M Macd giving buy-signal

  2. $ETSY http://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/etsy-riles-some-online-artisans-deal-sell-crafted-goods-macys-n469081 partners with $M

  3. $M when it fills the earnings gap to 46ish then I d consider taking some off

  4. $M Interesting. After the giant sell-off

  5. $M Now CEO Terry L telling u to buy the stock, always a good sign http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-25/macy-s-stock-is-on-sale-along-with-sweaters-ceo-lundgren-says?cmpid=yhoo.headline

  6. New HOD coming, could rally into close $M

  7. $M I m nearly back to even, hope this keeps up

  8. $M Bought in at $40.47 - FUN FACT: The past five years, $M stock has increased an average of 10% between November to March!

  9. $EWZ. $M, $BABA, $CMG right now are my 4 positions, $IBB & $XLE are 2 I m watching

  10. $M Unless the Real Estate market crashes and they never sell a T-shirt again, $M is under-valued if they liquidated the biz tom

  11. More interesting #uptrending #stocks! $STUDY #dividendincome $CIGI $ALCO $CPB $M $TSN

  12. $M Also, #1 most important is know your time-frame, for $M don t care about VWAP, moving avgs, breakouts, short term indicators

  13. $P $M $ACAS AWESOME !!

  14. $M buy low sell high, be patient, and scale in your positions

  15. forgotten stocks & ER losers bouncing strong in low volume season $GPRO $CYBR $TSLA $TWTR $P $M $FIT / $QQQ flat

  16. $CYBR $M $HAIN did these three finally bottom under $40 now back up? Was buying higher so #totes Missed the bottom

  17. $GPRO $DSW $M $GMCR rocking and rolling.$M thanksgiving parade tmrw lots of advertising for them

  18. $M - Added more calls to double now. Super Bullish sentiment. Short squeeze coming!

  19. $M - Still holding my 42 weekly for next week. This is going higher

  20. Trading $P $M $ACAS ...lets go baby !! Power of Positive Mental Attitude LOL Trading from one small monitor with the help of @LiveTraders

  21. Stock with potential to head higher today $P $M $NKE $PSX

  22. $M long idea over 40.26/30.94

  23. $M looks like its going to pop

  24. $M Grab it now

  25. $M oversold daily chart, can pop today