1. #IBD Healthy Profit Margin $NLNK $UTHR $GILD $V $CHKP $CME $ESNT $FB $JAZZ $MA

  2. MasterCard $MA Beefs Up Its #Fintech Acquisitions http://bankinnovation.net/2015/07/mastercard-beefs-up-its-fintech-acquisitions/

  3. These Information Technology stocks are trending on Estimize this week: 1. $MA, 2. $GOOGL, 3. $EBAY http://www.estimize.com/ma/fq3-2015?utm_medium=alerts&utm_source=stocktwits#chart=historical

  4. Satellite portfolio $SBUX $MA $SWKS $CERN $BIIB

  5. @EveryTimeICash $MA $95.83 stop. did i get it right? trying to learn

  6. $MA - MA thoughts on MA - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/MA/KthwcfDj-MA-thoughts-on-MA/

  7. Insider Transaction: $MA Sale at $98.04 per share of 11081 shares by Beneficial Owner (10% or more) Mastercard Foundation on 2015-07-31.

  8. $MA MA thoughts on MA . Timmy S says MA is top of channel Good volume, good analysis pre earnings. Bullish trend.

  9. $V $MA why is it down today? Typical market gyrations?

  10. $MA: New Insider Transaction on MA by 10%+ Owner MasterCard Foundation: http://insideri.com/1421897_000114036115029320_0001140361-15-029320

  11. Major owner of Mastercard Incorporated just disposed of 33,243 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1886857 $MA

  12. Long term (> 2 years) which is better investment: $PYPL or $MA ? Why?

  13. MA Top news - Jul 31st, 2015 $MA goo.gl/nk4qNK

  14. Pre-Market Stocks Recap: $CNO $MWW $MA $AEM

  15. $PYPL will be cash machine like $V $MA

  16. $PYPL $V $MA Paypal s revenue growth is higher than Visa and Mastercard s http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/07/5723786/compass-point-buy-paypal

  17. $EA Let s see if $EA can pull a $MA and towards end of day go green.

  18. Price Target Alert: Trading the Zacks price target change for MASTERCARD $MA http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/07/31/price-target-alert-trading-the-zacks-price-target-change-for-mastercard-ma-4/

  19. what I want to see is a nice spreadsheet comparing basic fundamental numbers with $V and $MA it will show $PYPL very undervalued!

  20. $PYPL is the new $GPRO or $AMBA ...even better than $V or $MA shwing

  21. $MA Recent News Updates: http://www.wsnews4investors.com/mastercard-nysema-563/

  22. The Winners From the Anthem-Cigna Mega Deal http://www.trefis.com/stock/aet/articles/307777/the-winners-from-the-anthem-cigna-mega-deal/2015-07-31 $MA $UNH $AET

  23. $MA 94$ was a great opportunity that I took, time to take profits.

  24. $MA Pot. continuation Uptrend : 60 -15 -4 chart

  25. $MA overpriced! Lots of upgrades today expect pullback.