1. $ARR $REM $ONCY $MBI $NUGT $GDXJ $JUNR Just bought some more yesterday through a drip program.

  2. $MBI ...needs to reverse next two days and hold 11.70 area.

  3. $MBI ...No reason for a 3 dollar drop other than it moved a bunch in Feb. great buying opportunity IMHO.11.70 hopefully is the bottom.

  4. @MadMarsupial hey--CK out the new low candles today on $MTG $RDN $MBI

  5. Bond Insurers Rise on Detroit Settlement ($AGO) ($MBI) ($AMBC) http://y.ahoo.it/Sdv1ghuQ

  6. @zahirrahimi @METT @luvngspnful @sudemali @webman9113 @deeds @ricky6116 $MBI showing life

  7. $MBI ...hopefully a reversal candle just occured :) way oversold.

  8. $FNMA $FMCC $AIG $MBI $XIN $NTI $ZNGA $FCX $ONCY $NSPR Value stocks are not for short term traders who can t see the big picture.

  9. $MBI out of favor! Anyone know why?

  10. $MBI $TREE $FFKT $DEPO $FCSC $TSRE $PEIX $USEG $WSTL $BWEN Estimates Fun Top 10 #outperform http://y.ahoo.it/ngCGX7xY

  11. $mbi What s that spike higher just now?

  12. $MBI ...welcome to the theta decay :)

  13. $MBI .... a cup beginning to form????

  14. $MBI ...max pain is again in full effect and from the looks of the open interest.....the next two months could be sideways to down for longs

  15. MBIA Muni Wraps Upgraded From A To AA- http://y.ahoo.it/rHApUMrl $MBI

  16. $MBI ...MM or tute is having difficulty pushing price lower. I still expect them to succeed but we might need help from the overall mkt.

  17. $MBI ...I expect a push lower to fill the gap from the earnings pr. 13.30...hitting the 30 day mov avg now.

  18. $MBI .....most of the trades happening at the ask this ask. there is demand for shares. Great value stock at these levels.

  19. $SPY ....this is where individual stock pickers should shine, Long $MBI, $GCAP, $BAC, $GNW, $AIG, $HHC, $SNMX, $VTSS, $CEVA,$NTRI

  20. @EquiStar $MBI The price action after the upgrade has been shady

  21. $MBI ....gap at 13.50 is still in play....

  22. 10 things new traders ONLY learn from experience! Tip #1 http://y.ahoo.it/QtQzLwGn $MBI $EROC $EXAS $ADEP $MRCY $OIL $COP $BRFS $ICPT $SVT $JVA

  23. $MBI ...another larger wedge is building. IMHO

  24. FREE tips for novice stock traders! HATE the PDT rule!??! Learn how to avoid it! Tip #1 http://y.ahoo.it/sTQsvUA3 $MBI $EROC $EXAS $ADEP $MRCY

  25. $MBI Weekly chart - Long @ 14.55, initial stop @ 12.43 http://y.ahoo.it/rXNHgsUX