1. $AAPL Meaty week ahead for EARNINGS $NFLX, $MCD, $AAPL, $FB, $AMZN, $SBUX + key .gov numbers

  2. China related earnings this week: (M) $WYNN (T) $YUM $MCD $XRS (TH) $CAT $LVS $BIDU $SBUX $HOT (F) $VFC http://y.ahoo.it/YqcQ9n0O

  3. McDonald’s and Burger King Want You to Come in and Stay Awhile ($BKW, $MCD): http://y.ahoo.it/idHH1vVi via @themotleyfool

  4. @Strattonite yes for a couple of pairs trades like long $WEN short $MCD

  5. @OphirGottlieb: Huge Earnings Week $AAPL $MSFT, $MCD $T, $NFLX, $FB and more. This week could decide direction for next 3-months in market

  6. Huge Earnings Week Coming: $AAPL $MSFT, $MCD $T, $NFLX, $FB and more. This week could decide direction for next 3-months in market.

  7. Why Taco Bell’s Breakfast Won’t Be a Hit ($MCD, $YUM): http://y.ahoo.it/ibVU3ZqW via @themotleyfool

  8. Will McDonald s Sales Freeze See a Thaw? ($MCD): http://y.ahoo.it/sOC3tTOY via @themotleyfool

  9. $DIA $IBM $DD $MCD $DIS $DIA 4 Dow Stocks Under Accumulation http://y.ahoo.it/UC93C9SD

  10. Felix Tong holds an allocation of 2.9% in $MCD in his Concentrated Risk Investment Portfolio

  11. Oceanic Capital holds an allocation of 4.0% in $MCD in his Global Diversified Moderate Investment Portfolio

  12. Looking at my portfolio, I m overweight boring and underweight exciting. Examples include: $JNJ, $TGT, $MCD, $TAL, & $HUM

  13. $SBUX is best in class for average annual sales per restaurant. $CMG $MCD $PNRA $WEN $YUM $BKW http://y.ahoo.it/yOfAzoKL

  14. $MCD options were overpriced. Now they re not.

  15. Bullish on $MCD? Barclays thinks it s worth $115:http://y.ahoo.it/Clgf7s3Y

  16. $MCD Ugly reversal candle, but good support 98.5-99. Earnings on 4/22. http://y.ahoo.it/ZzgZFXBe

  17. $CMG speaking about how this one is still overpriced on @CNBCfastmoney, multiple too much, higher than $MCD still up 116% off lows #drop

  18. MT @MitchellKWarren: earnings next week: $HAL $NFLX $MCD $YUM $BIIB $BA $DAL $PG $RAI $AAPL $FFIV $FB $QCOM $VZ $AMZN $BIDU $MSFT $SBUX $V

  19. $MCD I have so skin in this ..just can t even looking at a good chart...RS of 65 prevents me ..better players here..

  20. $MCD of coursethey hedge but how far out and for how long can they without passing it along to the custThe online menu looks pricey already.

  21. $MCD $MCD same inflationary pressures as CMG? since Beef is a bigger component and that s taken the biggest spike in price since 1987-maybe.

  22. Shouldn t $MCD be seeing the same inflationary pressures? It just seems it s not a problem exclusive to $CMG

  23. LakeView Asset Mgmt holds an allocation of 3.2% in $MCD in his High Dividend Low Volatility Investment Portfolio

  24. April 2014 Dividend Aristocrats sorted by yield: http://y.ahoo.it/Y3KlV7At $WMT $KO $NOBL $MCD $XOM $JNJ $PG $KMB $DOV $TGT $PEP $FDO

  25. Oceanic Capital holds an allocation of 4.8% in $MCD in his Global Diversified Aggressive Investment Portfolio