1. $CXDC management explained each point. Look at $MCP. Similar SA article was taken back. Stock kept low so shorts can cover, parabolic then !

  2. $MCP put/call ratio the highest it s been in a while at 38.8... typically indicating support/reversal from a down trend...

  3. $MCP a close below 2 should bring in a major flush ,,,,,,,,>>>>>

  4. $MCP ..I am very happy that shorts are making lots of money today.I am guessing you guys are short few million shares ? times 0.04..not bad

  5. @TAman87 How low can you go? How low can you go? $MCP http://y.ahoo.it/xTSHqFL8

  6. Short Squeeze Alerts $Ticker Symbol $NQ $ARIA $USU $RSH $AEGR $SODA $MCP $END http://y.ahoo.it/P4YWfEjk

  7. $MCP This one is headed towards $2.5 n once it crosses then $3. Folks, that financing deal was not a joke.

  8. August 19 2014 P&F Descending Triple Bottom Breakdown http://y.ahoo.it/R2AjyzmL $AEO $UNG $KGC $MCP $DNDN $KIOR $ITEN

  9. $MCP bigstock don t try and hustle people into this dog ;-) once 2 is broken its on its way to low 1 s imo

  10. $MCP hopefully we test the lows, i would love a second opportunity to buy at a cheaper pps, not sure if it will happen. Buy the dips IMHO

  11. $MCP 23.8 M shelf registation has to be approved by board of directors thus most likely aporoved by MOLYMET. Insider trading operations ?

  12. $MCP watch for that close below 2 which should open the door to low 1 s .....>>>>>>.

  13. $MCP... no wonder... http://y.ahoo.it/63eG21MY

  14. $mcp, I love negativity of people towards some stocks. Let them push it down as much as they can.

  15. $MCP moved my next watch alert down to $1.80 will revisit then...

  16. $MCP this stock will infinitely frustrate out as many longs as possible.

  17. $MCP !#@$^#&*%@^!)($%!!!!!!!!!

  18. $MCP cost of production went down huge and nobody noticed that. Everyone is damn focused on debt, that s how shorts get things wrong.

  19. $MCP anything that goes down has chance to go up and vice versa. Fundamentals are getting better, loan secured, production improving.

  20. $mcp is headed higher, stubborn shorts will stay, smarts will cover and continue to cover. @mikethebusinessman24

  21. $MCP http://y.ahoo.it/8XOagwmF

  22. $VALE Has Lower Outlook In Eye of Analyst While $MCP, $ACI in Active http://y.ahoo.it/pBjGkrHE

  23. $MCP They have 2 to 3 years of runway. Buy if you believe REE prices will increase. I believe they will because of China. Good luck to all

  24. $MCP $TSLA $RP Showing life

  25. @Chaku buy some if you are flexible with your view. $mcp