1. $MCP oh my goodness pumpers out it droves again.... i will posting my chart showing the next downside shortly>>>>>>>very

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  3. $MCP How can they move 5 million shares all day and in 2 seconds as the market closes move 7 million ?

  4. $MCP $1 & Beyond Next, Like I Said Best Opportunity Buy Undervalued, Under Intrinsic Value & Book Value. http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/mcp/stock-chart?intraday=on&timeframe=intra&splits=off&earnings=off&movingaverage=None&lowerstudy=volume&comparison=off&index=&drilldown=off

  5. $MCP That s what we call short covering folks...

  6. $MCP Ah crazy volume & no change... Something is going on... http://stocktwits.com/message/30490805

  7. $MCP what is the news?????

  8. $MCP Wow, huge pop

  9. $MCP news on monday http://stocktwits.com/message/30488692

  10. $MCP 64,000,000 shares short

  11. $NURO EOW run? is ready to explode, beautiful chart!! $NQ,$BBRY,$MCP,$ARIA add to watch list...

  12. $MCP And $NUGT Long here

  13. @SGDNYC Watch & See! $MCP Molycorp Company stock Undervalued, Under Intrinsic Value & Book Value

  14. $MCP @TAman87 True that! Limitless has pumped this bad boy when it was over six dollars....must be a shill for the company...got lotta balls

  15. $MCP Anyone have any news on how ramp up of production is going?

  16. $MCP Bearish Penny Stock Play here

  17. $MCP limitless has crawled out of the cave again with more bs pumping... Stock always drops on his pumps

  18. $MCP Molycorp The Best Opportunity Buy In A Life Time!! Ready To Rally More

  19. $MCP is a test of $2.50 too much to ask for?

  20. $MCP I once short MCP at $72.35. Oh the good ol days. Too bad I covered at $60. I have no position, but barring BK, .79 seems a good buy.

  21. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Dec/17 SELL: $LYB $FTI $JEC $ATW $MDU $MCD $ITT $MCP $FLS $NM $ONVO $WLL $GPRE $CLNE $GALE $L $KLAC $MRC $SC $LEN

  22. $MCP this little bounce will be over shortly imho then we see .50 .40 .30 etc very ,,,>>>>>

  23. @mikethebusinessman24 I just hate to see people waste their money & energy on zombie like $MCP, been warning this was going to $0 since $20

  24. @mikethebusinessman24 @Bigstockjohnson Yes, Molycorp assets will survive while $MCP equity will be/is worthless you have to realize that...

  25. $MCP damn this thing trades like a penny stock ....