1. Weatherford - Oaktree s Loan To Molycorp As A Proxly, Lender Will Seek 10% Equity As Sweetener http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com/content/view/844/37/ $WFT $MCP $OAK

  2. $MCP does anyone know what happens to stock we hold after the auction? Does it all just disappear??

  3. $MCP http://investorintel.com/technology-metals-intel/technology-metals-monthly-a-significant-fundamental-shift-at-play-in-rare-earths/ nice article on rare earths...... Anyone know what happened with the siemens deal with molycorp?

  4. $MCP: New SEC Filing for MCP: Form 8-K, No. 0001489137-16-000081 http://stocknewsflow.com/1489137_000148913716000081_0001489137-16-000081

  5. Molycorp: United States Bankruptcy Court DISTRICT OF DELAWARE http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2385996 $MCP

  6. $MCP Ross Bhappu pump and dump.

  7. $MCP come on, why no ticker on $LYSCF Lynas Corp yet

  8. $TWTR Being a lawyer on this class action would be easy. Your honor take a look at this chart. Please compare it with $MCP Moly Corp.

  9. $MCP Time to call Geoffrey Bedford & Constantine Karayannopoulos what they are. Bullsheeting lying hucksters. No ethics morals or character

  10. $MCP Ross Bhappu insanely rich from pumping and dumping molycorpse.

  11. $MCP $MCPIQ Time to Fire Molycorp CEO & Chairman Geoffrey Bedford & Constantine Karayannopoulos

  12. $REE Rare Element Resources #Swing #Trade #Alert *All Time Low* $UURAF $MCP $TSLA $ABX $GG $CDE $SLV $PALL $GLD $HL $KGC $AUY $URRE $UREE

  13. $TWTR $YHOO $WLT $MCP $BBRY Not true at all. MMI, SNDK, AOL, etc. YHOO had several offers. Mgmt screwed it up. $STUDY

  14. $TWTR $YHOO $WLT $MCP $BBRY Agree! Exception can be industry leaders that are beaten down by circumstance (whatever that might be).

  15. $TWTR $YHOO $WLT $MCP $BBRY Hmmm, That s what they said about Keurig

  16. Fun Fact: Stocks performing horrendously don t tend to get bought out. $TWTR $YHOO $WLT $MCP $BBRY et al...

  17. $GPRO The wait it trades now, reminds me of that other marvel of a ticker: $MCP !!!

  18. $MCP Ross Bhappu pump and dump perpetuated by Constantine and Geoff. Scammers.

  19. $MCP $MCPIQ that s was a quick 1 day drop

  20. $MCP scam by scammers Ross Bhappu & Constantine Karayannopoulos imho. Bhappu started the scam & CK spewed lies & 1/2 truths to perpetuate

  21. Deals of the Day: $MXIM, $TXN, $ADI, #Asahi, #Italgas, $MCP https://www.thudderwicks.com/2016/01/mxim-txn-adi-asahi-italgas-mcp/

  22. $MCP how many times do equity holders need to lose money to know that really only bond holders have a claim here. Equity = dead meat

  23. $MCP this should be good. March 4th for the highest bidder. Time to load up.

  24. $MCP just bought in today.... Was this a mistake ?

  25. $MCP About 2 million shares sold between 2:40-2:45 on that news