1. $MCP Any idea idea how high this will go up? Would love to see this hit near 2 wishing the next couple weeks

  2. $MCP just waiting for this boy to pop early next week

  3. $MCP would be HUGE if Tesla hops on the Molycorp train as well.

  4. $MCP When I twitted the double bottom at .32 cents I had absolutely no clue it would quickly run almost 400% to 1.13. Wow...

  5. PALDF $PAL ,????Da Fuk**happen That s what it stands for, have a good weekend everyone $BAA $AAPL $VLTC $MCP $REE #pennystocks #oil #gold

  6. $MCP What if Siemens is interested in buying them out? Good contract 10 yrs. Siemens knows what their doing.

  7. $MCP it got delisting letter once beginning of this year .. http://seekingalpha.com/article/2870476-will-molycorp-be-delisted

  8. $MCP not surprised people still trade this .. but always SMH

  9. $MCP delisting will happen under $1 a share for 30 consecutive days, by then price will be $.30, super buy back for us! And worry for $SIEGY

  10. $MCP Does anyone know NYSE s cutoff date for MCP sub $1 delisting?

  11. $MCP after a deal with Siemens one of the world s biggest companies. ...where s the risk

  12. $MCP the potential outweighs the risk

  13. @Kobyashimaru $MCP Entire market is spooked because of Greece fo real

  14. $ENZN to many dumps im out. buy $AXPW or $MCP .

  15. $MCP chart looks like a double bottom and it s bull flagging right now. Slingshot to the moon upcoming.

  16. $MCP im thinking 2.30 by mid May; quicker with news

  17. $MCP Im still a big believer that TSLA might sign a contract.TSLA giagfactory in cali they need REE and mcp mines in cali. Makes sense to me

  18. $MCP A higher close. Nothing wrong with that.

  19. $MCP Will this go bellow .80 on Monday?

  20. $MCP We can see the volume & accumulation pattern for today s action.

  21. $MCP I stated before, siemens will cover the bond debt and swap it for REE supply and or stock, that way they lock in the REE resources

  22. Top Penny Stocks of The Day: $INEG $PMCB $MCP $ENZN $ROSG $ZBB $GMO $MAXD $CBAI $SPPR

  23. $MCP Here is a conversation I had with my brother on $MCP. Has been employed by $DUK for 4 years. Part 2

  24. $MCP Here is a conversation I had with my brother on $MCP. Has been employed by $DUK for 4 years. Part 1

  25. $MCP so now its JP Morgan that is stopping this from going up,,,we must have the lunatic fringe of gold and silver stackers here lol