1. $MCP what I find suspect is today s price action coupled with Oak Tree s 13G release...

  2. @Molycorp Would you mind tell me why $MCP is getting so cheaper?

  3. $MCP Do not believe the pumper hype about 13G filing. Oaktree s big shares in the game are simply the warrants. Not market purchases.

  4. $MCP ...collectively constituting 9.1% of the Issuer’s outstanding Common Stock, & has the sole power to vote & dispose of such Securities.

  5. $MCP Oaktree 9.1% stake... MLYCo PT is the direct owner of 18,358,019 Penny Warrants and 6,119,340 Oaktree Warrants...

  6. $MCP told you all months ago this was going sub $2... Now here comes sub $1. Next stop $0.

  7. $MCP http://y.ahoo.it/NGsmg3T6

  8. $MCP DJ: Oaktree Capital reports 9.1% passive stake in Molycorp .. guess they have skin in the game :)

  9. @bcraig1 all rare earths companies are going down, $MCP is down as well, rare earth prices are falling like a rock that s why $REE is down

  10. $MCP Why do I feel like the George McFly of investing? Holding since $4

  11. Molycorp just filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://y.ahoo.it/aiHLGAKv $MCP

  12. $MCP $1.43 buy?

  13. $MCP something up in AH....

  14. @InsiderBuySuperstocks capitulation today in $MCP and $REE? or breakdown...

  15. $MCP Yes! Can you say capitulation!? Long another 2000 @ 1.31

  16. @ bought $MCP with $5.7 PT it looks like a bottom. good r...... , $5.7 PT consensus http://y.ahoo.it/Mb3wXzOY

  17. $MCP holy cow.. welcoming 1.2x or 1.00 sooner

  18. $MCP today s pain is tomorrow... gain?

  19. $MCP Get out while you still can!

  20. $MCP Long 1.34

  21. $MCP avg @ $2 should I avg down? http://y.ahoo.it/sTn2dirf

  22. $MCP #marketmanipulation http://y.ahoo.it/c6Bqv4Kb

  23. $MCP I am still here Adamantium

  24. $MCP @BottomUp - are you selling or adding?

  25. $MCP - 1.35 @shockexchange price is here.. Now, let it drain another 10 - 15% from here for better entry.. 1.15 - 1.10 safe entrance..