1. $MCP what the heck was that. 150k shares in a minute? @ 2:55 PM?

  2. $MCP Q4 2013 earnings were released on March 14, 2014. I sent an email to IR to see if they have any information on this year.

  3. $MCP #rare earths molycorp #wallstreet #investing #stocks http://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2015/03/01/the-earth-rarest-metals-and-why-need-them/aYgdYQ2ZlLLB9qNmOSxXyH/story.html http://stocktwits.com/message/33581649

  4. $MCP If # were good they would have reported.only question with this co is how much longer the cash lasts. Sad a 50mm loss is a beat!

  5. $MCP let s make it simple- no one knows when the ER is yet. Just wait till you hear from the company.

  6. $MCP told ya no ER today lol ya notice most of the pumpers have quietly left the building leaving imho joe six with a bag>>>>>>

  7. $MCP ...earning report will be anytime between now and Friday after close....4th. to 6th.

  8. $MCP so Moly reports today? Looking for EPS of about -$0.21, but the real question will be production figures and ASP s against sales.

  9. $MCP and $LYSDY are the two producers of REEs outside of China. These two companies should be able to supply $AAPL http://stocktwits.com/message/33526881

  10. $MCP I think TA Man is the only short left http://stocktwits.com/message/33523513

  11. EPS after close: $FXCM, $MCP, $WTI, $DAR, $HRB, $ECR, $CPE, $PEIX, $SOGC, $PPO, $SQNM, $SINA, $PQ, $JONE, $VSLR, $QTWW http://stocktwits.com/message/33522818

  12. $MCP Google Finance list ER will be today at 4 pm

  13. $MCP I think some trading accordingly to keep it under $1.00 to get delisting. For my self this stock is way undervalued. Bullish at earning

  14. $MCP When is the earning?

  15. $MCP .funny thing is that 90 pct. of bashers here do not even have a position..other 10 pct. are day traders making 3 cents a trade..losers.

  16. $MCP Playing with shorts nerves

  17. $MCP they will prob announce today or tomorrow that they will report on mon tues next week .maybe later? idk all i know is i think will be +

  18. $MCP they are supposed to announce an ER date. They announced Q3 date for 11/5 on 10/21/2014. Late March possible, IMO

  19. $MCP lots of call buying interest on $1.50

  20. $MCP all out

  21. $MCP mighty quiet around here even though we re now back up 8%...

  22. $MCP so to all the know it all earnings release ppl, when are earnings going to be?

  23. $MCP why are shares flying for .87 cents in pre morning trading? Does anyone have any news?

  24. $MCP so what s up with the delay in release?

  25. $MCP Sold at .96 yay