1. $MCP ~ off bottom with recent 60Minute report...

  2. $MCP ... well someone is petting this burning dog

  3. $MCP nice party, are we happy here? :-) Bankruptcy with nice GT s is around the corner!

  4. $CYTX $ZGNX $MCP $SGNL $AEZS $NSPR $ASX check out $ONCY if you are trading biotechs. Just mentioned on 60 minutes. Oversold and undervalued.

  5. @Sourcingstocks $NBG, $MCP and $FXCM are all cooked @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/fxcm/fxcm-mcp-and-nbg-zombie-stocks-with-uncertain-prospects/ this is the worst website I ve encountered in a long while.

  6. $MCP holding my losing calls. Support is there. Now let s see the Bulls run it up!

  7. $MCP it s gotta go over $1 before July

  8. $NBG, $MCP and $FXCM are all cooked @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/fxcm/fxcm-mcp-and-nbg-zombie-stocks-with-uncertain-prospects/

  9. $MCP wow from 70+ to .25 cents geez . These markets can kill a man ! Goddamn!!!

  10. $MCP: New SEC Filing for MCP: Form S-8, No. 0001489137-15-000015 http://stocknewsflow.com/1489137_000148913715000015_0001489137-15-000015

  11. Molycorp just filed its Securities to be offered to employees in employee benefit plans http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1489137/000148913715000015/0001489137-15-000015-index.htm $MCP

  12. $MCP Support at 0.35...

  13. $MGT looking very consistent for nice gains next week! More news next week! Bored? $ECIG $OREX $CYTX $MCP $PAL $cycc

  14. $MCP Monday might be a good day to get in on higher volume..

  15. $MCP Despite all these sell off, there are tons of buying-in. Make me wonder if the restructuring status.

  16. $MCP some volume happening today around the 50 mark on the 10Y seniors. Been seeing action all week at that level. Dunno what to make of it

  17. $MCP who is left to sell at these levels though, who hasn t already abandoned ship?

  18. $MCP mcp just fighting to not lose anymore. Forget about making gains...looks like it will be testing previous low.

  19. $MCP game is over

  20. $MCP Anybody who has knowledge about $MCP is welcome to reply. Any thoughts about MCP future from here?

  21. $NBG, $MCP and $FXCM are trying to catch a real bid @ http://www.sourcingstocks.com/fxcm/fxcm-mcp-and-nbg-zombie-stocks-with-uncertain-prospects/

  22. $MCP Pump, DUMP & SMASH from day 1. Ross Bhappu cashed out $700+ MILLION. Ross clients cashed out BILLIONS. Sold $50+. Now nowheretobefound

  23. $MCP...Stock Conultant just upgraded price targets...chart..http://www.stockconsultant.com/consultnow/basicplus.cgi?symbol=mcp

  24. $MCP going to be my tax right off for the year... maybe my 10Y senior notes at 50cents on the dollar will pay off long term.

  25. $MCP BK within 1 month IMO. Equity gets 0. Co can t even make money with no interest payments. Liquidate the garbage pit.MGMT s/b in jail!