1. @Turboclark @Swordfish1 $mcp i have been here since 2011 the fake just a few days look at the date became member

  2. @Swordfish1 $mcp this is a fake TAman im still bearish

  3. Because you are looking at it from yesterday price. Broaden your horizons n it will make sense how it has been bleeding. $mcp

  4. Most Undervalued & Bullish Stocks To Buy $TIBX $LLNW $MCP

  5. $MCP Only market keeping this down!! Will run high Monday imho

  6. $mcp, oh bulls, thou where are you? Why don t you do something about the bleeding?

  7. $MCP $REE http://y.ahoo.it/L4cPV0xg

  8. @ShockExchange $mcp already priced in

  9. $MCP yep someone duped my name didn t like the fact i nailed the top in gtat,,, still bearish mcp

  10. $MCP This is a Co. with a horrible balance sheet.Equity will be diluted and can t run because bond holders want to suppress the stock price

  11. @Bigstockjohnson If I HAD to buy $MCP at gunpoint, I would buy the debt not the equity

  12. $GTAT Here comes smart money!! pushing it to 15. $MCP on the bull run as well >>>>>

  13. $MCP Did some DD and this will pop imho >>>>

  14. $MCP Strong Buy Analysis On Molycorp http://y.ahoo.it/EbByQtsq $REE

  15. $MCP Molymet Most Likely Looking At LBO Of Molycorp

  16. $MCP Starting to look really good here. LT 5

  17. $MCP Short Squeeze Mounting Up Again In Molycorp http://y.ahoo.it/lIeEGZNY

  18. @sagestrategy With dilution, $MCP may be less valuable, but with LBO, if the offer price is greater than the market price, we could benefit.

  19. $MCP http://y.ahoo.it/3fl1PJ9l side research shows its flaws Molymet is a STRATEGIC investor.May 2014 RoadShow look for Equity dilution or LBO?

  20. Bullish On $TIBX $MCP

  21. $MCP $MCP ShockExchange Is Just A Diluted Paper Pusher Most Likely Trying To Dilute Himself Into Writing Another Lie & Diluting His Brain!!

  22. $MCP strong today despite the obvious hit pieces published recently...

  23. $MCP ShockExchange Is Just A Paper Pusher Which Has Diluted Himself Into Dust W His Diluted Articles & Diluted Creditability,Just a WaterBoy

  24. $MCP read between the lines Molymet not walking away from investment.I can think of many restructurings Equity diluted,Convt. Molymet/Apolo

  25. $MCP ShockExchange Has Diluted Himself Into Dust W His Diluted Articles & Diluted Flip Flops & Diluted Creditability, Water Boy Diluted