1. Top Picks for rest of 2014: Biotechnology $SGEN $GILD $PCYC $MDVN $ALNY $BMRN $ISIS $CLVS $ACAD $CLDX $HALO $ARWR $SGMO $ARIA $NPSP $PPHM

  2. Speech had no effect, bought 1500 shares anyway. Total $GILD shares now 9000. Looking to roll my $MDVN shares into this baby soon.

  3. $MDVN Overweighted. Pending positive PDUFA outcome I will hold for long term growth and possible buyout. GL.

  4. $MDVN PDUFA 18 Sep, priority review. MDVN/Astella positioned to start pre-chemo sales immediately. Remainder of 2014 should be exciting

  5. $MDVN I expect small bump after pre-chemo approval, small drop after Q3 then shoots up by Q4.

  6. $MDVN increased my overweight position this morning. both common & options

  7. $PCYC $MDVN let s start running!

  8. @JPWhitney $GILD $MDVN

  9. $MDVN Very positive article, just scroll to the middle part about MDVN and increased opportunities in treating breast cancer,

  10. $MDVN Needs to crack $88 to begin the next leg.

  11. $MDVN Kinda looks like a bullish flag pattern. Either way, the fundamentals are great here. LT hold and strong buy, even at this level

  12. I m seeing some rotation from riskier stocks (Bio/techs) to safe names (banks) $NFLX $AMZN $LNKD$PBYI $MDVN $C $BAC $GS $MS

  13. $CLDX $MDVN $PCYC I got to enjoy hell on earth called the DMV. What did I miss? Yellen talked again? IBB is down.

  14. $MDVN Not sure if this has been posted, but great article about MDVN potential > http://y.ahoo.it/Db4yRriU

  15. @StoicSpeculator Yup $UBNT $MDVN $BITA $CSIQ

  16. $MDVN time to load up again

  17. my best today $ANET $BMRN $JRJC $EXAS $GE $IEP $MDVN $VFC

  18. $MDVN Wow, big AH buys again. 25,700 x $86.48 and 13,180 x $86.50 > approx $3.37M worth

  19. $MDVN We are flirting heavily with 88 and prospect of going to 90 this week.

  20. @1nvestor not sure if you like $MDVN but I have been stalking it on the long side since 80.25. Looks really good.

  21. $SLXP 155s held nice bounce here bak up still 160 R , carried $JAZZ $ITMN $MDVN back up to highs $icpt held that 274 area mon

  22. Review Recent Investing/Trading Ideas & Market Updates: $LEJU $RH $WUBA $MDVN $WNR $TSO $FLT -- $SPY $QQQ $NQ_F $SP_F http://y.ahoo.it/y7QBbWEf

  23. @venkysrinivasan @upsidetrader Congrats for adding $MDVN at $85! GL this week to us all :D

  24. $MDVN I am glad I added more at 85.00. Staying long this one, might add a collar if required. @upsidetrader

  25. @Dash718 Super p*ssed I didn t buy the $PCYC dip but saving up for $MDVN :D