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  5. @Bk124 they presented already. Data still very good especially in patients failing the two leading drugs Zytiga $JNJ and Xtandi $MDVN.

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  8. 17-19% of patients had ARV7 and therefore ZERO response to $JNJ or $MDVN drugs. Only Galeterone should work on these in addition to rest.

  9. Xtandi $MDVN will overtake Zytiga $JNJ next year. Zytiga market share $1.7 Billion. Galeterone $TKAI combines both their actions plus arv7

  10. $MDVN I like this here. Cooled off for a bit. Ready for the next leg up.

  11. $MDVN short interest increases from 3,476,300 to 3,868,300 +11.28%

  12. $ACAD 32% $MDVN 26% $XNCR 10% $ALCLS 6% $SZYM 4% $FPRX 4% $MPSYF 3% $BIOA 2% $SCTPF 2% $IPH 1%

  13. @34precinct $GILD $BIIB $CELG $MDVN $ALXN $UHS $RCPT $MNK gave long signals in 1 form or another tonight also. U would think that would b...

  14. $TKAI Prostate Cancer is huge $4 Billion market. Xtandi $MDVN will overtake Zytiga $JNJ, Provenge DNDN is going away, Galeterone can be #3

  15. $MDVN Hey, Goldman! Downgrade this again tomorrow please!!

  16. $GILD $CELG $IBB huge winners today $MDVN nice recovery

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  18. $MDVN Beautiful rebound. The force is strong in this one.

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  21. @Kristin $mdvn $2

  22. $MDVN Healthy, but pretty swift 9% drop

  23. $MDVN This is a healthy pullback. Adding a bit here. We might see high 80s. Still the same blockbuster drug

  24. $MDVN remember GS raised PT from 90 to 110$ and sees mdvn still strong! http://y.ahoo.it/gcRFS6Op

  25. $MDVN Down she goes.