1. $MEET Easy run to $2, bought 7,000 more shares today. It s golden. Free money.

  2. $MEET Love the Chart . Break is coming. After it breaks $2, goes all the way to $2.50

  3. $MEET market looks toppy, and weakness in other social media stocks (FB, LNKD) helped to sway my decision. GL to all still in

  4. $MEET Closed position yesterday and today. Unfortunately most of it was sold today. Still a nice profit. Don t like the chart here.

  5. $MEET MEET - revenue for Q2 2015 came in at $11.1 million up 4% year over year MEET beat estimates by $0.5 million. great job growing mobile

  6. $MEET $3.25 will be reached faster than you can imagine

  7. Share an idea on $MEET Great start this week, now all the way to $3.25

  8. $moh upped $meet 3

  9. $MEET If $1.95 is failed today, this will crash. Looking for short opportunities in this scenario.

  10. $MEET The company continues to improve and its only a matter of time before the growth cannot be ignored by the Street.

  11. $MEET the company beat estimates by $0.5 million. the continued story here is that MeetMe is doing a great job growing mobile.

  12. Share an idea on $MEET - revenue for Q2 2015 came in at $11.1 million up 4% year over year


  14. Cool reasons given regarding $MEET cc transcript http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://seekingalpha.com/article/3377685-meetmes-meet-ceo-geoffrey-cook-on-q2-2015-results-earnings-call-transcript

  15. $MEET unbelievable!!

  16. $MEET Great company and very undervalued , $3 is an Easy Goal

  17. Share an idea on $MEET Amazing run and it only the START

  18. $MEET yep 1.70 s sad horrible company

  19. $MEET EOD thoughts?

  20. $MEET Today only start , got 10,000 more shares before it goes to $3

  21. $MEET MEET is easily goes to $3, 50% profit in no time

  22. $MEET just like normal this stock falls back down probably back to the 1.80-1.70 s

  23. $MEET market is turning green. Over $2 is very likely

  24. $MEET I put in a buy order at $1.95 so now it will never dip that low again

  25. $MEET this needs to break through 2 - come on!