1. $MEET Some short pumping going on.... Might be a good time to buy

  2. $MEET Bleed Baby Bleed!

  3. $MEET You longs, when this breaks below the secondary price of $2 what do you expect to happen? This is going lower.Sell and then sell again

  4. $MEET any good news to support Meet to goes up so much in premarket

  5. Good Day today Short $GTAT $MEET $DANG $PCLN $TSLA Been Long $AVNR for months Cut position by 80% after 13 failed.Lots of Covered Calls Core

  6. $MEET No news out of MEET because they have no good news to share. They already spun their BS and have what they need. Money for Cook Checks

  7. $MEET Stay the course shorts. This one is only going lower long term,

  8. $MEET Sticking to my Guns on this Short. Goes lower week after week!

  9. $MEET Now tell me I was wrong when i said MEET Exist to generate paychecks for the Cooks. Not a peep since they got the Secondary buyers out

  10. $MEET wait for the buyout and we re laughing at $3

  11. $MEET Heading to ZERO

  12. @WallStreetCub: $MEET +2 today. -7 tomr. How do u know?

  13. $MEET +2 today. -7 tomr.

  14. $MEET Hopeless, seems nobody care about MEET price anymore, no post, no volume. Dead end.

  15. $MEET So easy to knock this into the red anytime its up a few cents. No volume. No one wants this stock, Secondary buyers look long gone.

  16. $MEET Meet you at twtr

  17. $MEET So disappointing, always in red, patient is limited, Go up please

  18. $MEET Seeking Alpha Article: Should you Meet MeetMe? http://y.ahoo.it/tnVZJ0Vf

  19. $MEET green day

  20. $MEET BTW, when you see a yacht with a name, wallstreetCub, come on board say hello and have a beer/wine with me

  21. $MEET If you had listened to me from my last posts sell this sucker and buy twtr, you could ve made $$. Twtr +2.40 today.

  22. $MEET Love watching this Pig Bleed.

  23. $DANG and $MEET have made my list of stocks that are toxic to your net worth. Avoid them at all cot

  24. $GPRO $MBLY You shorts are shorting the wrong stocks $DANG and $MEET are the stocks you want to short

  25. $MEET going long at 2.24. like what i read and see.