1. $MEET I am impressed how well $meet held up today.

  2. $MEET When will Meet stop decline ? Really put off . No hope for this week, what will it look like next week ?

  3. @jro1978 Where are you getting the info that $MEET is in talks with $FB?

  4. $MEET Higher volume buying up the public offering shares at a discount. Daily candles look good. Over sold, ER soon which is expected to be+

  5. $MEET What?? Down to 2.10 after market??

  6. $MEET Mobile Q2 revenue increased an estimated 114% http://y.ahoo.it/8FcJY5xs

  7. $MEET Said to be talking with Facebook - seems like it could be a buy here

  8. $MEET I am afraid it may drop under $2 tomr (Friday)

  9. $MEET I was wrong on this one playing well off of FB earnings. Public offering killed it hard.

  10. $MEET fi you think meet is making money on ads just go long.. I think they are making lots of money.. check out their app.

  11. $MEET Folks the fundamentals are there as being proved in their ERs. I have no doubt this thing will go up. Slow and steady upward trend.

  12. $MEET go

  13. $MEET PM is not moving whereas $FB is sky rocketing. It is not looking good.

  14. $MEET, panic if it goes below 2 today!

  15. $MEET uncertain on sell or buy if price goes further down tody?

  16. $MEET look at Facebook a raging bull.. Meet is showing no such excitement .. I m afraid this one is looking more and more a sorry case

  17. $MEET This will go up to $2.25 - $2.30 tomorrow. FB earnings blow out.

  18. New lows today for $ACI $HERO $MEET shorts. Join us! http://y.ahoo.it/nwSwYnI2

  19. $MEET just bought some meet after hours,

  20. $MEET $FB 2nd Revenue increases 61%. Impressive!!

  21. $MEET My order missed by 2 cents

  22. $MEET Holding 10k @ $4, not a happy camper atm, who knows when I get my value back let alone any profit...

  23. $MEET prices $10M Public offering of 5M shr @ $2.00 ps.

  24. $MEET - http://y.ahoo.it/YQlWxFEN - Tidal Wave Volume - Currently at 5 x average daily volume.

  25. $MEET wow, congrats to those who added early! I m still just holding for now