1. @StocksWealth: MeetMe, Inc. If they manage to keep positive dynamics the company will become interesting to big investors. ($MEET)

  2. $FB Worst Nightmare, “Telecom Industry”: $YNDX $MEET http://www.streetwisereport.com/facebook-inc-nasdaqfb-worst-nightmare-telecom-industry-yandex-n-v-nasdaqyndx-meetme-inc-nasdaqmeet/110859/

  3. $BBRY $MEET

  4. $MEET $NBG $AMD $FXCM MeetMe was expected to report earnings on Mon. morning. They reported a beat early. I don t think anyone knows yet.

  5. $MEET Earnings result is already out. Check out historical price reaction after ER. http://stocksearning.com/q.aspx?Sys=MEET

  6. $MEET need close above 200-day MA

  7. $MEET red with good ER. Imagine bad ER...lol

  8. $MEET Looks like same reaction that happened after FB ER

  9. $ROSG long $BIOL, $BIOC, $SGNL, $CLNE, $CENX, $SD,$MEET and $BCLI, truck loaded!

  10. $MEET: New SEC Filing for MEET: Form 8-K, No. 0001437749-15-003607 http://stocknewsflow.com/1078099_000143774915003607_0001437749-15-003607

  11. $MEET Meetme, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/MEET/communique/869288

  12. Current report, items 2.02, 7.01, and 9.01 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=1495066 $MEET

  13. $MEET So sad that even with a beat it s turning negative

  14. $MEET no one wants to trust meet no matter what their results are

  15. $MEET so this beat and it s only up .02?

  16. Pre-Market Gainers: $XIN +20% $CYCC +17% $SREV +16% $BLOX +16% $CYTX +13% $CLNE +12% $MNST +10% $ATOS +10% $SD +9% $SPLK +7% $MEET +6%

  17. $meet +7% pre-market,

  18. $MEET Why there are some sellers ?

  19. $MEET nice quarter, was just a matter of time,

  20. $MEET Cool steady quarter

  21. $MEET Premarket crushing it. Let s keep it going through the open.

  22. $MEET MeetMe Reports Full Year and Fourth Quarter 2014 Financial Results http://www.finances.com/company-news/70303-meetme-reports-full-year-and-fourth-quarter-2014-financial-results.htm

  23. $MEET predictions for tomorrow? Break even

  24. $MEET ready for fireworks tomorrow

  25. $MEET ER on 2/27 Before Open. SP were DOWN 6 times out of last 9 qtrs (66%) in Earnings reactions http://stocksearning.com/q.aspx?Sys=MEET