1. @trendwithin What do you foresee this doing? $MEET

  2. $MEET neglected with a vol pattern on a monthly time frame that continues to grab my attention http://y.ahoo.it/O9JyZVgM

  3. $MEET Wakie-wakie Mr. Giant....?

  4. $MEET We need to see actual Q1 results. Hopefully they outperform.. I am now getting messeges on Meetme for the photo and text which is gr8

  5. $MEET I just sold part of my position so it should skyrocket....

  6. $MEET I will be very surprised if this makes any significant move up till end of may

  7. $MEET Might get some simpathty short squeeze from FB earnings today.

  8. $MEET I think we are sitting on a sleeping giant here...just don t know when it will wake.. hoping for at least sleeping farts today

  9. $MEET Expecting this to run hard after great mobile news from $FB

  10. @littlecbigd largely driven by mobile ad sales. this bodes very well for $MEET imo

  11. $MEET fb killed it in er

  12. $MEET Can someone smarter than me in the area of investing explain why this stock has gone down since earnings, discounting overall market?

  13. @shokey I believe the $FB earnings tonight will spark a run. This has been the calm before the storm $MEET

  14. $MEET dont think we will hear any news till end of may... This will stay the way it is till then

  15. $MEET fb earnings tonight...since we re on the coat tails any thoughts on tommorrow?

  16. $MEET In my honest opinion, it is going to follow the weekly trendline for a while or until news http://y.ahoo.it/wdEzHwMb

  17. $MEET whys there been no p or ah since move?

  18. $MEET hanging man?

  19. $MEET @Zonata got any recent charts for MEET?

  20. $MEET few showers after a drought

  21. $MEET Should have higher volume today. Looking good so far. $FB ER tomorrow will have significant impact.

  22. $MEET Looking bullish on weekly and daily.... Yea I know it s only the first day of the week but still :)

  23. $MEET Broke resistance. Looks like we ll end the day with a bullish hammer...good signs. Hopefully volume goes up this week.

  24. @smallchange: $MEET long 2.83 selling 3/4 now

  25. $MEET Here.We.Go!