1. @Barracudatrades if $FB was buying $MEET you would see 10+ million volume on the daily..18 & 30% daily pops don t=buyout. crazy high vol=BO

  2. Earnings announcement: $MEET is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Mon, Aug 4 2014

  3. $MEET and the volume goes down after an 18% pop yesterday! Need more than a couple press releases to sustain a move up!

  4. $MEET odds of positive ER?

  5. $MEET Snapchat rumored to be valued at $10 billion...how is $MEET not running?

  6. $MEET, anyone knows why it slow down today ? I hope it will be at 2.50 today. Seems small chance.

  7. @heterodontbull $meet, I will hold it till ER, hope for the best,

  8. biding 2.25 for $meet

  9. @Barracudatrades: $MEET needs to hit 2.30 2.25 then $BOUNCE time $GRPN I will look to reenter around 6 right after post nice 5min vol meet

  10. $meet needs to hit 2.30 2.25 then $bounce time $grpn I will look to reenter around 6

  11. $MEET Stocks are getting flatter than my a$$.

  12. social media stocks need a little bit more selling then off to races my fav is $meet. i bet we hear buyout talks soon.

  13. $amsc $optt $meet $galt $plug $camt $txmd $live

  14. @Alpha2014 Sorry for not knowing, but what is the correlation between $APP and $MEET ?

  15. $MEET up we go!

  16. $MEET With earnings in only a few trading days hard to say what is best. Sell it when it runs up more before earnings or hang on for ER.

  17. Small Bombs Under $10 | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://y.ahoo.it/Z1AZZKA2 $S $ACI $ANR $WLT $MEET $HALO $NG

  18. $MEET growing fast as heck

  19. $MEET Been bullish for a year but this stock keep dropping crumbs. Show me the money!

  20. $MEET support level 2.40, 2.66, 2.83 . http://y.ahoo.it/n8BkEyyS

  21. $APP What happened here? Is this the dip before the big uprise parallel to $MEET?

  22. @Barracudatrades a few months ago $MEET went up 28% in one day|today was only 18%|the volume never stays around long enough w/o stellar +ER

  23. $meet 2.71 tomorrow over that and someone knows something bigger that is taking place here. I have a hunch $FB thats all i say for now

  24. @TradeforTuition ..their pockets with their own shares and bloated salaries then $MEET will have a chance. Need a CEO with some vision.

  25. @TradeforTuition I believe you. You ve been right on $MEET more than anyone else on this site or the yahoo message boards. This goes up & ..