1. $MEET sucks balls

  2. $MEET This company has nothing going for it.. It s just another failed social media website.


  4. MeetMe Given “Buy” Rating at Roth Capital $MEET http://www.intercooleronline.com/stocks/meetme-given-buy-rating-at-roth-capital-meet/264224/ via @RatingsNetwork 11/23/15

  5. Big Wave Trading Weekend Update & Top Holdings http://bigwavetrading.com/30523/big-wave-trading-weekend-update-and-top-current-holdings-32/ $STUDY $PAYC $HCKT $EPAM $TGS $MEET $FSB $MXL $COMPQ $RUT $NDX $SPX

  6. $MEET There could be a lawsuit if this goes down further. Investors in $MEET have been ripped off with this fake company

  7. $MEET Match IPO goes up $MEET goes down?

  8. MeetMe ($MEET) Looks Undervalued as the Match IPO Set to Open - Roth Capital http://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst+Comments/MeetMe+%28MEET%29+Looks+Undervalued+as+the+Match+IPO+Set+to+Open+-+Roth+Capital/11092375.html?si_client=st

  9. $MEET wondering if it will hit 2.66 today

  10. $MEET Another day buying the dip has paid off

  11. $MEET I hate this piece of shite

  12. $MEET @ 20 may be a sell?

  13. $MEET thoughts on this? Dead and done since it hit 3 early Nov??

  14. $MEET This company is a fraud and pumped. It has dumped almost all it s value. Shorting this to $2

  15. $MEET what in the hell are you doing??

  16. $MEET another buy the dip money maker

  17. $MEET good article. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/meetme-inc-ranked-among-fastest-140000054.html

  18. $meet if only IAC wanted to buy you . ahhh youd go to $6 easy

  19. $MEET this thing still has some running left

  20. Big Wave Trading Weekend Update & Top Holdings http://bigwavetrading.com/30433/big-wave-trading-weekend-update-and-top-current-holdings-31/ $STUDY $COMPQ $RUT $SPX $DJIA $NDX $HCKT $PAYC $CLLS $MEET $NHTC $UVXY

  21. $MEET ouch

  22. $MEET enough said

  23. a few tech companies would love to see go out of business $yelp $ANGI $KING $twtr $MEET #worthless

  24. $MEET 1 year target is $4.08

  25. $MEET I would wait to short this until after $mtch IPO. Its going to go sideways until then