1. $MEET 26% Gain on the short and the stock is going lower,. Now trading below the Secondary price. MEET Exist for the Cooks Paycheck not you.

  2. $MEET at $2.60 I said that the Post Secondary Pump was over and they were all getting out. Said to Short All You Could Find. Easy 26% Gain

  3. $MEET dead meet

  4. @rebecca_wmmak: $MEET if i hold MEET till end of 2014, any chance for 2.8+, this stock is volatile, /nope

  5. $MEET Free and Easy Money Shorting $MEET and Shorting $DANG

  6. $MEET Im not in this short or long but this is no time to be selling IMO Right at suport on the 6mo chart & the candle Friday rejected lows

  7. $MEET looking back at my chart, the question is, will the bottom uptrend line hold or not?

  8. $MEET Hopeless, can t bear the pain and bleed

  9. $MEET When will be the next ER ? Any chance to give a boost at that time ?

  10. $MEET if i hold MEET till end of 2014, any chance for 2.8+, this stock is volatile,

  11. $MEET Even Yellen can t save $MEET

  12. $MEET Biggest Bull Market in Our Life Time and Geoff Cook manages to lose over 80% Market Cap. I still say this one goes to Zero

  13. $MEET Point and Figure Charts show a ZERO Price target on MEET.

  14. @Maxjrose $MEET What happened to your buyout at $3 a share? Don t hold your breath on that one.

  15. $MEET Don t say you were not warned. Told you this secondary was a sham. Shorting this is Free Easy Money!

  16. $MEET Where did all the Bulls go that said I was going to get killed shorting MEET after they got all the Secondary Buyers out at a profit?

  17. $UPRO $AAPL $CSIQ and $BIDU Are really the only longs you need. Short $DANG Short $MEET Short $GTAT

  18. My $BIDU up more than my Cost Basis in one day. My Two largest Short Positions, $MEET and $DANG continue to get crushed. Life is Good!

  19. @TradeforTuition $MEET Probably get delisted 1-2 years and Cook get arrested for stealing money from his investors

  20. $DANG and $MEET are my two top picks for stocks that are likely to no longer be listed in 3 to 5 years. $GTAT Sticking to my sub $10 target

  21. $MEET Dammmm we all will get some really cheap shares soon

  22. $MEET Some short pumping going on.... Might be a good time to buy

  23. $MEET Bleed Baby Bleed!

  24. $MEET You longs, when this breaks below the secondary price of $2 what do you expect to happen? This is going lower.Sell and then sell again

  25. $MEET any good news to support Meet to goes up so much in premarket