1. $MEET Pump and Dump is in the Terminal Dump Phase. See You All At Zero!

  2. $MEET Go look at the Quant Cast Numbers since the Hack and Tell me that the Company isn t for all intensive purposes out of business.

  3. @yuan14 Nope. That event ended $MEET as a company. The Cooks have not said a word since. It is criminal that they have not warned yet.

  4. $MEET wow, the # of mobile visits decreased by almost 50% since the the hacking on August. https://www.quantcast.com/app/MeetMe/82MbSinIaQJw2-p5028vkzyy4gw2bk?country=GLOBAL , doesn t look good

  5. $MEET The beauty about shorting $MEET is that no matter what price you short it, you still make 100% once they go out of business.

  6. $MEET Five analysts have an average price target of $4.20, who should I listen to? A person who is short on the stock or the 5 analyst? ...

  7. $MEET is already out of business. The shareholders just haven t figured it out yet. Go read the financials.........

  8. $MEET Red in a green market

  9. $MEET I think shorts already cover... heads up for Q3, should be good!

  10. $MEET I think is time to add...Q3 & Q4 should be strong... Then FY 15 should be the first profitable year...PT of $4.5 most likely to happen

  11. Hard to believe $MEET is the only green I have today. My PT $3.00

  12. $MEET not doing so bad today considering market sell off

  13. $MEET Realistically, $4.50 target price is ridiculous high for this trash. You are lucky if you see $2.50 again.

  14. $MEET I seriously Doubt $MEET ever sees $2.50 again let alone this silly $4.50 target. That is over a 120% gain from here

  15. $MEET You have to take advantage of this move over $2 again to short this stock. Some Pie in the Sky Bogus $4.50 tgt. Trades <50% avg Volume

  16. $MEET Only up 9 cents with this good news. Piece of junk http://y.ahoo.it/ypNXxrGU

  17. $MEET user growth on track for 3Q. Wunderlich from HOLD to Outperform http://y.ahoo.it/cHECYKol

  18. $MEET Remember that pigs eventually get slaughtered on both sides of the trade.

  19. $MEET Buy rating reiterated, $4.50 price target. Screaming buy.

  20. $MEET The upside here is incredible! Buy Buy Buy!!! http://y.ahoo.it/HmSzWQzX

  21. $MEET Amazing how much of a hidden gem this is. Soooo cheap right now it s laughable. Glad to be here before this takes off

  22. $MEET Patience will make you a rich man. Great story playing out here http://y.ahoo.it/HX9ckTRk

  23. $MEET I d love to see such a rally but that might work against my short position. Any movement or that would dismiss Cook, push price Up

  24. $MEET When is the Share Holder Rally at 100 Union Square Drive New Hope, PA 18938 Calling for Cooks Resignation

  25. $MEET Share Holder Rally