1. $MEIP $STEM $IDRA $STEM $CPRX catch these bottom feeding sturgeons for huge 12 foot gains :)

  2. $MEIP Averaged down to 2.20 with 12,000 shares this week. See this at $3.5-$4.00 before too long.

  3. $MEIP : Bottom Fishing

  4. $MEIP New Short interest # out: down 6.35% to 1.84M http://quotes.wsj.com/MEIP

  5. $MEIP Realistically where will this be in June pre-data?

  6. $MEIP Going long 5k @ $1.74

  7. $MEIP I agree and wish I d bought more at 2.06 dern it.

  8. $MEIP we had a good week :)

  9. Recap: $MEIP held well into close..UP next week $AERI Sure they had a few depressed investors/bottom feeders made $$ BIOC pulled back/NP

  10. $MEIP it s all red today. lets hope Monday will be green and greener. have a good weekend all.

  11. $MEIP 20k shares avg. In at 2.18

  12. $MEIP I m thinking another 3500 shares??

  13. $MEIP Buy when there is blood in the streets...All I m saying..

  14. $MEIP guess that was a dead cat bounce early this week. I M OUT.

  15. $MEIP I m out.. going to roll the dice with $ gbsn

  16. $OHRP currently in with 4,800 shares. Also in $BIOC which is primed to pop back over $3.00. Also in $MEIP around $2.18 cost basis.

  17. $MEIP out too slow for me

  18. $MEIP in with 12,000 total shares. Averaged down from 2.22 buying 4k more at 2.14

  19. $MEIP bullish.. In at $2.13 for long.

  20. $MEIP I have order for 2.13,already own 17k shares.

  21. $MEIP is this dead money, or what?

  22. $SONS stock has lot of room to run.... Hard work & patience always pay off..let the profits run... $MEIP $VRNG patience !!!

  23. $MEIP Back in...small position @ 2.14

  24. $MEIP 2400 on the ask @2.17, please buy

  25. $MEIP slow day but at least we are staying steady. A little everyday adds up.