1. $EXEL, $ANTH, $SNTA, $RXII, $AVEO, $ARNA, $CBMX, $ASTM, $ZGNX, $CYTK, $ABIO, $GENE, $MELA, $BAXS so many pieces of crap, which to choose...

  2. $mela Whats going on with this competitors all up ! When is the bleeding gunna stop ????

  3. $MELA disappointing investors since....well....inception....

  4. $MELA What a JOKE !!!!

  5. $MELA MELA Sciences to Provide Corporate Overview at the Craig-Hallum Capital Group s 2014 Alpha Selec.. http://y.ahoo.it/hs45UYBn

  6. $MELA MELA Sciences to Provide Corporate Overview at the Rodman & Renshaw 16th Annual Global Investmen.. http://y.ahoo.it/vicYYBc6

  7. $BAXS ill say it again......this is $MELA....just wait for .23-.25 if you must go long/avg....then hope for no RS

  8. $FUEL $HSOL $YGE showing the way. Next $liqd $king and maybe $kndi. and $mela spec !

  9. $MELA i can t believe it.... No volume at all. Insurance reimbursment or death ? That s it !

  10. $MELA have a look at this amazing volume ..... !!!!

  11. $mela I also have lost my shirt but I guess I ll just hang on now till I lose my pants too ? haha damn that wasn t funny !

  12. $MELA I hope you guys make out with this one. I tried patience for 4 years, and lost my shirt on it. Thank God for AAMRQ/AAL, F and JOY.

  13. $MELA It s a loss for this year... Question is how much more?

  14. $FUEL $LIQD $HSOL $YGE $MELA Am i gambling right now ? Place your bets. Watching $kndi and $king for reentry...

  15. $MELA All I play is a patience game!

  16. $MELA A potential breakout play above $2.60. Technical 75% chance up . http://y.ahoo.it/Ncc7n3Yg

  17. $MELA patience is the game!

  18. $MELA Patience is the game!

  19. $MELA Turn green soon

  20. $mela Everything is SAD about this one !!!!

  21. $MELA See all longs at home run!

  22. $MELA Set your sell price as high as you can!

  23. @Wator $MELA more like strong bye money

  24. $MELA Strong buy!

  25. $MELA Spike next week?