2. $MELA This is a good bullish sign. Very GOOD

  3. $MELA Into weekend above $3. Let s go!!!

  4. $MELA It s about to hit $3

  5. $MELA Never even got back to the $4 like some predicted. Lower lows and lower highs . . . seems to me.

  6. $MELA IMO has to close the gap before venturing north again.

  7. $MELA Breakout soon!! Breaking through the glass ceiling :)

  8. Earnings 3-30-2015 http://www.dailystockplays.com/Earnings-2015-03-27.html $ADXS $BTHE $CANF $FTLF $GLXZ $GOL $GRH $GY $HNR $HOTR $MELA $NYRT $PWRD $OMCM $OMTK $PBSV $PED

  9. $MELA Good movement today

  10. $MELA I woke up in a great mood, I feel like for some reason, $MELA Is going to pop today and make a big run! $FB $AAPL $YHOO $GOOG $TLPY

  11. $MELA Ready to see if we can touch $3 tomorrow

  12. $MELA , so it is interesting to me that this stock has largely traded hands/ ownership. there are 6m stocks outstanding, 10 m traded on

  13. $MELA financing imminent here. Get out before that and/or earnings.

  14. $MELA Take my advice or don t take it. In my opinion. I believe MELA is starting it s upward trend now.It should close out the week green

  15. $MELA Back up we go, reversal is taking place. Huge upside potential from here! $MELA for the win $FB $AAPL $LL Also on my watchlist $$$

  16. $MELA

  17. $MELA this POS is going to zero.

  18. $MELA Back up we go ;)

  19. $MELA Not giving up yet

  20. $MELA I was able to get out with a good profit..was holding it for over an year... there is no future growth.


  22. $MELA H.C. Wainwright buy rating is BS, they have compensated shares to sell hence trying to pump the stock, see SEC

  23. $MELA Recent Toxic Financing, No CASH/REVENUE same thing will follow w/ another Toxic financing to get business runnin

  24. $MELA Keep goin mela mabe ull surprise us all again with another R/S ????

  25. $MELA Load up