1. @Tfstockman $MELA is a TINY float medical device

  2. $MELA could make a run

  3. watch list $MELA ,$hil,$JAKK,$SIRI, $ZQK

  4. $MELA good to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw70cKKhft4

  5. $MELA This high beta stock is creeping higher today

  6. Add $MELA the list of $SGNL $BIOC $CLRX $CYTX $GENE $CAPN

  7. $MELA nice pullback, looking for a push through todays highs

  8. Losers $AXN -28%, $CYBR -17%, $HOTR -17%, $FULL -15%, $ENZ -13%, $EHTH -9%, $MTL -9%, $EGLT -9%, $NADL -9%, $MELA -8%, $ASMB -8%, $AAVL -8%

  9. @Prettypicks Whatchu know bout $MELA

  10. Mid-Day Losers: $AXN -19% $SPPI -18% $WBAI -16% $OTIV -13% $CYBR -13% $HOTR -13% $HNH -10% $NSLP -10% $SFY -10% $MELA -10%

  11. $WPCS got in right on time Thursday and got to ride that 25% uppp! This one ain t stopping anytime soon! Also $MELA $GENE $UWTI $NLST

  12. $NBG $TGZ.CA $TGCDF $PLI.CA $NVGN $CAPN $MELA $NURO $SFUN all worked out this week. $KING is on launch mode

  13. Weekly Winners $CAPN $EGRX $CYBR $ASMB $SGNL $EGLT $MELA $RCKY $CRMD $ANGI $HOTR $CLSN $WGBS $NKA $GDP $CLRB $THRX http://stocktwits.com/message/32984678

  14. $MELA likes higher AH

  15. Losers $CLRX -39%, $GENE -31%, $NDLS -30%, $FUEL -26%, $DRL -13%, $DGAZ -12%, $EGRX -12%, $BEAT -12%, $NMIH -10%, $ASTI -10%, $MELA -10%

  16. $MELA would rocket with any small good PR


  18. $MELA ill hold till monday or tues thats it

  19. $MELA should have 10-Q any day now, accumulating, thin float

  20. $mela Happens everytime ! The shorts won t let this one get to where it should be ! been holding this dog since befor the R/S ! im screwed

  21. $MELA this is going down unfortunately.. pump and dump at it s best

  22. $MELA im holding F it

  23. $MELA this is BS....

  24. $MELA Hmmm. Time to buy yet?

  25. $MELA looks great with a buy rating and a $4.50 target