1. $MELA wait for the MACD + candlesticks.

  2. $MELA, sold 1/2@1.75 from 1.50

  3. $MELA might bounce here...added few

  4. $MELA bounce is coming way too oversold

  5. $MELA Watch for a bounce here.

  6. Some potential bounce plays to keep an eye on $APOL $ATHX $EXTR $MNGA $WFM $AKR $CARB $EGY $HAE $ICLD $MELA $SONS $WMT

  7. End Of Day Scan: Money Flow Below 20 $HCBK $OHI $MTCN $PXP $MELA $SBH $NAVB $ZUMZ $CONE $DTK

  8. $MELA Where r all the pumpers, I was shorting in the mid 3 s, and warned everyone on 3/25 about the BS analyst price target, just doubled up

  9. Top Gainers/Losers: $SZYM $CUR $MELA $NYMX http://www.uniquestockmarketincome.com/penny-stock-news/solazyme-inc-nasdaqszym-neuralstem-inc-amexcur-mela-sciences-inc-nasdaqmela-nymox-pharmaceutical-corporation-nasdaqnymx/

  10. End Of Day Scan: Below Keltner Channel $ERY $FIS $TKC $BIOD $HAE $MELA $DUG $ENVA $NANO $STRI

  11. Losers $RXII -14%, $KBIO -12%, $CHOP -11%, $MELA -10%, $GNE -10%, $ZAZA -8%, $PBY -8%, $MN -8%, $TGD -8%, $CBAK -8%, $PCTI -7%, $YZC -7%,

  12. $MELA will start buying around 1.10- 1.25 range..it will be there soon..

  13. $MELA I m glad I got out on March 11 on the pop... I knew it was not a long term hold... This is going back to mid 1 s


  15. $MELA reversal time on radar


  17. $MELA This thing will pop soon like it always does... cheap shares!

  18. $MELA Soon we should see it start heading back up

  19. $MELA $2.38 1 hour 50 day MA support.

  20. $MELA $2.50 target hit.financing may not be till next q w $ 11 m in cash as of ye 2014 per financials just released.

  21. $MELA time to load up and add more? Ready for reversal $FB $GOOG $AAPL

  22. $MELA is going to be a sure winner soon. Don t believe me just watch $TLPY dead cat second pump on it s way $GLD $FB $AAPL

  23. $MELA I m bullish long term, but out for a while now. We ll consider jumping back between $2-$2.20

  24. $MELA This stock is like my past relationships. All over the place lol

  25. $MELA