1. $MFA: New SEC Filing for MFA: Form SC 13G/A, No. 0000053417-16-000342 http://stocknewsflow.com/1055160_000005341716000342_0000053417-16-000342

  2. $MFA OUT .37

  3. $MFA: New SEC Filing for MFA: Form SC 13G/A, No. 0001137774-16-000160 http://stocknewsflow.com/1055160_000113777416000160_0001137774-16-000160

  4. 4-star analyst Richard Shane from J.P. Morgan upgraded rating on $MFA to BUY. Richard has a 65% success rate http://tipranks.com/experts/Richard-Shane

  5. $MFA Financial upgraded to overweight from neutral at J.P. Morgan


  7. JPMorgan Upgrades MFA Mortgage ($MFA) to Overweight http://www.streetinsider.com/Upgrades/JPMorgan+Upgrades+MFA+Mortgage+%28MFA%29+to+Overweight/11245836.html?si_client=st

  8. Who noticed the recent insider buying at MFA Financial? $MFA

  9. đź‘˝ $MFA #((LBBB))-LowerBB-Bounce *HL/HH*VOL*CNHOD *click chart-4-TTM Squeeze* đź‘˝Website On Profile Pageđź‘˝

  10. $MFA and $BLK fundamentals look good, unlike other REITS who are severely under earning their dividend payouts

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  13. WARNING: $MFA FEAR indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) enters alarm zone!

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  24. $MFA will begin trading ex-dividend on December 23, 2015 and will pay out a dividend of 0.20 cents for each share - http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/mfa/dividend-history

  25. New trend detected on $MFA when price was 6,89 http://shark-finance.com?stc=MFA #TradingSystem #Stock