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  23. Notable earnings before Monday open: $ACT $AES $BID $DISH $GWPH $ICPT $LGND $MBLY $MGIC $MHR $NTWK $PLUG $RBC $RDNT $SSYS

  24. Notable earnings before Monday u2019s open: $ACT $AES $BID $DISH $GWPH $ICPT $LGND $MBLY $MGIC $MHR $NTWK $PLUG $RBC $RDNT $SSYS

  25. Notable earnings before Monday’s open: $ACT $AES $BID $DISH $GWPH $ICPT $LGND $MBLY $MGIC $MHR $NTWK $PLUG $RBC $RDNT $SSYS