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  6. $MGM Here we go again, nice pop then stall

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  9. $MGM is down because of all the bad news about Macau, mgm has the least exposure to macau out of the big 3...shouldn t be beat up like this

  10. BEAR WATCH: shorting $LVS tgt 66/64. Casino stocks continue to look weak w/ bear flags everywhere $wynn $mpel $mgm

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  18. $MGM Looking for breakout if it can get above 25.20 w/ vol. looks nice on technicals. PT. 26.00 http://y.ahoo.it/GzQwEWad

  19. $MGM Broke The Downward trend that It has been on since earnings drop. $TREETOP

  20. Insider Transaction: $MGM Sale at $24.83 per share of 4870 shares by Director Mckinney-James Rose on 2014-08-11.

  21. $MGM stop close short position

  22. $MGM Short it at 24.89

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  25. $MGM sold my position at 24.98