1. Watch the Double-Bottom Rebound on Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. http://oilandgasinvestmentbulletin.com/2015/05/25/watch-the-double-bottom-rebound-on-magnum-hunter-resources-corp/ $MHR

  2. $MHR Buying more at $1.75 if it does dip on Tuesday.

  3. $MHR feeling good about this one... Might dip on Tuesday, but if Bulls hold up it could have a nice run

  4. @mo_mo_mike: $MHR double bottom and a cross. actually its a bearish stop loss, No cross. Could dip on Tues.

  5. $MHR double bottom and a cross.

  6. $MHR Thats right!!! 10K shares to $8 PPS! Come on GE!

  7. @bmwpower $MHR good see this baby back on the road. . Yeah buddy

  8. @garymc $Mhr let s dream and aim for 3. Folks I m holding till $8 10,000 shares over here

  9. $MHR oh you shorting mhr... well you better have other stocks in your portfolio bc I m riding this wave to $8

  10. $MHR good see this baby back on the road. .

  11. $MHR Technicals seems to indicate a reversal to the buy side. Technical 65% chance up. http://www.foxchart.com/index.php?symbol=mhr&go=Get+Chart

  12. Recap: $PBMD Bulls overtaking Bears today(they ran out of ammunition!) $ISR Longs are Strong! Could Run Hard EOD? $MHR holding steady

  13. $MHR I m surprised we re seeing the volume we are getting. Expected much less. Pick it up Tues. Hope for deal news.

  14. $MHR Looking at 4mil in vol day. Slight below average. I think this breaks 2 EOD today

  15. $MHR expected way more pull back.. Good sign, I suppose

  16. $Mhr let s dream and aim for 3. Folks

  17. $MHR https://www.americanbulls.com/SignalPage.aspx?lang=en&Ticker=mhr

  18. $MHR What a chart yesterday! Launch platform - Rocket Short Squeeze or failure to launch past $2 is the bet of the day. Wheres my moon boots

  19. Magnum Hunter Resources Corp Debt Trading 4.5% Higher $MHR http://sleekmoney.com/magnum-hunter-resources-corp-debt-trading-4-5-higher-mhr/268707/ via @RatingsNetwork

  20. $MHR getting and staying over 1.95 would be good today.

  21. $MHR sweet, would have been nice to get in at 1.55 instead of 1.90, but nice to have my money back!

  22. Watching 5/22 $BBLU $COSI $DRAD $HNR $IBIO $IPCI $KEG $MHR $NWY $PGN $PQ $PWE

  23. $MHR who s ready for another GREEN day tomorrow? Let s push into the $2s

  24. @Think4self oil folks, great day here ha? More to come $SSE $MPO $EXXI $XCO $CHK $USO $MHR $SD $PGN $UWTI safe haven to hedge trade lately

  25. $OIL $WTI $SD $MHR Sweet..GL $$!!!!