1. $MHR Tumbles today, even with good news $RGSE finished lower but with strong candle, looking for upswing tomorrow$MNKD watching for entry

  2. If you are a gambler... this is for you! $MHR http://www.beatingthemarket.co/blog/?p=5464

  3. $MHR Jewish holiday coming on Friday I think? This goes higher. Go Jews!

  4. $MHR What if other investment company pick up the shares from Relational?

  5. $MHR bought first position here of 3k shares

  6. Very interesting day so far.. $TKMR $LAKE $RIG $MHR $VSLR $UVXY $SWKS $XONE $BCRX $SRPT $TRN $VXX $JCP $SPY $ADSK

  7. $MHR it s holding down here. I wonder if they re already ditching their position? Just our luck.

  8. $MHR nearly double average volume on the news and sell off. Good company, broken stock.

  9. $MHR my whole watchlist is red

  10. $MHR think positive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8782KIj_rKw#t=22

  11. $MHR what does a little (throat cancer) have to do w/the earnings of brystol-myyyyyyyyyyyyyyers!!????!! - Jim Cramer. -- get well soon.

  12. $MHR Adding

  13. $Mhr 21.3% ownership as per Nasdaq. I ve never even heard of them.

  14. $MHR Still believe in the company. One mans throat cancer, tho terribly tragic, can t get me down about mhr. 6 by Friday.

  15. Think $MHR can get back over $6 in the next two weeks? Here s how to trade it: https://quantcha.com/OSE/MHR/18-10-2014/6-6.5

  16. Nows the perfect time for $AR or $CNX to make a run at $MHR, there s a large shareholder thats looking for an out and is motivated to sell

  17. $MHR I guess the plus is that doesn t really speak to this specific stock, but a large amt of shares flooding market can t help sp.

  18. $MHR getting hit on the Relational closure http://online.wsj.com/articles/relational-investors-plans-to-wind-down-operations-dissolve-current-funds-1412185428?mod=WSJ_hp_LEFTWhatsNewsCollection

  19. $MHR well that s news. How much mhr did they own?

  20. $MHR https://twitter.com/danacimilluca/status/517366503277330432

  21. $MHR Dow down 1.5% today. Every where s hurting.

  22. $MHR ?????????????

  23. $MHR uh oh, not looking too good today.

  24. $MHR thinking about going into margin at this level...

  25. $MHR Over next year throat cancer