1. $MHR when will the glory days of $7 be back? If oil and ng go back to the price they were a year ago and we have the pipeline deal done?

  2. $MHR Every Oil and Gas made profits...EXCEPT MHR (The ones I watch anyways)

  3. $MHR Oil up huge, NG up, sector up infinitely and we close Red. That s a major sign, this stock had a very long way to go down

  4. $MHR My thoughts are to set a 80 limit and pick it back up at 40-50. This thing will hit there without any doubt in my mind by pipe deal

  5. $MHR just....wow

  6. $MHR we are getting screwed today


  8. $MHR Since everyone knows a deal is coming, wondering if we even pop on it. If so, everyone s just going to bail anyway. Max frustration!

  9. $MHR Again? I see thousands of buy orders, not to many sells, price declining..WTH? H=heck

  10. $MHR Odds are, GE announces pipe deal or at this case, maybe no pipe deal at all. But when he does announce, it wont be on a green day.

  11. $MHR Let go ahead and waste a huge oil day on no news GE. Good job. Then when oil drop back to 40, we drop to .60 cents. Good job kiddo.

  12. $MHR Evans credibility in a nose dive.........jus say n

  13. $EXXI $MHR $$CHK, this is what I have. No more dead cat bounces pleeasseee. They are kind of lagging imo

  14. $MHR Pipe negotiations must be tuff for Gary to get terms he wants or financing may be problem. If no news today pick a date in Sept/Oct

  15. $MHR $UWTI up 11% $UGAZ up 3% China s up. Good day.

  16. $MHR 8/7 And so we will pick a horse probably by the end of the next week or at the latest the beginning of the following.

  17. $MHR $UCO we are going back to July levels. Bought some $BCEI this morning already up 6%. Let s go!

  18. $NADL, $MDR, $GASL, $UWTI, $GUSH, $GDP, $LINE, $EXXI, $CALA, $XCO, $MHR, $HK trend reversal continues!

  19. $MHR Any good news today?

  20. $MHR China indexes are riding US indexes. Tomorrows promising.

  21. $MHR @shortcrusher I ll bite...

  22. $MHR talked to IR, if anybody s interested what was discussed let me know.

  23. $MHR I don t know if MHR has this option but it seems like a good idea. http://seekingalpha.com/pr/14522896-halcon-resources-announces-debt-exchanges-and-discloses-receipt-of-continued-listing-standard-notice-from-nyse

  24. End Of Day Scan: Shooting Star Pattern $BSJG $BOJA $SMM $FCT $EDF $EPAX $LBMH $ZPTAF $CVEO $MHR www.DailyStockPlays.com

  25. $MHR just thinking this through. Oil up today. Green market. EH announcement. Shorts cover. Oh my. Perfect storm. Could it be?