1. $MHR is a good stock, thats my story and Im sticking to it!

  2. $CHK $REXX $MHR $UNT $UPL analysis about natural gas, Marcellus, Utica and UNG: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3073246-natural-gas-market-will-ung-be-the-next-big-trade-by-2016

  3. $MHR April presentation on MHR website/investors/presentations. JV final proposals due mid-April. Also 11 wells Online for 2015.

  4. Done for the day, going outside to enjoy the weather......GARDEN time...enjoy your Friday...Trade Green $ATHX $MHR $BIOC $EXXI $MEIP

  5. $MHR WIsh I liked the color red...

  6. $MHR.PRE: Magnum Hunter Resources Chairman and CEO to Present at IPAA ... http://stocknewshour.com/magnum-hunter-resources-chairman-and-ceo-to-present-at-ipaa

  7. $MHR GE is working very hard......red market day, MHR holding just fine.....more oil/gas rises so will MHR...Beating Production daily

  8. @Dumani: $MHR pathetic ,cant break 2,8 ,this is going down No dont say that......we want to go up....

  9. $MHR for longs, we do have news coming with partnership on well. GE said mid april/May

  10. $MHR pathetic ,cant break 2,8 ,this is going down

  11. $MHR Magnum Hunter Resources. Ascending Triangle . waiting for a breakout

  12. @bbkingfan $FCX $GST $MHR $EOG in-depth article about why the natural gas is the next big trade for 2016: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3073246-natural-gas-market-will-ung-be-the-next-big-trade-by-2016 Nice

  13. $SLB Schlumberger to reduce workforce by 11,000 employees (Serious Stuff!) $UGAZ $GASL $MHR $EXXI

  14. $MHR of course, that is if oil does well

  15. $MHR setting about 2.85 is not loves on this stock. Once that is broken, I m thinking 3-3.15 and then a pull back 2.95. Maybe today?????

  16. @Think4self oil looking really great, up to the next now level $SSE $XCO $MPO $MHR $HERO $CHK $SD $BP $HAL $AMZG different prices for ya!

  17. $MHR kinda glad I sold today at 2.83...looking to buy the dip tomorrow morning, just like it did this morning. gl2a

  18. $MHR mentioned in this article about Gulfport s paying $12,500 an acre right where MHR is. Suggests higher valuation http://seekingalpha.com/article/3075516-commodities-today-saudi-arabias-latest-oil-move-oil-acquisitions-and-tobacco-news

  19. $MHR why is this down? It clearly cant pass 2.85

  20. $MHR Nearing apex of bullish ascending triangle?

  21. $MHR The reason I bought this is you cant, just cant, deny a company when they show great numbers and improvenment

  22. $MHR Crawling upward. Maybe we can bust thru this range bound level!

  23. $MHR @cstaples1953 Hope you r right. I think we are stuck @ $2.75 battleground till JV news or earnings release.

  24. $MHR I m betting this is green by EOD. No reason, just got up on the right side of the bed. :)

  25. $MHR numbers looks promising by this company, this will most likely double pretty soon