1. $MHR Bought 10,000 shares @ . 37 and made . 24$ = 24k . Not bad for a penny stock!!

  2. $MHR first time buying stock. Got 172 shares of MHR at .52. Good choice ?

  3. $MHR http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/magnum-hunter-resources-corp-sees-significant-decrease-in-short-interest-mhr/482021/

  4. $MHR They report about like the polls reports..SIGNIFICANT DECREASE IN SHORT! (3M less from 58M) whooby doo! dakotafinancialnews.com/mag...

  5. $GALE wish I didn t get stopped - out 2 wk ago. BUT, I used the funds to buy 20k shares of $MHR @ 0.369. NAILED IT!

  6. $MHR I am looking foward to seeing and updated list of company holdings.

  7. $MHR MHR-D is DOWN almost 4%, while commons UP 7% - Pref divs are likely accumulating, not paying now... hopefully we eventually get paid.

  8. $MHR Nice!

  9. $MHR is a perfect storm. I am loving her.

  10. @Macman should of held for end of day run. If this holds, shorty and his new friends will likely cover a bit. $MHR like I said

  11. $MHR for those who sold at 0.50:

  12. $MHR soon enough total rocket ship

  13. $MHR people dumping who entered at .30s

  14. $MHR why its hanging and not climbing lol

  15. $MHR that it...let s rally!

  16. $MHR loss about 3 grand better than the 12,000 I was down last week on this stock. Tough call hope it gives me a chance to get back in

  17. $MHR went ahead sold all my shares at just under .50 thinkin this goes down for a couple days an I ll get back in lower.

  18. $MHR : No suprise: No Dividends since 2007. Dear Santa Muerte: let this rocket at 3PM like last Friday.

  19. $MHR IMO Div s will be suspended till/if EH sale closes/funds, they have zero liquidity. Buy when under .40!

  20. $MHR train s LEAVING!!!!!

  21. $MHR For those of you who have been waiting: This is your entry point!!!

  22. $MHR & $SD almost the same price!

  23. $MHR So, no more dividends? :/

  24. $MHR what s with this lagging behind everyone today

  25. $MHR Upped my stop-loss price to 0.465 to lock in profits like: a vision Quest Peg Board