1. Morning Recap $NETE bull bear stand off $MHR Getting to LOD $DGAZ I cashed out for 457.00 profit Hee hee (weekend spending money).

  2. $MHR Wow, thought this would have popped higher today with OIL higher & Nat. Gas has been rising?

  3. $HK $MHR $CRK $REXX $GST http://stocktwits.com/message/29514215

  4. $MHR pos

  5. $MHR it will be http://stocktwits.com/message/29511058

  6. $MHR Will try like hell to prevent this from breaking 5. OPEX games.

  7. Is it too early to look at Jan 16 calls? Here some stocks with incredibly expensive options $XOMA $CDE $VHC $MHR $SSRI $SGMO $AUY $INVN

  8. $MHR Announces expanded credit facility and lower interest rates for Eureka Hunter Pipeline. Should help the IPO next year.

  9. Oil up on the Chinese rate cut, lets see if the small E&P go parabolic today $MHR $PVA $HK $PE

  10. $MHR $KWK $KOG $VOIL $TRCH $SCOK $RNO $MPO http://news.yahoo.com/us-stocks-drop-weak-international-economic-data-145922670.html

  11. $MHR Great article by Mike Maher at on MHR at SA.

  12. $MHR 5.50 is going to be the majic number....Oil is UP, MHR is mostly NG and that is up too. So lets get on it! Whoop Whoop!

  13. $MHR The five-year average drop for the seven days ending Nov. 21 is 6 billion

  14. $MHR Early data indicates that the stockpile decline in next week’s report will jump to 150 billion cubic feet

  15. $MHR Pipeline data this week showed notable shift in gas flows, with Marcellus shale in PA and WV meeting a bigger share of Northeast demand

  16. $MHR http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-20/natural-gas-jumps-as-storage-withdrawals-start-amid-winter-blast.html Nat gas inventory recap from Bloomberg.

  17. New Post: Oil & Gas Sector Scan http://toddinfl.blogspot.com/2014/11/oil-gas-sector-scan.html $AMZG $MHR $PGN $REXX etc...

  18. @micmaher: Markets Missing The Facts On $MHR my two cents http://seekingalpha.com/embargo/2698805

  19. $MHR block of 4,000 Jan 16 4.5 puts traded for $1.50 4600 contracts so far, no previous open interest

  20. $SGYP Shorts are getting tired. $MAGS ready to start UP $MHR making $$$$ $DGAZ great swings today.

  21. Markets Missing The Facts On $MHR my two cents http://seekingalpha.com/embargo/2698805

  22. recap $SGYP Great News making progress $MAGS FUN today $$$$ $DGAZ ugly candle then rebound..$MHR UP-YUP Waiting for $HABT IPO

  23. $MHR My options will expire in 2 days, worthless.....then you will see the stock rise. I purchased in Aug. Never would have thought puts win

  24. $MHR http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/mhr/after-hours One trade of 100 shares is not significant

  25. $MHR 4.48 in ah. Here we go again!