1. $MITK During Thanksgiving a relative volunteered, to deposit a check I just take its picture now. Anecdotal evidence of gaining momentum

  2. Glad I got this stock before the rally $MITK

  3. $MITK


  5. $SGMO $RPRX $SIGM $MITK $CALA All on watch for tomorrow. Join our Remind class for more details on each play!! @IamJason

  6. $MITK http://www.nna100.com/stock_ranking.php?p=NASDAQ-Best-100-Quarterly-Earning-Growth-Stocks&d=2015-11-28

  7. $MITK guys I bought 163 more today. Now I have 2163 at 4.60

  8. $MITK on swing watch for a bull flag breakout & move back toward 6 on Monday. Relative vol is a must

  9. $MITK will def add good MITK close

  10. $MITK taking size over weekend

  11. $MITK I thought today supposed to be a low volume day. Market closes at -pm ET. Someone s in a rush to cover.

  12. $MITK 100K block keeps moving up on the ask, someone trying to load/cover.....

  13. $MITK Bullish! Moving!

  14. $MITK loadable setup

  15. Buy list for today: $MB, $CRCM, $NCIT, $AWAY, $MITK. Plenty of low volatility flags but only due to thin holiday trading, must be careful.

  16. $MITK Bullish!

  17. A Director at Mitek Systems Inc (NASDAQ: MITK) is Selling Shares $MITK http://www.analystratings.com/2015/11/25/a-director-at-mitek-systems-inc-nasdaq-mitk-is-selling-shares/426317/

  18. Mitek Systems director just disposed of 573,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2221165 $MITK

  19. $MITK once again big block trades toward the end of day like yesterday with no price movement.

  20. $MITK well still in here 2000 at 4.58. Wish I had some action today. Boring

  21. Swing trade ideas if and only they go through yesterday s high $DATA $FEYE $IMPV $MITK


  23. $MITK institutions are buying. Large blocks are being bought

  24. $mitk wow! Crazy volume during 2nd half of day. Already beat yesterday s.

  25. $MITK this is real boring