1. $MITK End of Day Scan: Stochastic Oversold

  2. $MITK In at 3.13. Don t think it can go much lower.

  3. $MITK option cash in Friday for Debello and the boys?

  4. $MITK same trend = manipulation

  5. $mitk. Highest volume since Aug 3rd. Hope it s not insider selling and its funds buying instead.

  6. $MITK Wonder what got into $MITK in this bloodbath market? Great growth, ton of cash and cheap cheap cheap...maybe finally going to sell out

  7. $MITK great relative strength on a rough day in the broader markets

  8. $MITK Wow, volume is jumping (for $MITK)

  9. $MITK wild swings today. Picked up some at $3.08. Will hold until the typical spike the week before earnings.

  10. $VGGL $MITK watching tomorrow !

  11. $MITK Mitek Systems Receives $1.4M Reorder https://www.guerillastocktrading.com/forums/topic/mitek-systems-mitk-explodes-on-acquisition/

  12. $INFI $XRAY $MU $INO $KNDI $MITK $PIRS $PTN $TROV $XRAY Important News Updates https://www.guerillastocktrading.com/stocks/monday-links/

  13. $AGTC $ABTL $ ESI $HALO $MITK $NYMX $P $STNG $ZIOP Ugly market, good time to know what you own and why you own it

  14. $MITK Really good article on SeekingAlpha.com says MITK has 50% upside. I think that s conservative!

  15. $MITK ID checker is being beta tested at four institutions. Looking to get potential future customers in near term!


  17. $mitk http://www.miteksystems.com/blog/09/11/15/qa-with-dadesystems-bringing-mobile-deposit-to-business

  18. $MITK making its move back to $4... About time

  19. $MITK clawing its way back. Beat and raised,10 Q s of 20%-plus rev growth, profitable, ton of cash, and accretive acquisition. Should double

  20. $MITK up 20% since Aug 24 while S&P500 is down 1%...between Aug 18-Aug 24 they moved down in tandem. Wonder what is causing this rise.

  21. $MITK Banks eliminating branches, moving to more mobile transactions...this will benefit hugely in the near term future!

  22. $MITK nice little pop. We need volume.

  23. Declining check use will actually benefit $mitk. http://www.bankingexchange.com/news-feed/item/5716-mobile-check-deposits-continue-to-rise

  24. $MITK Just got this notification. Good news!

  25. The biggest mover for $MITK at this point is when the UK and Brazil will adopt regs permitting mobile deposit. Was expected in 2015 or 2016