1. Earnings announcement: $MITK is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Apr 30 2015

  2. Notable tech gainers: $WILN $RENN $VDSI $MITK $ECOM

  3. $MITK http://www.marketwatch.com/story/mitek-to-report-second-quarter-fiscal-2015-financial-results-on-april-30-2015-2015-04-23

  4. $MITK to Report Second Quarter Fiscal 2015 Financial Results on Thu April 30th AH. http://investors.miteksystems.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=908158

  5. $MITK Shhhh don t tell anyone $RUT was selling today too AM. $MITK not isolated. Earnings going to be good.

  6. $MITK Have to add here...100% mkt shr, 20%-plus growth, 90% gross margins, $.88 cash, beat last 3 Qs, a comp was just acquired... no brainer

  7. $MITK This one needs some good news to get it going.. I may buy for the earnings soon:-)

  8. $MITK what s it this time?

  9. $MITK garbage

  10. $MITK Last 8 Qs rev grew 20% plus, beat last 3 Qs, profitable, 88 cents in cash. And there s a 3.5 mil share short. Major squeeze coming!

  11. Low stock price + volume drying up + near-term catalyst = coiled spring stock...$ESI, $MITK, $NYMX, $P, $CLF, $GLNG, $ONDK, $LC,

  12. $mitk. Business MCD will add to revs. More checks are in businesses than personal. Wausau and Ensenta rollout

  13. $MITK holding it own going into earnings

  14. $MITK $BAC mobile users up 18%, mobile deposits up a whopping 30% y/y...good for $MITK. http://bankinnovation.net/2015/04/bank-of-americas-mobile-deposit-volume-booms-30/

  15. $MITK Needs to be an institutional holder and insiders to lead the charge

  16. $MITK Q to be announced early May. JPM says mobile users up 22%. WFC says mobile users up 19% and mobile banking sessions up 38%...bullish!

  17. $MITK Nice article - we need volume for this to take off http://seekingalpha.com/pr/13141146-miteks-mobile-imaging-technology-featured-in-new-financial-wellness-app-now-in-adp-marketplace?ifp=0

  18. $MITK looking for a break of 3.30 for a move up - nice vol today

  19. $MITK is Retaking the 50-day MA. 8 Q s of 20-%-plus growth, beat past 3 Q s, profitable, 88 cents cash...stock should double. Adding here.

  20. $MITK is like a coiled spring. 8 q s of 20%-plus rev growth, beat past 3 Q s, profitable, 88 cents cash...stock should double by summer.

  21. $MITK for those keeping score, $MITK is working on breaking through the 50 day MAV. Revenues up 20% or more each of the last 8 qtrs.

  22. $MITK 60min breakout.

  23. $MITK has become a creeper stock...creeping towards top of the base. Profitable, beat last 3 Q s, 88 cents cash...breakout coming with eps

  24. $MITK short interest lower than at 1 yr low...shorts pushed it down last few weeks to cover

  25. $MITK should have a good q. Beat expectations past 3 quarters, profitable, 88 cents/shr in cash, and growing...stock should double by summer