1. $MITK http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/globenewswire/10116453.htm

  2. $MITK Time about mobile deposit, why keep driving here to do a deposit do it on your phone and chill save on gas and party

  3. $MITK What s funny is outta all the comps I invest in this one is most legit and has a real future I m a bank manager and tell ppl all the

  4. $MITK Anyone notice something strange here?

  5. $MITK there are typically 10 people involved in a transaction... thats a lot of touches... go job Mitek

  6. $MITK See below article... there were nearly 6 million transactions in 2013

  7. $MITK somehow I missed their foray into real estate. Interesting http://finance.yahoo.com/news/real-estate-app-features-miteks-120000290.html

  8. $MITK I just bought a little to hold for earnings :-)

  9. Still time to look at $MITK

  10. $MITK heading into earnings and Needham conference on 15th... stock could move from $3.16 to $4.16 by Friday close... and short covering.

  11. $MITK half way through its new uptrend. Mobile deposit from most major banks! Done with legal issues, profitable, new products, short cov

  12. Of those who have used mobile deposit, 80%t report using it regularly—at least once per month. $MITK

  13. $MITK more than one in eight Americans deposited a check using a mobile device within the past year.

  14. $MITK All those checks for XMAS with mobile deposit and increasing pricing ! #MobileDeposit

  15. $MITK out

  16. $MITK there has only been two trading days in the past month with above average volume. Will we see any action prior to ER early February?

  17. Federal Reserve estimates that 33% of all mobile phone owners have used mobile banking in last 12 mnths. #s expected to rise in 2015. $MITK

  18. @Dion43 I added $MITK yesterday at $3.35 and a little lower. I m gonna sit with my position and wait for buy volume to come in.

  19. $MITK added another 1000 , SB

  20. $MITK Run run run..

  21. $MITK golden cross http://stocktwits.com/message/30733615

  22. $MITK nice add at 3.25

  23. $MITK Looking for range expansion in the next few sessions. I m willing to take your shares if you re bored. Got a buy limit in the $3.30 s

  24. @Dion43: $MITK finally got the golden cross first time the 50dma has been above the 200dma in almost a year! nice tight price action here

  25. $MITK finally got the golden cross - first time the 50dma has been above the 200dma in almost a year!