1. @douglasstein I read the transcript of the last $MITK call and their 10Q

  2. $MITK I will be interested to see the results next quarter. Will revenue come in at another record?Looks as if their customers are reloading

  3. $MITK perfect cup and handle.

  4. $MITK moving up again

  5. $MITK I m a little surprised not many folks are active in this name. Rather textbook technicals here for an early entry

  6. $MITK Since this is a very small company with very limited financial resources in a very competitive market it s critical to research first.

  7. $MITK I added to my position at $3.59 today. I will continue to add between the 50day MAV and $4 This remains my smallest position by far

  8. $MITK Stock popped to $4.10 after legal issues were cleared with USAA. Next move through that high gets the story really rolling.

  9. $MITK Has $24 Million in cash and equivalents and no long term debt. Should cash flow positive in next couple of qtrs, reports early Feb

  10. $MITK 3 analysts covering looking for 18% and 21% revenue growth next two qtrs. I would be pleased with 25% rev growth.

  11. $MITK I think they need to put a couple more good qtrs together to gain some credibility, but chart looks textbook. 50/200day cross ahead.

  12. $MITK by the # s @MarketSmith RS 74, Rev growth last 4 qtrs 35%, 39%, 20%, 26%. EPS up 150% and 700% last 2 qtrs. EPS est +300% & 100%

  13. $MITK get in while cheap!...No. 1 of 265 on Zack s Strong Buy!

  14. $MITK golden cross with cup and handle chart pattern. Just a few weeks from another record ER.

  15. Share an idea on $MITK cup and handle forming and 50dma zooming up to collide with 200dma. This only happens once in a lifetime.

  16. $mitk b/o over 3.50 today when it breaks four cup and handle the news will be out

  17. $MITK my only POS holding but charts is charts. Bottom Fishing Pocket Povot at 415k share volume. Looking to add at $3.5 pullback please.

  18. $MITK nice strong uptrend, new relationships in mobile banking and shorts have 10 days to cover! See you at $6

  19. $MITK Interesting read: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/mobile-innovators-from-us-bank-firstbank-and-mitek-announce-2015-predictions-2014-12-17

  20. @FunVaCAP I like $MITK and $OLED for the long haul

  21. $MITK Mitek Sys The Black Box stock data analysis at http://www.theyield.com/mitk2

  22. $MITK Picked up some new users: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/mitek-misnaptm-available-to-more-than-20-million-mobile-depositr-users-2014-12-16

  23. Swing trading week in review http://brooklyn-trader.com/media/ $MITK $GERN $WPRT $PCYO $MEIP have a nice w/e!

  24. $MITK end of day Breakdown

  25. Stocks in the News – $PLCM $PFMT $POST $MITK #Stocks