1. $MITK Which direction will you go Mitek?!?!? Some news hit on Friday... which way will you go

  2. +6.4% on my AUG trades: $APO $BAGL $CIDM $FHCO $FRAN $HERO $IQNT $LUB $MITK $ONE $TLYS

  3. Week in review for $MITK $JRJC $HTCH $PLNR $MHR http://y.ahoo.it/KPYYQuEN

  4. $MITK taking a pos. In my speculative trading acct. Good fundamentals ,near lows, and decent call premiums for covered calls.

  5. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 2/2 $MITK $MTDR $NBR $NEM $OPTT $PER $PRAN $RFMD $RHI $SA $T $TSLA $VDSI $WDAY http://y.ahoo.it/7U3LaFPs

  6. @seviay Either that, or $MITK has entered settlement discussions. My money s on the latter.

  7. $ATRS $MITK my two Lysol bath stocks actually very green today. Hard to remember that feeling. Stubbornly (perhaps foolishly) long both

  8. $MITK I guess a little short-covering prior to the 9th?

  9. my largest percent losing long hold stock is perking up $MITK - still well below my average

  10. $MITK - hold on to your seats.... court date 9/9 and who knows what is going on before closed doors!

  11. $MITK news??

  12. $MITK Look who woke up

  13. $MITK technical breakdown continues. Textbook Bear Flag ready for next leg down. http://y.ahoo.it/cAxhZJRa

  14. @Andanotherone $MITK will start rising when they post positive earnings, which should be in the next qtr or two.

  15. $MITK Judge says not so fast to USAA s request to set briefing schedule on attorneys fees: http://y.ahoo.it/llsU30ND

  16. $MITK Doing some digging and it looks like Sept 8 is D-day for the trial. Even with a win does this go higher?

  17. $MITK Is this all because of horrible management? Or, should there be something else punching me in the face?

  18. $MITK Now this just keeps getting ugly.. I might buy under $2 for a spec.

  19. $MITK was down about 25% last week. Why would the bleeding stop this week? Might be my worst purchase ever

  20. $MITK Board vote: can we change name of company to train-wreck?

  21. $MITK agree with @casualtrader, i said that before, few weeks and few month ago... leave for better calculable risk stories

  22. $MITK Just sell the company for whatever you can get...no value in it under current management.

  23. $MITK Outrageously oversold and totally unwarranted...positive earnings next report and this will head north of $5...in the $6 s 3 mths ago!

  24. $MITK Management will probably vote to give themselves more options.

  25. FonsieTraderBlog: Moved Lower Bollinger Band $CNAT $FN $FSYS $MITK $RDEN $REE $SDT $TRUP http://y.ahoo.it/MGHVDbv8