1. $MLNX (Risk versus Reward) Position Closed -1% here. Still setting up and think it s not worth more potential downside risk here. $STUDY

  2. @AK84: $MLNX Use 39 as ur stop. < for the same risk amount (2.65) it s better to just own the Oct 40 Calls (& less capital required)

  3. $MLNX Weeks of bottoming out... Powerfull breakout coming - imo http://y.ahoo.it/RIJVn9zY

  4. $MLNX Catch all by surprise next week? http://y.ahoo.it/2uLYbOi9

  5. $MLNX Use 39 as ur stop.

  6. $MLNX Still fine on the weekly. Slow dog so needs time....nice fundamentals to back it.

  7. $MLNX real dog

  8. anyone see the OI for $ORCL Sept 20 calls, from $41 - $46? $ORCL has a stake in $MLNX ... is a buy out in the works? hmmm

  9. $MLNX not a traditional buy signal per our strategy but it could work if it closes solidly this week http://y.ahoo.it/Zf95bREP

  10. $mlnx and $scty LRHB entries

  11. $MLNX this thing has tax inversion written all over it

  12. $MLNX Keep going!

  13. $SODA looking much like $MLNX; just a matter of time. Positions posted. SODA chart update: http://y.ahoo.it/r7cMThyn

  14. $MLNX looks like $RDNT did yesterday. http://y.ahoo.it/bjO50ani

  15. $MLNX 3 million short shares.. $55-60 coming...

  16. $MLNX trade of 8/25 starting to look like a good one; starting to move.

  17. $MLNX This hidden gem is getting noticed... About to make a ballistic move!

  18. $MLNX triggering long add

  19. $MLNX i dont think any takeover. the company wants to become the best in its business and that means 2 more years of hard work. and growth.

  20. $mlnx coming out of a coma. I see signs

  21. $mlnx legggoooo!!!

  22. $MLNX Potential takeover target IMO

  23. $MLNX ---- 8/29/2014 - Short Interest 3,617,179 - 10 days for shorts to cover http://y.ahoo.it/oEN66j98 $INTC $ORCL

  24. $MLNX looks like a test of the summer 2013 highs coming in the next few months. All moving averages turned up now. Especially the 200d

  25. $MLNX continues to find S along the 20dMA remaining within consolidation box bounded by R at 43.60 and S at 40.22; Swing Position