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  10. @LockinProfits U always know when u have a good stock. Sleep well type of stock $IG,$WYY,$MNDO,$GILD,$VRTX,$TGTX,$ACHN among others

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  16. $MNDO this sounds cheesy but this company actually isnt such a bad company. 1-2 days itll go down to 2.90s, then buy- Pre breakout

  17. $MNDO tiny, but rises daily

  18. keep $MNDO Mind on watch

  19. $stld + $MNDO up

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  21. $MNDO 50day MA is $2.76 would add there is it makes it.

  22. $MNDL $MNDO Two MND_ stocks adding today.

  23. pre ideas today $CREG, $MTSL, $OTIV, $RITT, $TISA ,$SGOC ,$MNDO, $GCAP,$BOSC..some thin ones

  24. $MNDO http://y.ahoo.it/X2pTiMTL Article covers MNDO fundamentals. Seeking Alpha.

  25. $MNDO involves payment & wireless (I think)