1. $MNGA, I will keep at least until Dec.

  2. $MNGA keep accumulating. This is going to be a big stock in near future. I am keeping this long term. Into next year.

  3. $MNGA , Earning will not be good because the production was suspended for 45 days due to the accident in their facility.

  4. $MNGA dissapointed in price action.. but news is spelling a story for us.. BIG things coming like revenue streams from all angles.. :)

  5. Hey $MNGA take notice of $INUV, that is how you grow a business

  6. $MNGA I m not leaving my wingman !!!!

  7. $MNGA how is this being pinned at 1.15? & why?

  8. $MNGA their assets have increased each quarter while their liabilities have decreased in the same time frame

  9. $MNGA If company knows earnings will hurt PPS they ll drop a necessary PR beforehand IMO.

  10. $MNGA when is er?

  11. $MNGA The capabilities of their product https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76oIcODTjJo

  12. $MNGA My only long term hold.Im talking 5-10 yrs. I love this company its a game changer.When I look into the future i see $30+Adding soon

  13. $MNGA With the paid pumpers sounding the alarm, I would expect a big PR or name on Friday leading into earnings. Just my gut.

  14. $MNGA someone please turn on the $1.25 magnet!

  15. $WRES $MNGA ER s on the same day, rolling the dice but looking promising.

  16. $MNGA back in the green for the day! Could it be the next $RJET or $CALX? Full $MNGA Profile At http://www.ultimatestockalerts.com/are-good-things-coming-to-magnegas-corporation-nasdaq-mnga/

  17. Any idea as to which company $MNGA has a deal with? Clues are 45 facilities throughout the world,NYSE listed and 2b + market cap.

  18. $MNGA has a game play they like and complaining investors are not going to alter they plans and I like they style moving forward.

  19. $MNGA Wonder if these orders are generating immediate revenue? Seems like earnings could hit it out of the park, but I m skeptical.

  20. $MNGA I like seeing PR s that let us know what they are doing. Although, I am here for long term gains and not just a pop .

  21. $MNGA is this thing unching for a pop? Lol

  22. $MNGA enough of these PRs and give us solid numbers

  23. $MNGA Should maintain this level until some numbers come out (holding pattern )

  24. $MNGA some investors are never satisfied, like this PR. when they didn t have it they complained and now that they have it it not good enou

  25. $MNGA Let s hope the next ER is very positive and good guidance in CC by Ermanno.