1. More stocks on my watch list vid for tomorrow: $YHOO $SODA $MNGA $LIVE http://y.ahoo.it/O0rfCIyA

  2. In $MNGA and have been in and out if $RNN. $CPST looks the strongest. I like $MVIS, $PTN needs vol.

  3. $MNGA thinking about selling. Bad position from 1.58.

  4. $MNGA mvis

  5. @briantavares $PLUG not my only hydrogen play, I own $HYSR , $MNGA $BLDP $FCELL

  6. $MNGA lottery ticket in savings deposit...get in on this !!!

  7. $MNGA 1YT .95$..... Still that it what s up?

  8. $MNGA Just emailed Ermanno-Hoping they setup a teleconference with next earnings release in a couple weeks.Lots of growth topics to discuss

  9. $MNGA What was with the pop to $6 a few yrs ago? And the drop to .50 s?

  10. Added to my $MNGA position 1.35

  11. $MNGA Calm before the storm...MM s been loading the past two weeks on these low volume takedowns. No worries. Long term hold. Great Future.

  12. $MNGA somebody step up the the plate,,, ER should be announced shortly for may

  13. $MNGA No action today too, I suppose

  14. $MNGA Cheap Candy here folks! Taking advantage again

  15. $MNGA I hate low volume short attacks.

  16. $MNGA Lets get a little bit greener

  17. Today s watchlist: Long- $GERN (needs high volume and above $2.2), $ALU, $MNGA, $WAVX, $SOL, $PAL, $FB

  18. $MNGA y

  19. $MNGA Up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon. It s filled with Magnegas.

  20. $MNGA $PLUG,$CPST,$BLDP-$MNGA technicals looking sweet.Bounced off lower BB, looks like nice close right in middle of giant pincher! Beauty!

  21. @Trader_Mood @che0938 @17 have position in SWHC for 3 yrs. sold some but still hold some. I own lots of $MNGA glad you like it, $OPTT nice?

  22. @gryphron73 @che0938 @17 $SWHC is awesome, but short float is high, potential squeeze play:D You should add $MNGA and $OPTT

  23. $MNGA Maybe we can get a little but of $GEVO Is pulling on ER

  24. $MNGA I spoke with rich miller today, Company is looking at ER first week of may......

  25. $MNGA having a tough time holding...