1. Pre-Market Gainers $GEVA 125%, $BRDR 106%, $FATE 76%, $MGI 29%, $MNGA 17%, $HLF 14%, $ZEN 12%, $HSNI 10%, $RDCM 9%, $ICUI 9%, $PLCE 9%,

  2. $MNGA I m really surprised this hasn t taken off more than this yet.

  3. $MNGA UNION PACIFIC!!! Google: 32,000 route miles, 47,000 employees https://www.google.com/#q=32%2C000+route+miles%2C+47%2C000+employees

  4. $MNGA Why is there no company name in the PR? Usually they tell you who made the order. They seem to do that a lot. Anyone know why?

  5. $MNGA Has everyone has been looking at the brand new MNGA website? Lots of new info. I like the early phase of the world domination map.

  6. $MNGA very promising!! Good news for a change! Nice!

  7. $MNGA This is a nice treat. Let s see some follow through.

  8. $MNGA News is interesting, further validation of product.

  9. $MNGA looks like adding at .64 to improve my position wasn t a bad idea at all :-)


  11. $mnga +18% pre-market, largest transportation companies in the United States will be using MagneGas

  12. $MNGA 1.50 today. There is to much potential to sit this low.


  14. $PLUG $MNGA showing some green PM

  15. $MNGA $CLNE $KOS: Patented Processes for Hydrogen Based Fuels Opens Opportunities ... http://stocknewshour.com/patented-processes-for-hydrogen-based-fuels-opens-opportunities

  16. $MNGA pay day

  17. $MNGA California is always the first state to adopt a green way of doing something. Doesn t surprise me.

  18. $MNGA seems to be well accepted in California. A lot of projects coming out of there!

  19. $MNGA 70s are here!

  20. $MNGA is moving premarket. Huge PR today. #expansion #bestonthemarket $IMRS $ZGNX

  21. @sifter Ah man.. is he wrong again? $MNGA #ultrabutthurtrightnow Sales be a coming!

  22. $MNGA boom! More revenue for magnegas. This is big time. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/one-largest-transportation-companies-u-120000938.html

  23. $MNGA there is no PR s coming. This circus is dead . everything shut down. Its over

  24. $MNGA R/S coming beware!!

  25. $MNGA see you at 2 bones tomorrow