1. $MNGA Check out their new HQ building everyone is hyping up haha! Another example of the MNGA scam! http://y.ahoo.it/tGiQX1P1

  2. $MNGA http://y.ahoo.it/IfYiYOBu

  3. $MNGA Nice day on the US markets, green all around. Now come on MagneGas fire up that refinery & let s get rolling, up.

  4. $MNGA My portfolio: INVT LLNW & NETE. All in profit as we speak. All about to go up further. Notice no MNGA cause I dont hold loser stocks

  5. Surferdush $MNGA ALXA , RXII, look at his profile he is a loser all around ,lol poor guy heres a tip don t sell at a loss, sell at profit

  6. $MNGA $1.16 and dropping...I m shocked! Way undervalued this stock. They only lose $3 million per year hahahahaha

  7. @JamminJ He does have a position. He knows $MNGA jumps around. He wants to scare people to sell so he can buy very low. Then sell during pop

  8. $MNGA Serious question - Why does one spend time trolling a stock message board? For what purpose or end goal does this serve?

  9. @SurfingKook This is from July 29th -- you were saying how you have made or lost nothing on $MNGA?

  10. @SurfingKook: $MNGA another red day. I m taking my .04 cent loss and moving on. Be careful with this one. Lot s of manipulation ...

  11. $MNGA The Indiana hog farm deal is catching the eyes of many farmers. Nice move on yesterday s PR, it s vibrating across the air waves

  12. $MNGA I m sure it will close at $3 by the end of the day. Watch! hahaha

  13. $MNGA I have made nothing or have loss anything trading MNGA. I dont even have a current position.

  14. $MNGA here we go

  15. $MNGA @SurfingKook TLDR: Kook was bullish up until the very end of July. Lost out on his MNGA trade and is now butthurt about it.

  16. @CelerTrader @Kappy96 $MNGA Here is their latest update on Navy testing MagneGas. http://y.ahoo.it/6dfV2cKp

  17. $MNGA MagneGas 2 Webinar Q+A http://y.ahoo.it/9q85Mh8o

  18. $MNGA Spending $3M per quarter while bringing in only $200K in revenue. Sounds like a GREAT investment to me. Buy up those shares fools haha

  19. $MNGA Once they run out of money (sometime next year) they will pump their stock again for you. Great company. Great investment hahahaha

  20. $MNGA They just picked up $20M off pumping their stock to $2.45. Now they ll let it slide back to $0.40 until they run out of money again

  21. $MNGA Watch this clip. Forward to the 2:38 mark. Magnegas and Harold Bates sound awfully similar. http://y.ahoo.it/3eKlRWE7

  22. $MNGA They ve been living off their stock since they began. This company is a scam. When they need money they pump their stock up.

  23. $MNGA Good job! Their net income is a $3M loss haha. They aren t even close to profitable. They picked up $20M off their stock haha.

  24. $MNGA Don t forget GM.

  25. $MNGA how much money Magnegas made last quarter? http://y.ahoo.it/8M0rw9Qb