1. $MNGA welp... no fluffy cotton balls today :(

  2. $MNGA New order set buying the dip...oil can t hold us down too long

  3. $MNGA i don t see the point of bashing, can t move price up or down ,won t make money no position , is it frustration because lost money?

  4. $MNGA smells like... you guessed it pump n dump dookie

  5. $MNGA Averaged in today. Need 1.00 to break even. Optimistic but concerned...

  6. $MCP Solid close. $MNGA Will head north soon.

  7. $MNGA cmon -10%

  8. $MNGA closes green. Guarantee

  9. $MNGA perfect. Lets go green.

  10. MagneGas: Submission Of Matters To A Vote Of Security Holders http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1407274 $MNGA

  11. $MNGA: New SEC Filing for MNGA: Form 8-K, No. 0001144204-15-004223 http://stocknewsflow.com/1353487_000114420415004223_0001144204-15-004223

  12. My stock picks for 2015 $MVIS $MNGA $HL $MDR $BLDP

  13. $MNGA Seems we have found bottom.

  14. For you traders stuck in $MNGA like me, try trading $AXGN for a while till MNGA comes back. It s pretty fun & profitable

  15. $MNGA running

  16. $MNGA Fuel Cells seem to be doing better, did you buy any PLUG?

  17. $MNGA & perhaps cheap mnga shares are coming my way today!

  18. $MNGA enough of this silence bs. I need some fluffy PR . Just some pure bs. Like we are use to.

  19. $MNGA

  20. $MNGA Annual meeting was today. I hope they don t forget to prepare the minutes.

  21. $MNGA Me gusta.

  22. $MNGA what a close. Green. What a cham0

  23. $MNGA

  24. $MNGA I think mnga must have been behind forecasting NYC biggest blizzard in history. Same same

  25. @TradeTopper $MNGA no more selling. Rev up year after year ESSI gonna helps them increase sales!!! Bullish 1-9-15. Look at this scammer