1. $MNGA If you mad at yourself for buying in its on you. GLTY.

  2. $MNGA between the GA Tech and EWI will validate the fuel in the industry. Sales will come then the stock will follow. Long haul over here

  3. $MNGA if and when GA Tech, my alma, writes favorably about the cutting fuel it will be huge and sales will come. But it s a slow process

  4. @SVTMarkus I am sorry that @samsam3 and@MoneyMikey have recently pumping up $MNGA with false claims and news. It s a long term play.

  5. $MNGA http://finance.yahoo.com/news/magnegas-cfo-invited-panel-speaker-120000243.html

  6. $MNGA It was bad timing the STOCK had momentum AND was going for 6 day win streak. Then the sale of $4 mil at 1.00. BEARish

  7. $MNGA I can care less about PM news. Pre market Monday is the game changer -- no news, I am selling what s left!

  8. $MNGA It is as discounted at 23% percent. A BIG BLOW to investors. The price dropped and many like myself WILL EXIT

  9. $MNGA That s $4 million. MagneGas did not need that cash at this point in time. So why go for it. That s why it s BEARISH.

  10. $MNGA The $4 investment WAS NOT worth it. We DID NOT NEED the cash! It served the shorts to PLUNG for the stock!

  11. $MNGA Good nothing against MG or MGMT. But the stock is going DOWN.

  12. $MNGA

  13. $MNGA ast traded at $1.03. The 1 week change is -16.39%, the 1 month change is -12.07%, and the 1 year change is 64.52%.

  14. $MNGA I m not mad at the pumpers...I m not here to trolI you. I m mad at myself for believing the pumpers.

  15. $MNGA eltp about toooooo

  16. $MNGA Something is up. Don t think there is much $ 2b made under a buck, for shorts... They are treading the new lowes carefully,,..

  17. $MNGA respectable close given the circumstances

  18. $MNGA dang you shorts, I need more shares at 1 and you chickened out, what s the matter? afraid to cover at 1.30?

  19. $MNGA Out for 3% gain unless there s news bet I ll get back in again on Monday at 1.00

  20. $MNGA no! this one is not going to make $10k on a $2k investment in a month seriously please...

  21. $MNGA great close. Just the close we needed.

  22. $MNGA

  23. $MNGA wow haters writing all over this stream today, keep it going!

  24. $MNGA I suspect AH activity

  25. $MNGA I was green last week and didn t sell >/.....mistake