1. $MNGA Wen you can get paid to make your end product, that s a good situation. Sterilizing Hog Manure while making the Gas you sell...

  2. $MNGA Maybe Hog farm will use Wind to power refiner to turn poo into fuel for heat and transport

  3. $MNGA What other Company could get paid, for using the the Materials in their Products? A zero or negative Cost of Goods Sold is Nice $$$$

  4. $MNGA The Hog industry probably pays environmental fines monthly, equal to our Market Cap....Perspective...

  5. $MNGA run we might de list in April. Lmao. We will be in the 10 range by then

  6. $MNGA oh nooooooooooo. The sky is falling.

  7. @Brandydog11 Googled $MNGA and first thing that came up was potential delisting from Nasdaq. I think that is good pressure to get price > 1.

  8. $MNGA This site will help average traders boost $MNGA and bypass the high commissions most of us pay. https://www.robinhood.com/?ref=Wrhg23

  9. @Brandydog11 $MNGA certainly looks like it has potential based on chart. I wouldn t be surprised to see it move big (like 50%) in one jump

  10. @Brandydog11 You mean, might $IBIO go up 5X or $MNGA go up 5X?

  11. $IBIO And $MNGA $75 mill together. Both can potentially Change several different Industries worth $100 s of Billions. Interesting isn t it?

  12. @scienceguy If you like science, check out my pet stock $MNGA been trading it for a year. Want to own it LT. If you see a NYFD deal...buy!

  13. $MNGA This song stuck in my head, don t know Y. Domino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyIhD4sxkgU

  14. @Brandydog11 I may not sell any $MNGA til over $1. $iBio$MNGA back to $1 Race Campaign. Could be a quick race...

  15. $MNGA We re not a Lotto anymore! Just Lotto payoffs possible. I ve wanted to hold $MNGA LT for ove half a year. Trading as necessary for fun

  16. Any feelings on which one is a better lotto play? $ZBB $MNGA $CAK Thanks.

  17. $MNGA should have known this trash feces wouldn t hold gains

  18. $MNGA I used to like this piece of junk

  19. $MNGA what a pile of rookie this thing is.. Pumped.. Then dumped

  20. $IBIO And $MNGA .72 .71 The Psychic Hotline was clueless about what s going on. I m getting a Personal Psychic reading this weekend!

  21. $IBIO and $MNGA again... race to a dollar

  22. $MNGA just what I said

  23. $MNGA Up a penny; I ll take it ????

  24. $MNGA holds .74 it will b a miracle - if it closes above .80 then something is finally brewing - if below .74 then well - f it status quo

  25. $MNGA it will pass right by .80 at close no problem