1. $MNGA ATTENTION BASHERS, will someone please provide me a link to another company s PR that details contract specifics, names, and # s.

  2. $MNGA I m not leaving my wingman !!!! ( unless he s in Biotech ) :))

  3. Today is $MNGA first close above the 50day average in over 10weeks! As boring as it seems,this is an important step in trend reversal.

  4. $MNGA Well guys we crossed the 50 small today. Looking for a breakout past 1.03 tmrw. And then we ll see!!

  5. $MNGA we closed above a $1! It s a new beginning haha

  6. $MNGA POS

  7. $MNGA everyone disregard the bear who just posted don t give him the satisfaction

  8. $MNGA SmallcapIR penny pump last week

  9. $MNGA they have to sell a lot of gas to be profitable !!! It ll come but ....... Not tomorrow !!!

  10. $MNGA these little orders do nothing ! What they need is 10 more announcements like july24th !!! Spread throughout country !!!

  11. $MNGA in pretty deep, and i d love for this to be a home run.. or at least a triple... first base anyone?.... steeeeeriiiiike!

  12. $MNGA Price is holding nice today for once. Baby steps...

  13. I need a little music break while waiting to see where we stand with $MNGA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXFURTIgyps&feature=youtu.be

  14. $MNGA A few buyers right now would be nice.

  15. $MNGA Needs to move higher to prevent someone from selling in the last 2 min and knocking it under $1. Happens every time. Pisses me off.

  16. $MNGA can we get a power hour? Alleluia

  17. $MNGA goodness. Move already.

  18. $MNGA non-POS

  19. $MNGA insurance companies should realize safety aspect and help increase adaptation/awareness. Anyone work in/with insurance?

  20. $MNGA bears are coming out in full force today, must mean we got ourselves a winner longs

  21. $MNGA company is showing potential each month. This is long term stock to hold. Game Changer in its sector.

  22. $MNGA - and what is the name of the contractor?

  23. $MNGA - and when goods will be delivered.

  24. $MNGA - today s news looks like a PR. There is no any information about: - what the price is, - when payment will be made and

  25. $MNGA technical analysis rarely applies on stupid low volume