1. $MNGA The app tells me there is a new PR ...Filing of provisional patent for soil remediation.

  2. $MNGA @buysellshort: $MNGA - flag chart with sector popping, $1.60-70 bounce target on chart http://y.ahoo.it/0pPJuDSS

  3. $MNGA 1.44 today, 1,57 tomorrow

  4. $MNGA When is the ER this puppy?

  5. $MNGA Buy and hold. If were not at bottom were very close. MM s will run this shortly and timed right with news = serious dough here imo.

  6. $MNGA Further math shows implied volatility bullish but from what price. A close below 1.25 Monday puts starting point below $1.00.we ll see

  7. $MNGA Has consistent higher lows since end of Feb.EXCEPT for Thursday. Must be a lot of stops at $1.25. MM will take them out. Intraday

  8. $MNGA revisited old standby; implied volatility as found in options mkt. This kind of action(increased short before ER) very bullish.

  9. $PLUG $MNGA Received email from my Schwab Accounts to borrow my shares. Nice interest payments for the loan. Should I do it? :)

  10. @SKIPDAWG $MNGA Interactive chart. 4/15 short volume 145553. Short was 16%. http://y.ahoo.it/IH1HYfGk

  11. $MNGA MM s taking out stop loss s with help of shorts.Short int 3/14 - 39K, 3/31 - 725k.Be interesting to see 4/15 short interest. BULLISH!

  12. Radar watch this week $HD $YELP $BA $PSX $VLO $TSO $LULU $MNGA

  13. $MNGA The pennant race in April. http://y.ahoo.it/p5doj6DO

  14. $MNGA Good news; can t buy shares of CalTech Have to play $MNGA in this space. More attention for $ MNGA

  15. $MNGA Saw where CalTech developed tech to turn waste into fertilizer and hydrogen(irrigation)

  16. $MNGA Any new catalyst or is 1.58 bad position?

  17. @Billy_D_Scrillions @edon $MNGA May 21 is an AWISCO trade show in Queens, NY. MNGA will be there to represent. They may do a demo there.

  18. $MNGA Chart is beginning to break down a bit...still like CPST for more upside.

  19. Whats this R/S news with $RNN ? How does it impact longs or shorts and the EOY target? 1.58 at $MNGA... please come back up.

  20. $PLUG I usually hate penny stocks but I got this feeling that this will get bidded up very soon along with $mnga so I am long now

  21. $MNGA I m thinking it is time for $MNGA to do another PR release with good news. The company has been silent the last couple of weeks.

  22. @edon I was skeptical about $MNGA but then used it & now I know how great it is, clean and hot. I pick up my own bottle at AWISCO nxt week.

  23. $MNGA I got 200 shares of this sucker I only need it to double ONE and I will be happy

  24. $MNGA Happy Good Friday to all!!!

  25. $MNGA Magnegas is hottest cutting fuel out there at 10K F & it s clean. I get my own bottle, regulator & tip next week!