1. Good buy opportunity today $ACHN $CPRX $MNGA $MNKD $Z $AZN $KNDI $PLUG & $GPRO

  2. $MNGA Feels like this one lost some steam. I ll probably be out on the next bump unless there s significant news.

  3. $MNGA couldnt hold gains from when it hit $1, stock is trash

  4. $MDR up 20% AH on good earnings & two new contracts all released at the same time. Tomorrow will be great!! $MVIS $BLDP $PLUG $MNGA $CPST

  5. $MNGA what

  6. @JHT82 $MNGA

  7. $MNGA Tough to feel the chart out... Huge selling pressure at $1 (we all know that), need to stay above 100MA (0.82c) http://stocktwits.com/message/33358639

  8. $MNGA & $GEVO both bullish next week, interesting article about GEVO product http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/3688593-umd-students-put-final-touches-clean-snowmobile

  9. $MNGA This company has good products & board members are solid, should break $1 next week & hold. Also check out $GEVO should pop next week

  10. @Me2Greedy also $MNGA

  11. $MNGA Just received confirmation from demo company in latest pr that they are using MG.

  12. $MNGA just watched some demonstration videos of magnegas on YouTube... Their product is crazy good and better than anything else.

  13. @HALO1 Their IR dept should talk to $MNGA IR on the finer points of fluffy PRs. MNGA does mix in random awesome PRs too for spiciness!

  14. $MNGA Does it look like a cup w handle forming on 1 month chart?

  15. $MNGA if it smells like dookie and pr looks like dookie what is it!?? DOOKIE!! Its on pennystock pumpers newsletter!!

  16. $MNGA IMO good co.s shouldn t need fluffy PRs to try and stay above $1 to avoid delisting. Let #s do the talking- no real #s

  17. $MNGA Hydrotrex is private Co. Earns 15mil net a year with great products in Lubriation Solutions biz with no debt-like2 see MGNA doing that

  18. $MNGA should say on heavy volume &real #s

  19. $MNGA plan, maybe, buy back @ lower pps- could be wrong- but I don t think so- will also by buy back if $1 decidedly broken on hvy vol@ #s

  20. $MNGA double top@$1-cash burn much higher than income+fluffy PRs =pumping. Love trading stk, but noticed too many new ppl here pumping- sold


  22. @mephrules $MNGA pumps over til next fluff pr. beware agree 100%

  23. $MNGA Check out @MagneGas s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MagneGas/status/571381924540907520?s=01

  24. $MNGA unclegianni on Y! board has interesting comments about MNGA day, hints on hog farm, really cool when you think about it.

  25. $MNGA a huge sell off today wouldn t be that bad IMO. If it wants to dip I m good playing to .60 to .90 range!