1. $MNGA I don t get it...Jack said MG2 is made from a Venturi system? I thought it was made out of magic this whole past year!!

  2. $MNGA so far interest has remained low. Share price has been moving down steadily with low volume even when market rallies.

  3. $MNGA I m not leaving my wingman !!!!

  4. $MNGA problem is when it goes down this stock goes with it. Hopefully people see a pattern here.

  5. $MNGA

  6. $MNGA TVA Coal Reductions Could Come With High Price Tag http://www.chattanoogan.com/2016/2/12/317901/TVA-Coal-Reductions-Could-Come-With.aspx

  7. $MNGA the markets are crashing hard more and more daily ..there is no money to be made anywhere yall are trippin dogg

  8. $MNGA told ya to buy AAPL in 2001...

  9. $MNGA nice play but no thank you

  10. $MNGA Told ya to buy SBGL. I think it was around 6 back then. 12.74 up 2.58% today.

  11. $MNGA hang in there, CoCo coming soon.

  12. $MNGA two legits to quit

  13. $MNGA

  14. $MNGA oh also...don t forget! Valentine s Day on Sunday!

  15. $MNGA is today the MNGA Presidents Day Weekend Sale?

  16. $MNGA ESSI is MagneGas Corp s Full Service #Industrialgas distributor in Florida Call us for #MNGA https://twitter.com/hashtag/Industrialgas?src=hash

  17. $MNGA This technology has so much potential. Looking to double position in next few weeks!

  18. $MNGA Yeah we need something stronger. Repeating old news won t do...Market is Green but we are red. Dark days...

  19. $MNGA Kinda scary when a company like SUNE is below my average cost of MNGA. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. I lost 11K on SUNE this year.

  20. $MNGA interesting info concerning USDA, invites MNGA to test on USDA farm and if indiana farm results are duplicated MNGA USDA $$$

  21. $MNGA prestn was fine. Could have been better but still. New investors are not going to buy day after. They ll do more DD before deciding

  22. $MNGA revenue up 33% over their own projections..the year end estimate was met in 3rd quarter

  23. $MNGA

  24. $MNGA Has Identified Anonymous Short-Seller That Said Stock Is Overvalued By 90% http://www.benzinga.com/news/16/02/6256143/magnegas-has-identified-anonymous-short-seller-that-said-stock-is-overvalued-by-9

  25. $MNGA I thought the same thing. Wtf MNGA. MANTHEFUP