1. $MNGA Holding 7300 shares.

  2. $MNGA Value in their patents..$5.00 stock

  3. $MNGA Nov 11 earnings! Nice pop coming..load up and hold

  4. $MNGA Too much consolidation, this feels the stock is waiting some news to break out a little bit. On watch!

  5. $MNGA Looks like shes about ready go

  6. $MNGA The New Fuels With Magnecular Structure: http://y.ahoo.it/fnNOvY14

  7. $MNGA How will US biogas push affect food industry? http://y.ahoo.it/cqWjxU9C http://y.ahoo.it/dXXGkiSt

  8. $MNGA look at the bright side, it can only go down $1.17 from here!

  9. @SCMetsFan1986: $MNGA Groundhog day. Down again. Long position.

  10. $MNGA magnatrash down again

  11. $MNGA 1.21 close. YOU CAN DO IT!

  12. $BSPM $IDRA $MNGA My current picks, show me the $$$$

  13. $MNGA has a lot of sales to prove before anything big happens. After going to see their plant, infrastructure is the next investment.

  14. @samsam3 Are you serious about a merger? $MNGA is in no position to acquire or to be acquired as of right now. Why are you blowing smoke?

  15. $MNGA Speculating here, but anyone think a merger is fourth coming? Due for news/updates hopefully next week,..

  16. $MNGA

  17. $MNGA Bought a few shares at $1.19 to dip my toe in the water. It seems to like this plateau.

  18. $MNGA Nice uptrend on hourly..

  19. $MNGA Up a penny. Yahoo!

  20. $MNGA @SurfingKook A nice healthy 42.5% net in a year. Well, I ll take those all day,Mr. Surferman. Silly surfers, stocks are for grownups.

  21. $MNGA maybe a year from now MNGA will be manipulated back up to $2 and people like WDE_09 can congratulate themselves as successful traders

  22. $MNGA Groundhog day. Down again. Long position.

  23. $MNGA @SurfingKook He didn t even know what short was before someone on here accused him of it. Don t give him that much credit.

  24. $MNGA BYUInsider is correct the ADX is increasing but he doesnt realize there is a neg & pos DI. The Neg DI is increasing too which is bad

  25. $MNGA Green Day come on baby,,.. MGMT has completely overhauled the engine on this,.. Growth in progress, PT 4 adding more at 3,..