1. $MNGA Pre-combustion CO is the culprit for the NFPA rating for Health on MG a 2 and acetylene a 0? No bueno.

  2. $MNGA Anybody know if their FL distributor has a clause in current contract which may limit MNGA competing distribution options ie Praxair?

  3. $MNGA increase distributors and the potential for sales increase... If ur product is not available u cannot sell it - DOH!!!! or is it DUH!

  4. $MNGA Cleaner, Safer, Cheaper meant nothing with MG1 because it was too cumbersome to switch from the standard.

  5. $MNGA except this company has had a product on the market for 7 years. It s only now they seem to have a good product with MG2. MG1 bombed

  6. $MNGA Their company challenges are not unique to any new product trying to break into a well established market. They need validation.

  7. $MNGA will continue to fall until they get a Navy, NYFD, or Georiga Tech endorsement

  8. $MNGA MagneGas Sees Increased Fuel Demand Following FABTECH http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/prnewswire/CL70576.htm

  9. $MNGA MagneGas gets top notch reviews at FABTECH Expo http://www.proactiveinvestors.com/companies/news/58246/magnegas-gets-top-notch-reviews-at-fabtech-expo-58246.html

  10. $MNGA

  11. $MNGA first we run acetylene out of business, next we replace propane and eventually NG

  12. $MNGA .it will hit $10 soon

  13. $MNGA appears to have no plan to actually sell anything, talked to some large sellers of welding gas, and they never even heard of MNGA

  14. $MNGA will we ever see $1.5 again?

  15. $MNGA Yahooooooo

  16. $MNGA damn a little dilution today huh?

  17. $MNGA added 0.80...

  18. $MNGA Yawn ZzZzZz

  19. $MNGA it s official. This board is another yahoo.

  20. $MNGA This company looks like it s tech is the real deal

  21. $MNGA got sales/revenues or just more bullish hype ? LoL

  22. $MNGA http://www.altenergystocks.com/archives/2014/11/magnegas_industrial_plasma.html

  23. $MNGA looks like a 5% day

  24. $MNGA lol as soon as I post it went down

  25. $MNGA just bought some