1. $MNGA Watching my Ally savings acct is more interesting....

  2. $MNGA and Jack did tell me they were doing MG diesel cocombustion tests, why not just 100% MG1? Or perhaps a new form of MG, mix of WVO&poo?

  3. $MNGA omg, this is cool, monster trucks can run on MG1, even Cummins w Banks turbo I bet http://wwcleancities.org/can-you-convert-a-diesel-truck-to-run-on-natural-gas/

  4. $MNGA...back the truck up...wanna load some more

  5. $MNGA HUGE ALERT MUST READ THIS http://nasdaqstockalert.blogspot.com/

  6. @soccerplayer06: $MNGA bought more here at 1.43. Averaging up... Confidence is high in management right now.

  7. $MNGA Then I come up with this http://wwcleancities.org/ which offers antidote to all that diesel exhaust http://wwcleancities.org/ & it seems

  8. $MNGA bought more here at 1.43. Averaging up... Confidence is high in management right now.

  9. $MNGA Trending @facebook traders group hammerr

  10. $MNGA Anyone got info on Kickin Gas Partners? I google it and come up with this but I don t think this is it (0:27) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRXE4ldaMdU

  11. $MNGA I think it s trying to bore me to death..

  12. $MNGA - in any equation %tage up in my head imoh

  13. $MNGA JV w/existing client is great. Focused on building revs. On the flip side, I m not too keen on the name of JV. Your thoughts?

  14. $MNGA HUGE hours coming #powerhour

  15. $MNGA Loading on ask

  16. Ed Krupa gave $MNGA a STRONG BUY rating on 2/27/15 and it rose 64.18%. Ask this analyst what they think now: https://closingbell.co/posts/3490

  17. $MNGA Sweet hot view

  18. $MNGA Coiling.

  19. $MNGA low volume today, strong hands staying. Is that a flag building up o nthe 6mos chart?

  20. $MNGA realistically, what are the risks with this company? Let me hear worst case please :)

  21. $MNGA Only one month left in Q2, so anyone selling shares is throwing away profit. Be patient.

  22. $MNGA It looks like we are heading back to pre Navy PR volume. We really need co-combustion news, which CEO said will come in Q2.

  23. $MNGA their joint venture partner is an existing client- that says a lot when someone who is buying your product then wants to sell it!

  24. @shamaezaheer: $MNGA This is 1 of the best stocks to invest in! It gives u a long window of opportunity to buy in before it shoots up!

  25. $MNGA Propotion pattern Magnegas fire up soon! strong