1. $MNKD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O-VlfUWEaw&app=desktop

  2. $MNKD once afrezza s on sale, in what order will physicians prescribe medications for their patients?

  3. $MNKD Read through @afrezzauser s every post. Informative. But I can t help but question his agenda, since drug IS going to be released .

  4. @mjones5 @jj605v you think $MNKD Is going to a dollar?

  5. $MNKD Hang in there longs. Things are lining up well for 2015.

  6. $MNKD Last 7 trading days (Low of the Day). 5.06 5.19 5.27 5.25 5.40 5.50 5.60. I like the Pattern.

  7. $MNKD JhMHO of course, but I think Authors of articles about stocks should have a position in the stock, SHORT OR LONG, to write about!!

  8. $MNKD Expect a Blitz of articles coming within the next 3-4 weeks. Launch time is coming and Karp s $1 PPS is nowhere in sight !

  9. $MNKD MF article not as negative as in the past.They don t want to look like total bafoons when Afrezza exlodes, but don t want to anger HFs

  10. @PoodleBytes SNY buys $MNKD because they get a drug with deep & wide mote gigantic and growing need. the longer they wait the higher the pr

  11. @timboxx $mnkd this article is the most in accurate even MF has ever written.

  12. $MNKD Motley Fool article, can MNKD make it? I say, yes, if ya ll quit writing unsubstantiated crap about it. and if AF leaves it alone.

  13. $MNKD Even if Afrezza was not inhalable, and retained its superior pharmacokinetics as an injectable,it would dominate the market.

  14. $MNKD Earnings announcement*: Feb 17, 2015 per NASDAQ. If the launch is late Jan 2015, will there be enough data about sales for the ER???

  15. $MNKD Money clearing Monday for buying!

  16. $MNKD Testing and can disclose effectiveness?

  17. $MNKD This question might incredibly lacking in DD(apologize in adv),but is there any chance that someone has tried drug through initial

  18. $MNKD To the average person with diabetes and no intent to make money driving the stock price down, this says it all http://stocktwits.com/message/30679462

  19. $MNKD hey guys, how does it feel to (almost) be in the in the quarter of finally marketing ? I am super-

  20. $MNKD Time to move UP!!!

  21. $AAPL $BABA $MNKD These are doing fine at the moment. Check out $BRDR! Huge upside and it s nearing a breakout!!

  22. @JoeyBagadonuts I think this is the first time I heard positive approval from you. Wow $MNKD Looooong!!! company in Texas?

  23. $MNKD 12/29 CandleStick Amplitude @ (High=$5.92/Low=$5.43) Price must oscillate >$5.68 for+Bias http://stocktwits.com/message/30677777

  24. $MNKD Repost: The Week In Review: Monday Open 5.48, Friday Close 5.67. The week High 5.75, The week Low 5.25.

  25. $mnkd how much competition is afrezza expected to face against other oral meds? Patients might be more attracted to oral administration?