1. when is the verdict on the FDA approval? $MNKD. Thought it was on 4/15.

  2. $MNKD Before ad com: Stay on sidelines, may not get approved. After ad com: Stay on sidelines, maynot do well with business plan/partner

  3. $MNKD shorts covering when it gets below $6. Probably will continue to happen


  5. $MNKD FDA = Wolf of Wall Street

  6. $MNKD Oooooooooooooooooooow

  7. $MNKD Reversal day today...its up from here!! Just picked up some May Calls

  8. $MNKD Wooooow 2c up after hours lmao

  9. 67.0% increased bullish conversations in $MNKD in the past 3 hours.

  10. $MNKD sooooo stupid play games

  11. Time to go play long tomorrow. Couple of ideas are $ARIA $PLUG $IDRA $MNKD $ACHN $RMTI pray it s not a head fake and as always tight stops

  12. $MNKD can someone tell me why it s still in this price range? it should skyrocket, even with good news mnkd is a disappointment (its fishy)

  13. $MNKD can someone tell me why its at this price range when it should skyrocket

  14. $MNKD I m short @ $6.30

  15. Goal for $MNKD tmrrw: 6.50! :D

  16. $MNKD fkng crap of stock :)

  17. $MNKD Grreeeeeeen :o what a surprise.

  18. $MNKD Rally caps

  19. $MNKD Too bad I missed buying the sub-6 dip today. :(

  20. $MNKD Love it

  21. $QQQ $AAPL $etak $mnkd $WWe $chtp Market seems to be rebounding some. Perfect time to buy.

  22. $MNKD Anybody know what the meeting on May 22 is about??

  23. $MNKD back in $MNKD after sitting out a couple days

  24. still holding $MNKD $EXAS $SNTA $CYTR. Long and strong.

  25. @Mikehanna I lost a fortune on $MNKD. It still hasn t reached the price I bought it. Only selling $IDN will top it in dollars down the drain