1. $MNKD the KING notes on 10b-5 plans, can set BOTH PRICE and TIMING. MNKD mgmt doesn t care about PRICE because they dump even down here!

  2. $MNKD the KING asks longs how they feel about CEO dumping another 73,460 shares down here? Mgmt hasn t sold enough already last few months?

  3. $SNDK Cough $MNKD Cough $EBAY Hiccup $AAPL Sneeze

  4. $MNKD ~ Bear skin gonna hit the fan,,,Millions of shares shorted will have to be bought back,,,real soon

  5. latest insider selling activity that took place - http://www.bidnessetc.com/38522-insider-selling-oracle-corporation-orcl-mannkind-corporation-mnkd-brocade-c/?utm_content=bufferd8d7a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer $ORCL $MNKD $BRCD $K

  6. $MNKD i am by no means a seasoned investor - but i cannot believe how much negativity this diabetes breakthrough is generating.

  7. $MNKD I couldn t remember why I stopped reading seeking alpha articles, then I read one this morning and was reminded why I stopped.

  8. $MNKD ceo has sold millions worth, don t be fooled

  9. $MNKD Sam s Afrezza challenge http://afrezzauser.com/weekly-afrezza-user-time-in-zone-results/

  10. $MNKD Truckie.. On BIO SNY I mentioned this last time..

  11. $MNKD Hakan owns over a million shares and just sold 74,000, big deal, would you put all your eggs in one basket ? ... not prudent

  12. $MNKD they have in their contracts to receive shares thoughout their employement. They dont need to buy to increase their exposure like you.

  13. $MNKD Exec s peplanned stk sales are in place long ago. They dont know what the price will be so as to not raise suspicion of insider trding

  14. $MNKD The selling and the lack of buying is discusting. You know it and I know it ! Don t give me other officers sell as well, not proper !

  15. $MNKD anyway. GL

  16. $MNKD the denial here is pathetic. ceo is paid more (salary) than co s w 10 billion in sales. . sign me up. job for life

  17. $MNKD

  18. $MNKD ~OMG The sky is falling !!! Get Real !! Long + Strong.....

  19. @traderJOEs80: $MNKD ceo selling before buyout. I ll post the first pump of the day. silly post.

  20. $MNKD ceo selling before buyout. I ll post the first pump of the day.

  21. @satwit: $MNKD Hitler wants Afrezza too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIOlWmMxVkw&feature=youtu.be Love It MANN.

  22. $MNKD no short shares available. fire mgt, they running this co into the ground

  23. $MNKD As shareholders, are we allowed to vote to put the company for sale?

  24. $MNKD wow mgt continue to sell. even I thought they would hold off for a month or more. guess not. many reason to buy but only 1 to sell?

  25. @InsiderAlerts: $MNKD: New Insider Transaction on MNKD by President & CEO Edstrom Hakan: http://insideri.com/1294257_000120919115030521_0001209191-15-030521 who is next?