1. $MNRO: New SEC Filing for MNRO: Form 8-K, No. 0001193125-15-023866 http://stocknewsflow.com/876427_000119312515023866_0001193125-15-023866

  2. Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2015 Financial Results http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1408863 $MNRO

  3. My latest article for Morningstar -- Seeking Small Cap Moats: $MNRO http://news.morningstar.com/articlenet/article.aspx?id=681463

  4. Check out comments stated in relation to $MNRO conference transcript http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://seekingalpha.com/article/2855476-monro-muffler-brakes-mnro-ceo-john-van-heel-on-q3-2015-results-earnings-call-transcript

  5. Listen to $MNRO Q3 2015 earnings call - live at 11:00 AM, ondemand after - http://earningscast.com/q3-2014-monro-muffler-brake-inc-earnings-conference-call

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  7. $MNRO Since last ER, stock gained 18%. Will it continue aftr ER on 1/27 Before Open (Confirmed)? http://stocksearning.com/q.aspx?Sys=MNRO

  8. SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Upgrades Monro Muffler Brake Inc. ($MNRO) to Neutral http://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst+PT+Change/SunTrust+Robinson+Humphrey+Upgrades+Monro+Muffler+Brake+Inc.+%28MNRO%29+to+Neutral/10192021.html?si_client=st

  9. Earnings announcement: $MNRO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Jan 27 2015

  10. $MNRO: New Insider Transaction on MNRO by Director WILEN JAMES: http://insideri.com/1497591_000120919115002745_0001209191-15-002745

  11. $MNRO technical alerts: Stochastic Sell Signal, Doji - Bearish?, Shooting Star Candlestick, and Golden Cross http://swingtradebot.com/equities/MNRO

  12. Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1321462 $MNRO

  13. $MNRO Monro Muffler Brake Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/MNRO/communique/822510

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  20. $MNRO Found support at 51.66, resistance at $55.26. http://stocktwits.com/message/29626010

  21. $MNRO is this a fund selling?

  22. Bad winter weather typically implies more car accidents which lead to more repairs, consider $PBY +3.2% $AAP +0.2% $MNRO +4.3% $PRTS +1.1%

  23. Insider Transaction: $MNRO Sale at $51.86 per share of 23000 shares by Officer Van Heel John W on 2014-11-20.

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  25. Monro Muffler Brake CEO Heel John Van Sells $1,192,780 in $MNRO http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NASDAQ/MNRO/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct&DefaultTab=Insider