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  2. @BeckyHiu: $MNST daily looks poised for higher. My patience is running out. $100 roll have been waiting. I will close my runner here.

  3. @BeckyHiu: $MNST daily looks poised for higher.

  4. $MNST daily looks poised for higher.

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  9. $MNST Monster Beverage to Report 2014 Third Quarter Financial Results on November 6, 2014.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/MNST/communique/798228

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  14. Example: Remember Hansen Natural Soda the best selling soda at $COST...Now $MNST (See the recent $KO news) Coke needs to diversify.

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  16. That being said, I m only long a couple of names $MNST $RCPT & would increase my exposure with a pullback that holds up. Too extended here.

  17. $MNST Looking for a breakout with vol over the 100 mark!

  18. @FlightCharts $tqqq and others more than payed for the small dent on $mnst.

  19. LOL $mnst...

  20. @FlightCharts Stopped $MNST

  21. This is why you scale at pivots to reduce risk. $study $MNST http://stocktwits.com/message/28334675

  22. $MNST $100 magnet!

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  24. $MNST triggered

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