1. Video of my watch list for Friday: $KNDI $HIMX $MOBI $TUBE $BIOF $INO $GPRO $TKMR http://y.ahoo.it/u0PUdqC6

  2. @aniltotrade and if $MOBI does tank then you have to post 10x what a genius I am :-0 Just kidding :-)

  3. @benrab nope...still expecting $MOBI to be sub $4 and maybe even sub $3 by year s end...good luck


  5. Day Trading Chart Setups for August 28th $HIMX $WFM $TKMR $CAMT $MOBI $DGLY $INO $TUBE $USU

  6. $MOBI Closed right on lower BB today. Probably insignificant.

  7. Video of my watch list for Thursday: $WFM $TKMR $CAMT $HIMX $MOBI http://y.ahoo.it/ZIY2x0rp

  8. $MOBI flagging

  9. $MOBI Looks like the new trading range is $8 -$9 till significant news. Remember $6-$7?

  10. $GOMO $MOBI $NQ $CMGE Gimme more! http://y.ahoo.it/z94vAC3x

  11. @Inigo_Montoya Did you read my $MOBI analysis? One time asset sale boosting numbers, imo MOBI isn t worth 4x what it was may/2013

  12. @Inigo_Montoya Any logic that leads to not being bullish on $MOBI is flawed with the pumpers...no worries.

  13. $MOBI for those who missed it, the reasons I m bearish without the 140 character limit: http://y.ahoo.it/zYhnMJR0

  14. $MOBI - another one forming a tight flag after a strong up move.

  15. $GLUU on the road meeting w/ smart fund mgrs :) $MOBI mgmt to go on road soon also.

  16. $MOBI volume can t be that low...can it?

  17. @benrab yep, smart guys at $MOBI. CEO coming to SF soon, & meeting large funds and holders - so your hiring thots very consistent.

  18. $MBLY $MOBI good sound pre-market

  19. @benrab you think smart money is buying $MOBI, I think its dumb money like those who sign up for free email news blasts from pumpers.

  20. $MOBI upcoming catalyst: Well-known American Executive to join MOBI team soon to run it s new USA operations out of San Francisco.

  21. @growacet read your piece - funny thing is that it s you who is scared based on past performance. Smart $ is buying $MOBI now.

  22. Why I m bearish on $MOBI, without the 140 character limit: http://y.ahoo.it/OIRrblIP

  23. @growacet $MOBI how is your short on $sbotf working for you? Losing much?ow i

  24. @Inigo_Montoya no problem....I have $MOBI puts that expire in January, we shall see how they do.

  25. $MOBI nice consolidation after ER run.