1. $MOBI great trading stock. I am starting to scoop up cheap shares around these levels again.

  2. $MOBI What a great short!!!

  3. $MOBI 1-hour chart. At the 61.8 level, < the 200 DMA, but accum. still steady on low volume. Tricky but interesting.

  4. $MOBI becoming obvious this is a short anytime above 5.

  5. $MOBI nice long setup for tomorrow . Above sma200

  6. $MOBI I bought GIMO last Oct under 10 and out Fri at 34+ now going to jump in here ....friend home from China said this was crazy low

  7. Major gainers: $MOBI +6.8% $JMEI +5.8% $BZUN +4.6% $LITB +4.9% $ATHM +5% $DSKY +3.9% $CCIH $SFUN $LEJU $JRJC & $CHAU 11.21%

  8. $mobi

  9. Short term bullish stocks http://www.daytradersgroupofamerica.com/#!short-term-bullish-stocks/cwpg $CBOE $ISLE $MOBI $BK $MTOR $FDX $GEVO $MCK $WX $ASHR $CIT

  10. $MOBI good setup.... could be time for liftoff...

  11. some nice setups on my watch list $GDP, $MITK, $MOBI, $BLFS, $ONTY, $AMRN, $DCTH, $IBIO .

  12. Guys who short $MOBI are fools at poker table, just like guys who shorted $qcor $SRNE

  13. $MOBI nhod

  14. $MOBI I don t think we are done here yet. 5k shares. long.

  15. $MOBI ended up being a GREAT SHORT. Mobi management is non-existent all but 4 days out of the year. Makes it easy to short.

  16. Watch list video for June 22nd: $CSLT $HLX $MOBI $OGEN $ETSY $XOMA $TGTX http://ticker.tv/greatstockpix/5585a51c72fa09e942f6fed4

  17. $MOBI 5.19 and 4.85 to consider

  18. Looking at $MOBI - 200 DMA at 5.22, 50% fib level at 5.19

  19. @s55amg: for guys playing china privatizing plays, besides $MOBI $YY $KZ $ATAI $SINA etc...check out $CNTF :)

  20. $MOBI bulls trader should not add

  21. $MOBI may see .4

  22. $MOBI in short again. Keeps making money!

  23. $MOBI ..chinese market suckin wind AGAIN?

  24. Which Chinese ADRs Will Go Home? Follow Sequoia Capital http://blogs.barrons.com/asiastocks/2015/06/17/which-chinese-adrs-will-go-home-follow-sequoia-capital/ $QIHU $JMEI $WBAI $MOMO $MOBI

  25. perhaps $MOBI $CNTF $KZ $ZPIN could be next to join $QIHU?