1. $NQ holders - ck out $ATAI chart and volume today, looking perdy...esp the l-term chart $MOBI too!

  2. $MOBI Might have to watch that short carefully $BIDU way up on earnings report may bring chinese internet stocks up with it

  3. $MOBI Had to reconsider and short once it didn t hold $6.90s. Will remain short as seems to have lost momentum for now.

  4. @NOHe they won t dissappear, this crew worked $SBOTF, then $MOBI...now $CNAT and in another month they ll be shilling another.

  5. $MOBI With Alibaba IPO coming like chinese internet stocks. Long hold on MOBI for the run.

  6. $DXM Still one of our faves for 2nd half 2014 along with $cnat $mobi $orex $blue just mentioning a few

  7. Watch List: $IFON $POWR $DARA $MOBI

  8. $MOBI earnings around the corner!!!!

  9. $MOBI Earning around the corner!!!!!

  10. $MOBI back below $7, another great stockreversals pump along with $SBOTF and $CNAT

  11. $MOBI Really nice flag on MONTHLY, got stopped out a few weeks ago, will revisit over mid 8s http://y.ahoo.it/qvNfO4FF

  12. $MOBI longer play if looking to trade don t buy too early, it typically trades down on no news.

  13. @STOCKREVERSALS if u look at longer term chart for $MOBI, it s looking like it ll retest $12 and then off to $20+ if they keep executing

  14. $MOBI still a show me stock, but the turnaround should take full hold this quarter. 8.50 on the view

  15. $AAPL followers, any word on China sales of iPhone? $MOBI to benefit.

  16. $MOBI led the sector today, #1 out of 39 stocks. http://y.ahoo.it/BGhfjK2V

  17. $mobi closing at highs

  18. @Inigo_Montoya i usually like to be there BEFORE it explodes to the upside $MOBI $QCOR $ATAI $CNTF $EGHT $XPLR

  19. $MOBI Needs vol and it explodes.

  20. $MOBI still long and strong as stage 1 base forms http://y.ahoo.it/jNkFc5t3

  21. $mobi strong

  22. $MOBI ...trade @ 7 ???? Hmmmmmm... $DANG $CCIH $YOD

  23. $mobi $htht $athm alerts triggering this morning

  24. @howardlindzon Howard, are you familiar with $MOBI ? If so, what do you think of the company?

  25. $MOBI 5MIN. 2 upside targets I see but not a big fan as I see some warning signs http://y.ahoo.it/yBjTIGWJ