1. $MOBI ...green is good...but a long road to recovery $DANG $CCIH $YOD

  2. out $MOBI +.30

  3. @NoanetTrader $MOBI as well but both thin ones

  4. $YOD and $MOBI both off the video this weekend gettin interesting

  5. $mobi http://y.ahoo.it/UsmmdxGd added 6.95

  6. $MOBI Falling wedge under construction?

  7. $MOBI picking up a little momentum. China news as a good indicator that this will rise.

  8. long $MOBI 6.64

  9. $MOBI ST Chatter here is exactly what I want to hear on a stock I am short... so why am I long this thing again?

  10. $MOBI ...no volume making it easy for shorts to maintain $YOD $CCIH $DANG

  11. $DANG ...shorts won t let China run...too much invested $MOBI $CCIH $YOD

  12. $MOBI China GDP news should help today

  13. $MOBI 100% bullish sentiment but sinking like the titanic, will never forget this , just epic lol $TWTR $NQ $YHOO $INTC $GTAT

  14. $MOBI cashed some 677

  15. $MOBI in 667...10c stop

  16. $MOBI At this rate will go to $0 by earnings.

  17. $DANG ...co-ordinated and concerted effort to take China DOWN! $CCIH $YOD $MOBI

  18. Diversified Communication Losers: Glowpoint $GLOW, Sky-mobi $MOBI, MER Telemanagement $MTSL, WPCS International $WPCS http://y.ahoo.it/JvIZUfA2

  19. $DANG...incredibly UGLY for China stocks $YOD $CCIH $MOBI

  20. $MOBI - example of why you need to set a stop.

  21. $MOBI Trading like crap. Chart looks like crap. Just can t get over the discount PE. Willing to hold LT.

  22. $MOBI ...China stocks not even getting a sideways glance $DANG $CCIH $YOD

  23. @Giovanni138 and they WILL turn on fundamentals and performance re $CCIH $MOBI $DANG $YOD

  24. $CCIH ...yer gonna cry 96 tears when these China stocks suddenly turn $MOBI $DANG $YOD

  25. $YOD ...China has NO volume...sellers in control $MOBI $DANG $$CCIH