1. $MOBI Checking in here. . . down .41 from last ER. Guess those $6.00+ days are over for awhile - possibly ever?

  2. $mobi up ~5% since our first mention!

  3. Stocks on my radar for tomorrow $FLWS $ DSKX $FSNN $ BOOT $SIEN $HEAR $MOBI

  4. $MOBI just wondering when this might be due to get pumped up and dumped high again?

  5. $MOBI: New SEC Filing for MOBI: Form SC 13G/A, No. 0001144204-16-078908 http://stocknewsflow.com/1500252_000114420416078908_0001144204-16-078908

  6. Li Ou just issued a filing suggesting it has sold all of its Sky-mobi Limited http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13G/summary/?id=2393352 $MOBI

  7. Insanely low volume on $mobi

  8. Undervalued stocks right now? $mobi $aapl

  9. $MOBI volume pop

  10. $MOBI looking very interesting ,might be oversold,possible huge upside

  11. $MOBI any idea where this boy is heading with the current stock market crisis?

  12. Waiting for the next high flying bubble, gotta keep an eye on my $MOBI, $LEJU, $CLDN, $ZIOP etc friends for the next P&D.

  13. $MOBI She will be back, with a vengeance.

  14. $MOBI $ZIOP....on the look out for the next hyped up, sure fire, can t miss winner, being pumped like mad by boiler room shills.

  15. $MOBI Found a bottom?

  16. $MOBI They are waiting

  17. $MOBI after today might be the turn around. Lets see how it closes.

  18. $MOBI

  19. $MOBI this is just getting worse i gotta stop

  20. $MOBI dump stoped

  21. $MOBI your not behaving, Bad stock bad stock.

  22. $MOBI Churning sideways

  23. $MOBI $2.23 2.21/2.24

  24. $MOBI Might be the last time for this price right now.

  25. $MOBI Looking good. Holding nicely.