1. $mobi stock going high. Undervalue ADR price. Listen last ER closer.

  2. $MOBI Sticking with this. Fundamentals too good. May roll my calls further out.

  3. $MOBI quiet on the front, but earnings are going to be spectacular

  4. @ajworks: $MOBI Reducing my exposure to this. ...watch the Russell 2000 for these small caps

  5. $MOBI under $8 would make my day...not much futher to fall, unless they start pumping out more NRs.

  6. $MOBI Not showing any strength at all. Low volume and drifting lower. Reducing my exposure to this.

  7. $KNDI $MOBI $NVTL Nasdaq Green! $COMPQ

  8. $DIA $SPY $IWM market is schizo. Does not help my stock position $KNDI $MOBI,$XOMA $MCHP $TKMR

  9. End of Quarter Window Dressing Values: $otex $cnat $xnet $leju $mobi and more

  10. $MOBI heading back to 7s imo :-)

  11. $MOBI ....$CCIH $DANG $KNDI....need a turn around in sentiment for the Russell stocks

  12. Weekend Ideas out covering market and $hawkb $cnat $mobi $celg $blue $fb $avgo $xnet and more http://y.ahoo.it/2bHDxoQK

  13. @girokatsimbrakis: @StockReversals: $MOBI your next mobi is now $XNET everyone. ..dont fall asleep when mispricing of valuations happens

  14. $MOBI $CCIH $DANG $KNDI its obvious market money still going into large cap stocks...not Russell

  15. @Gukaso: $MOBI weakness has become a total buying opportunity

  16. $MOBI ...160K shares traded ain t gonna cut it!

  17. $MOBI.. to paraphrase. .. it s the Russell stupid!

  18. $MOBI $DANG $KNDI$CCIH...lots of oversolds in the Russell ....need sentiment change from fear flight to large caps

  19. $MOBI ..$CCIH $DANG $KNDI won t move significantly until Russell and small caps return to favor

  20. $MOBI weakness has become a total buying opportunity

  21. $MOBI just added some here for DT

  22. $MOBI Check out SCOK while we wit on MOBI

  23. $MOBI $105 million in bank, no debt, healthy profit margins, growing like bonkers

  24. $MOBI super cheap

  25. @supergreen The obvious choice is buy $MOBI sell $CREG, but contrarians don t do what s obvious to the sheep. GL