1. $JRJC $MOBI $DANG $KNDI wonder what the volume for these stocks is on the new combined asian market?

  2. $MOBI This stock needs to wake up already!!!

  3. $mobi $CREG $born $clnt $yge $csun what happened to Chinese stocks?

  4. $MOBI Hope we can thaw our way above 4 this week

  5. $MOBI feel like this stock is laying lifeless on the side of the road waiting for someone to revive it

  6. $MOBI in @ 3.89

  7. $DNR $UWTI $SINA $WLT $ONVO $HPJ $ACI $JRJC $KNDI $BITA $MOBI $APA $DNKN $APC - Order of next entries. GLTY.

  8. $MOBI $3.19/$3.30 next support point. Hope to have some funds cleared up for an entry there. Good luck all.

  9. $MOBI What is going on here?

  10. $MOBI ...taking heat from scam accusation for $CMGE and chinese companies in general

  11. $MOBI lets stay above 4 at least

  12. $MOBI short interest is just about elimnateds as of last update...about time imo to run it, c mon monkeys.

  13. $MOBI Holding up well on a down day, bullish sign?

  14. $MOBI watching the MAs to start pointing north, 20 first.

  15. $MOBI ..TOTALLY off markets radar...volume is PATHETIC

  16. $MOBI...how aboot a little late day rally?

  17. $MOBI What a POS.

  18. $MOBI -__-

  19. $MOBI Fortune cookie today says Monday will be Mobi s big day! I feel the Mobi force and it s strong...

  20. $MOBI smart money nibbling away before a run imo...let s get this party started, MOBI throws great ones.

  21. $MOBI ...easy to drop pps on week volume and big spread

  22. $MOBI ..its 12 am in China...no wonder there is little retail

  23. $JRJC $MOBI $HPJ $KNDI looking at pullbacks for entry. Also bullish on $JD at this moment in time. Charts are lining up there for moves.

  24. $MOBI tomorrow s gapper!!!

  25. $MOBI ...doubt test of 4.16 resistance again today