1. $MOBI has been showing support at 6.91 and resistance at 8.35. Positive technical buying signal. http://www.allchinastocks.com/quote.php?s=MOBI&r=cn

  2. $MOBI will be looking for re-entry next week... expecting run up into earnings and then boom...

  3. $MOBI breaks key $7.50 resistance

  4. @HewersCapitalManagement $MOBI

  5. $MOBI $KNDI $DANG ...all done for the day

  6. $MOBI lack of movement with Russell and NAS shows PPS being intentionally supressed

  7. $MOBI buidling GREAT base here and expecting it to be $10-12+ in the days ahead :)

  8. $MOBI $KNDI $DANG Here comes the NAZ!

  9. $MOBI ..smacked it down and walked away

  10. $MOBI ...no PR = no support ...just that simple

  11. $MOBI my fat finger error shows how easy it is to manipulate a low volume trading stock. :(

  12. $MOBI most manipulated stock, went to $7.49 and back to $7.13 no reason

  13. @benrab: $MOBI my fat finger killed the rally today. Sorry - nonsense...ya have to confirm any trade...yer a LIAR

  14. $MOBI my fat finger killed the rally today. Sorry - trying to buy back my shares now

  15. $MOBI oops just sold all my common shares by accident. crap. hope it drops so i can buy it back

  16. $MOBI the quick view: h/t @johnwelshtrades http://stocktwits.com/message/28623503

  17. $MOBI...looking at a run into earnings then a return to the old pattern, pop and drop hard imo

  18. $MOBI big buyers today. Added more January $5 calls ahead of earnings next week.

  19. $MOBI $KNDI $DAND time for market to turn up for the day!

  20. light trading on $MOBI is good - let s build a new base here in the $7-9 range, and then we can rocket toward $10+ when momentum guys get in

  21. $DANG $MOBI $KNDI ...SLooooooooow trading this morning

  22. $MOBI ...buyers seem to come out for the afternoon trade...not in morning

  23. china stocks working, and i expect $MOBI to head back toward $10+, either into or after earnings - tight float...tough to buy...going higher

  24. $MOBI ..Hmmmm closed at HOD..Nice!

  25. @mstiles: @IzY i saw that $MOBI earning in 2 weeks could be blowout thinking some jan 7.5 calls picked up some Dec 7.5 calls