1. $MOBI Flying to $6 next week

  2. My latest blog post: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/15663412-joe_retail/4021526-beware-bubbling-stocks-manipulation-cuts-both-ways Not about any particular stock but $MOBI and $ZIOP are mentioned.

  3. $MOBI What is the realistic value of this stock?

  4. @TradingForLife2014: $CNTF $CALI $CHOP $MOBI $BOSC potential runner today @@CHINA BULLS 2015

  5. $MOBI wave below $3.70 appears to be starting today....in stalking mode waiting to load up. ud83d ude17

  6. $ZIOP I hate when @growacet is winning..same way as he won the battle with $MOBI

  7. Earnings announcement: $MOBI is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, May 26 2015

  8. $PLUG <--- Stairway To Cash Heaven $CPST $FCEL $GE $PHMD $BLDP $PLCM $MOBI $QTWW $NLST

  9. $MOBI Stuck in no mans land. . . not a buy here though at temporary support.

  10. $MOBI Worth watching over the next few trading sessions - as of today only 1 active analyst...could change in the next few weeks.

  11. $MOBI Attending HSBC conference May 15th - new CFO s first appearance. Meeting with analysts.

  12. $MOBI Bounce off 4.05 today. Needs to break that for 3 s.

  13. $MOBI watching for a quick dip below $3.70 to reload in a big way.

  14. $MOBI $3.85 I want is coming close.... Don t care if it runs up to 5.50...management is anemic.

  15. $MOBI I m in for $6. Way too cheap


  17. $MOBI 4.15, then 4.05, then 3.90....

  18. @marcus20434 $MOBI Would love to buy this under $4. You will probably get your wish

  19. $MOBI Would love to buy this under $4.

  20. $MOBI $ECYT $SSH high beta part of my portfolio tanking $NADL $STO $UWTI $BXE.CA $DTX.CA $PWE oil doing a lot better though

  21. $ARWR $MOBI both need to break 150 day sma

  22. $CNTF $CALI $CHOP $MOBI $BOSC potential runner today @@CHINA BULLS 2015

  23. @TradingForLife2014: $CNTF $CALI $CHOP $MOBI potential runner today @@CHINA BULLS 2015

  24. $MOBI Waiting for a lower entry for a play as market and Chinese stocks start correction. Watch BIDU/BABA for direction.

  25. $MOBI Well GLUU took away this thunder...see this collapsing again as it cannot hold $5.00...unfortunate for such a high flyer a while ago.