1. $MOBI This time they just have to report improved margins & beat on EPS. Shouldn t be too hard.

  2. $MOBI problem is chinese mgt disperses profits to themselves in huge bonuses

  3. @marcus20434: $MOBI Not much downside here.. if ER is bad, goes to $4. ....I m guessing 3.00...not worth the risk

  4. $MOBI Not much downside here.. if ER is bad, goes to $4.

  5. $MOBI ...expect a thrashing Monday if earning, revenue and forecast aren t thru the roof...i m out today

  6. $MOBI ...moving $$ into $JRJC...clearly SOMETHING GOOD brewing there...big block buys all week

  7. $MOBI 2 quarters ago MOBI killed earnings then tanked...recorded BIG bonus payouts etc and market didn t like it. Out today til after ER

  8. @SoOony: $MOBI Any thoughs about the ER here? I m NOT holding...plenty of time if good ER

  9. $MOBI Any thoughs about the ER here?

  10. $MOBI Liking the action here. Was worried it would sell off with SPY today.

  11. $MOBI last chance to get in before ER Monday morning

  12. $MOBI owm from 4.14 will sell today ahead of weekend about 15.5% http://hitandruncandlesticks.com/

  13. $MOBI well alwrighty! gotta hold above 4.80

  14. $ZIOP right on cue, the buy the dip ... thankx for the cheapies posts start. $Leju $CNAT $WBAI $MOBI script to a tee.

  15. $MOBI wouldn t be surprised to see $BABA take stake here...great smartphone business +++

  16. Got $MOBI $CNAT $WBAI $LEJU right calling them pumps, traded up huge and then crashed. Will $ZIOP follow the same pattern? My $ says yes

  17. $MOBI moved to $GERN, but will be back

  18. $MOBI $JRJC $VHC $KNDI $DANG apothetic lethargic market

  19. $MOBI $JRJC neither stock could break thru resistance today

  20. $MOBI Volume all gone. Tutes r done buying

  21. $MOBI you won t see these levels after tomorrow IMHO

  22. $MOBI another opportunity to add

  23. $JRJC $MOBI $VHC beatin up the small caps at noon....per usual

  24. $MOBI 81K share offer @ $5 has VANISHED!

  25. $MOBI 14K on the bid...Whale is still lurking