1. $MOBI macd ready, sma50 near to cross sma200. Could fly soon.

  2. $MOBI can somebody upload a chart ?

  3. Biggest losers w/ this month s effect on portfolio: $ES_F (-2.47%), $CHK (-1.03%), $ESV (-.94%), (-$MOBI (-.56%), $GLD/$GDX (-.53%).

  4. $MOBI looks like a buy here

  5. Stocks to Watch Under 10 $CALA $SYN $FENG $DRRX $MOBI $CZR $CISG $VHC $OHRP $MIFI $GENE $ICLD http://www.stockmarketexpress.com/stocks-to-watch-under-10-cala-syn-feng-drrx-mobi-czr-cisg-vhc-ohrp-mifi-gene-icld/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=stocktwits&utm_campaign=stockmarketexpress

  6. Stocks to Watch Under 10 $CALA $SYN $FENG $DRRX $MOBI $CZR $CISG $VHC $OHRP $MIFI $GENE $ICLD http://www.stockmarketexpress.com/stocks-to-watch-under-10-cala-syn-feng-drrx-mobi-czr-cisg-vhc-ohrp-mifi-gene-icld/

  7. $MOBI Stock Chart Technical Analysis http://www.stockmarketexpress.com/stocks-to-watch-under-10-cala-syn-feng-drrx-mobi-czr-cisg-vhc-ohrp-mifi-gene-icld/

  8. $MOBI is there a better short in the market on a regular basis?? So easy. Short all spikes.

  9. Tech Stock$: $LONG +18% $CQQQ +11.1% $SINA +13% $SOHU +11% $JD +8 % $VIPS +8% $QUNR +9% $CCIH +14% $RENN +9% $WOWO +11% $LEJU +9% $MOBI +9%

  10. $MOBI trending long toward 6.00-6.50? Any takers?

  11. Morning traders, oversea Chinese stocks bounce and gap up. I would stay sideline watch it. $QIHU $NQ $MOBI

  12. @ACInvestorBlog Bounce could spark a short squeeze in names $SOHU $YY $BITA $VIPS $BIDU $DANG $YOKU $SFUN $SINA $QIHU $NTES $RENN $MOBI

  13. China Strong Bounce could spark a short squeeze in some names $SOHU $YY $BITA $VIPS $BIDU $DANG $YOKU $SFUN $SINA $QIHU $NTES $RENN $MOBI

  14. $MOBI #shortcovering

  15. $KZ giddy up...love owning stocks when doubters say stupid things & it s on sale below intrinsic value $MNK $SRNE $MOBI $MATR $STAA $GLUU

  16. Pre-Market Losers-2 $QIHU -6%, $VIPS -6%, $KTWO -6%, $NQ -6%, $YY -6%, $CLF -6%, $SINA -6%, $MOBI -5%, $JD -5%, $YOKU -5%,


  18. Premarket en Wall Street 08/07/2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsU7Gw7PHTY $HOG $TSLA $WWE $TCS $MOBI $KMX

  19. $MOBI I would be surprised to see this as a buyout for MA

  20. $MOBI I can t understand why this stock cant retain its gains. Company doing not bad and stock is trading at its cash value almost

  21. $MOBI jumped back in @ $4.11. This stock has treated me very well in 2015. Swing traders dream

  22. $MOBI I think we reached the bottom here, good time to add

  23. $MOBI Here comes the 3 s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. $MOBI short to 3.80-3.95 then go long

  25. $MOBI great trading stock. I am starting to scoop up cheap shares around these levels again.