1. $MOBI Finally doubled down @ $3.99. NOW let s head up to $6.

  2. @benrab Forgive me for hoping $MOBI pops over $5 tomorrow :-)

  3. @benrab looks like we re on the same side with $MOBI finally...well almost.

  4. Started rebuilding my positions in $MOBI $JAKK

  5. $MOBI, macd and stochs both turning bullish from hugely oversold...bounce time? Come on $5+

  6. $MOBI Chart not looking strong...looking at low 3 s to enter.

  7. $Mobi calling the bottom. Can t buy until next week waiting for wash-sale period to end. Good luck.

  8. $MOBI MACD crossover. 5 sma starting to turn.

  9. $MOBI Dang, mighta waited too long

  10. $MOBI Coming close to desired place of entry...watching for one last flush then will enter.

  11. $MOBI Just about at my re-entry point...probably watch it a few more days

  12. $MOBI--as discussed, been adding today. Feel downside is limited to $3.30 or less than 20%--will continue to add under $4

  13. @growacet: $MOBI news article, I think there s going to be lots more of this in the coming weeks: http://venturebeat.com/2014/12/10/skymobi-is-scouting-the-west-for-mobile-games-to-take-to-china/# $GLUU... hello

  14. $MOBI What s the outlook for this one?

  15. @sub3 @growacet $MOBI Typically I see companies like this get to 10% to 20% premium. $3.63 to $4 is probably the low on this one.

  16. @sub3 Where to average down on $MOBI? Hard to say really, I think it ll turn sharply but until then it looks like its gonna drift.

  17. Went long on $MOBI Wed. and despite the small drop my opinion holds, poised for another big run: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/15663412-joe_retail/3547485-sky-mobi-poised-for-another-big-run

  18. $JRJC $MOBI CCIH..China internet profit taking???

  19. Looking for $MOBI to make a run like it had this past Feb....with potential to do even better this time.

  20. @adz8280 As of Nov 28th the short # tanked....I smell a big run in $MOBI coming.

  21. $MOBI ready for a shock....I am now long, for a trade, expecting a massive rally.

  22. $MOBI Bought Call

  23. Big profit on my $MOBI puts, sold.

  24. $JRJC $DANG $KNDI $MOBI ...China ADRs sleepy this am

  25. $MOBI ...offer side pretty thin...could move up more