1. Oh look, Chinese President Xi and Santa Claus $BABA $BIDU $NTES $ASHR $JD $QIHU $JMEI $NOAH $MOMO $WUBA $SINA $PTR http://stocktwits.com/message/30647604

  2. $momo Finally a flat line, Hopefully no more selling. No POS

  3. Watching potential wash out reversal $gild $ibb . Also $momo $ovas . Will trade light already mentally in Xmas mode

  4. Why Momo Inc $MOMO Slid Almost 14% Yesterday http://www.bidnessetc.com/31421-why-momo-inc-momo-slid-almost-14-yesterday/

  5. $momo has my attention later through highs . been beaten down has some buyers today

  6. watching $MOMO long for a move to 12.30, yest highs, then open to 13.69

  7. $MOMO very bull today

  8. $NQ Opportunity to buy $MOMO and $DSKY today.

  9. Greatstockpix Day Trading Chart Setups for December 23rd http://10xtradingsignals.com/2014/12/23/greatstockpix-day-trading-chart-setups-for-december-23rd/ $CONN $GME $MOMO $HAS $NVGN $TRUE $TASR $DGLY

  10. Video of some chart setups I ll be watching tomorrow: $CONN $TRUE $GME $MOMO $HAS $NVGN $DGLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdTLV_N66Ps&feature=youtu.be

  11. $MOMO Nice Support right around 0.

  12. $MOMO Anyone have the short intrest number

  13. $MOMO is a no go but $GPRO has some momo before the lockup expiration...

  14. Just checking in for $MOMO #DailyScheduledTweet : $MOMO new all time low, now below $11

  15. $MOMO and $NQ both Same avoid rated

  16. $MOMO is it buy now?

  17. $MOMO Should change ticker to $NONO

  18. @SyntecVentures: $MOMO Only another $10 down to go before we hit fair value...

  19. $MOMO momo will pull a hat trick best ipo

  20. Best IPOs Of The Week http://www.wyattresearch.com/article/best-ipos/ $MOMO $GPRO $LOCO $W $JUNO $TWTR #WDAY $ONDK $LC $BLCM $RMP $RICE

  21. $MOMO dont miss the train back by baba will only let it go up

  22. $MOMO up up up all the way to 14 v

  23. $MOMO positive trade will go up from hear

  24. $MOMO will close at 14 today watch and see

  25. $JRJC $GILD $ASPS $OFLX $AAMC $MOMO Positive trade ideas Read more on - http://buyholdsell.wix.com/shortterminvestments