1. Top Gainers 4/16 $SMLR 13%, $CDTI 13%,$TTHI 13%, $ATHM 13%, $YOD 12%, $IDRA 12%, $FRO 12%, $ROIA 12%, $MRTX 11%, $TROV 11%, $WPCS 11%

  2. $MRTX - http://y.ahoo.it/PqSGIg4p - Biotech Explosion - Up 6% for the day.

  3. Mirati Therapeutics upgraded by Zacks to neutral. $19.40 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/uPwDyDYv $MRTX

  4. Top Losers 3/24 $NIHD -13%, $IFON -13%, $WTSL -13%, $MRTX -13%, $BIOA -13%,

  5. @Bones219 go look at $SNGX of which $XON owns a substantial portion. Could be related to the gains of partners. $MRTX, $ZIOP, $SNGX, $APHB

  6. $MRTX - http://y.ahoo.it/OSZDrlw9 - Biotech Explosion - Up 5% for the day.

  7. Mirati Therapeutics s PT raised by Brean Capital to $27.00. buy rating. http://y.ahoo.it/XFAn1Smi $MRTX

  8. Mirati Therapeutics downgraded by Zacks to underperform. $19.90 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/GTTZ8ssQ $MRTX

  9. $XON consider the long term partnerships that deals with $XON to. $SNGX, $OGEN, $ZIOP, $APHB, $MRTX, Medistem, AMNEAL, $JNJ, $SYN, $FCSC

  10. @jrav19 they got in early for alot of these partnerships $APHB, $ZIOP, $OGEN, $SNGX, $MRTX, Aquabounty, $SYN, Medistem. etc.

  11. @ScottMatusow dont forget about $APHB, $SNGX, $MRTX, and $OGEN

  12. Insider Transaction: $MRTX Option Exercise at $14.28 per share of 300 shares by Director Godbout Martin on 2014-03-04.

  13. $MRTX is another bio name I like but not buying up here, even though could go higher

  14. $MRTX - http://y.ahoo.it/O8jvRKlQ - Biotech Explosion - Up 5% for the day.

  15. $KMDA $enta $vrtx $adhd $omer $cur $acrx $CLVS $OMed $mdgn $mrtx $FMI $psti few names that should get their invitation to biotech bonanza

  16. Insider Transaction: $MRTX Option Exercise at $8.49 per share of 11778 shares by Officer Baum Charles M on 2014-02-19.

  17. $MRTX MACD about to Xup 5dea. Long setup above 22.85 on volume spike.

  18. $mrtx thin biotech but the pattern has the look of winna winna chix dinner. look potentially very explosive to me

  19. Health Sector Losers – IRIDEX Corp $IRIX, Aerie Pharmaceuticals $AERI, Pro-Dex $PDEX, Mirati Therapeutics $MRTX http://y.ahoo.it/fIfMZlDu

  20. $MRTX Anyone know the reason for the drop?

  21. $MRTX Breakout alert

  22. @Doozio $MRTX Yes I remember I was in $ATOS when it blew up but that was because I held it much longer than I normally ever would have

  23. $mrtx I ve never liked biotechs cuz u never know when u take home the grenade, but in this Biotech frenzy gotta think she just got launched

  24. $MRTX What a mover over the past couple months. I like the ownership, insider buying, and technicals just flat out rock. May add tomorrow.

  25. Jesse Barkasy sold $MRTX and now holds an allocation of 0.0% in their Trend Following Investment Portfolio